Carpet Cleaning Rental Columbus Ohio

The carpet is one of the symbols of the post-Soviet space and is present in many private houses and apartments, even though it is quite difficult to fit into a modern interior. Like any surface in the house, the carpet needs proper care and periodic cleaning. The optimal solution to remove even the deepest stains and dirt is to order professional carpet cleaning services. Such services in Columbus Ohio are provided by our company "Clean Carpet".

Types of carpet cleaning:

There are several options for cleaning carpet, the most popular of which are the following:

Dry carpet cleaning. In this embodiment, a dry chemical substance is used, which, when applied to the surface of the carpet, remove stains from it and separate dust particles from the fibers. This procedure ends with the cleaning of a chemical product from the carpet with a vacuum cleaner.

Wet carpet cleaning. This type allows you to remove even old spots, due to the fact that the carpet is pre-soaked and then treated with a special substance that penetrates the fibers deep enough to clean old dirt. An important aspect of this procedure is the need to completely dry the carpet before returning it to the apartment in order to avoid the appearance of ticks and other insects that love dampness.

Foamy carpet cleaning requires the use of a floor washer and a foam generator. This option is used with a small amount of pollution, and due to the composition of the cleaning foam does not require much time to dry the carpet.

It is worth noting that even with the necessary equipment and supplies, it is better to entrust the process of carpet cleaning of a professional company with a special equipped workshop for washing carpets.

The benefits of a professional

One of the main advantages of contacting a specialized company for a professional dry cleaning service for carpeting is the quality guarantee. Employees take into account the types of pollution and its limitation and the type of carpet when choosing the type of dry cleaning and cleaning products. An important aspect is the fact that when cleaning the carpet with removal, it is professionally dried, which allows you to get a ready-made result, and eliminates the need for independent drying of the carpet before bringing it into the room.

Contact us for help, we will conduct a deep and professional cleaning of the carpet, with a guarantee of results, as soon as possible and at affordable prices. We are always in touch and will advise you on the cost and terms of dry cleaning your carpet! Or you can familiarize yourself with the prices of our services on the site.