Carpet Cleaning Rental Colorado Springs

The company "House Cleaning" offers a professional service dry cleaning carpet at home. Effective and safe stain and odor removal. Do not carry the carpet on the sink, cars are washed there and they can ruin your carpet! Take care of the safety of your health and nerves. We have been working in this field for many years. The carpet will be cleaned with you and the carpet usually dries 5-6 hours after cleaning.

The Benefits of Carpet Cleaning at Home

Renting professional carpet cleaning equipment may be cheaper than hiring a professional, but there are many benefits to calling a pro that will eliminate the extra cost. Not only does professional carpet cleaning save time, it also ensures that your carpets are cleaned safely and efficiently.

Here are some of the benefits of hiring a Professional Home Cleaning Dry Cleaning Service:

Certified equipment and cleaning products.

Preliminary vacuum removal (dirt, dust, hair and other dry pollution).

The bonus is that you will not need to load your back. Just make sure in advance with the manager that moving furniture is part of the final price, and not for an additional fee.

Air quality in your home. Regular vacuum vacuums remove only surface dirt and dust, leaving a lot of dust in the carpet fibers. It is recommended that you clean professionally once a year - often for larger households and in areas with high traffic levels - to remove deeply ingrained dirt. Professional carpet cleaning equipment is powerful enough to eliminate invisible dry dirt and improve the air quality inside your home.

Saved time. When you clean the carpet yourself, you must move the furniture, vacuum all the carpets, treat the stains on your carpet to remove them, apply a pre-treatment solution, fill the clean water tank, pour out the dirty water tank and when you are done, return the equipment back to the same form in which they were taken. Phew! Using professional services means that an experienced specialist does all these tasks to save your valuable time!

Avoid mold and fungus  - mold and fungus are common carpet occupants. Often they appear after someone tries to clean their carpets, leaving them excessively wet. Hiring a professional will ensure that your carpets do not remain oversaturated with moisture, because we use vacuum cleaners with industrial suction power.

Restoring carpet color  to its original beauty and quality - In addition to removing stubborn stains, carpet dry cleaning is also aimed at restoring color and quality. Regular dry cleaning will help you extend the life of your carpet and leave your carpets fresh and clean.

Knowledge of various types of carpets. An experienced carpet cleaner has sufficient knowledge of the various types of carpets, and is able to offer the best cleaning methods and products for your carpet. You can inadvertently ruin a carpet if you do not have dry cleaning experience.

Warranty  - You should find a company that offers a 100% guarantee of their work. Reputable companies offer a standard 14 and 30-day warranty, which includes free follow-up cleaning if there are any problems with the cleaning job.

Removing Pet Smell from the Carpet

Who has pets often wonder how to remove the smell of urine from the carpet (carpet)? In this case, you must act immediately! Here are some points that in the future will help remove the smell of urine from the carpet:

The smell will increase if you pour household detergent in the place where you hear the smell!

Read our article, which describes how to act on your own if you heard the smell of urine on the carpet!

Order a dry cleaning of the carpet (carpet), the longer you delay, the lower the probability of getting out!

Why it is worth turning to professionals:

Odor should be cleaned with powerful equipment and special odor control agents!

An on-site dry cleaning specialist will be able to clean the carpet from urine as soon as possible!

We are experts in commercial carpet cleaning, capable of removing even the most persistent stains and dirt. Over the years, we have developed outstanding know-how to cover all the cleaning needs of our commercial customers. Call us now and improve the image of your company!

Get rid of dust and rejuvenate your carpets and carpet with our professional dry cleaning service. We will remove stains of any origin, from dirty shoes, tea, coffee and oil stains. Armed with the most modern solutions and equipment, we clean both synthetic and natural materials.

Cleaning involves regular wet cleaning or extraction to completely remove contamination. Cleaning is the most effective way to remove dirt. On the ground floor, the carpet needs more frequent cleaning than on the upper floors, but it is better if dry cleaning is done at least once a year. For other commercial buildings, assembly halls, including banks, where traffic is very high, dry cleaning may be needed more often. Add cosiness to the office!