Carpet Cleaning Rental Cochrane

The washing solution for rent will be the best solution for cleaning soft surfaces, namely sofas, carpets, chairs, the car interior .

Today it has become popular to dry-clean carpets directly at home, thanks to special professional equipment.

If you are interested in renting a washing vacuum cleaner for dry cleaning , then you can find with us all the necessary equipment and detergent.

Rental of a washing vacuum cleaner for dry cleaning

For every housewife, the moment comes when ordinary cleaning is no longer enough. It is necessary to carry out general cleaning with cleaning of carpets, sofas, mattresses. And you sort through the options to call a cleaning company or do dry cleaning yourself.

A cleaning company will take a lot of money for its services, and it is not a fact that it will perform its work in a quality manner. It is not economically viable to purchase expensive professional equipment for self-cleaning for very rare cleanings. In this case, you can solve the problem with minimal financial costs by renting a washing vacuum cleaner. If you have a small child, then you know firsthand how sofas and carpets get dirty.

And who, if not a loving mother, does not know about the harmfulness of dusty sofas and any soft surfaces for a small child. Untimely cleaning and tidying can lead to the development of asthma and other allergic diseases.

Using a washing vacuum cleaner for hire, you can independently restore the upholstery of your sofa, eliminate stains of coffee, chocolate, juice that has been spilled on the carpet. Now you don’t need to drag a heavy carpet for dry cleaning or washing to the other end of the city, you can eliminate the stains without any effort.

The service rent a washing vacuum cleaner will come in handy and motorists who want to clean the car. Thanks to a convenient furniture nozzle, you will quickly, efficiently and most importantly dry clean the interior.

The main stages of professional dry cleaning at home:
  • The first thing to do before dry cleaning is to vacuum the place of further dry cleaning well with an ordinary vacuum cleaner;
  • Dilute the detergent (chemistry) in warm water, and then pour in the tank of the washing vacuum cleaner for clean water. We strongly recommend that you use Karcher's proprietary chemistry for maximum cleaning effect;
  • Apply detergent with a furniture or floor brush to a carpet or sofa. If there are sufficiently strong spots, you can optionally wipe it with a brush to better dissolve dirt particles in the fibers of the fabric;
  • Detergent is collected from the surface with the same furniture or slotted nozzle and the included “vacuum cleaner” button. Dirty water is collected in a separate tank with a bucket, which can be easily removed when filling.
  • For greater efficiency in places of severe pollution pass chemistry 2-3 times. Then pour clean water into the tank and additionally apply and collect immediately, thereby we remove the remnants of chemistry on the surface.
  • Leave to dry. Please note that the drying time, depending on the material, is from 3 to 6 hours.
  • Benefit of renting a karcher washing vacuum cleaner at Master Rental
  • The cost of services of cleaning companies will be 3-5 times higher than the cost of renting a washing vacuum cleaner;
  • The purchase of a washing vacuum cleaner is not profitable, since the price of professional-grade cleaning equipment is very high;
  • Having taken a washing vacuum cleaner for rent for 1 day, you can clean absolutely all the furniture and carpets in your apartment or house;
  • We have for sale professional chemistry for washing Karcher vacuum cleaners, which will quickly cope with any dirt and eliminate unpleasant odors;
  • The managers of Master Rental will advise and conduct training on working with a washing vacuum cleaner, how much chemistry and in what proportions it should be diluted in water.
  • We rent only proven Karcher cleaning equipment for professional dry cleaning.

If you have post-repair cleaning, there is construction dust and rubbish in the apartment, then you will need to rent a construction vacuum cleaner. At the rental company provides a wide range of cleaning equipment and construction equipment, affordable rental prices, quick and easy registration. Save your money and time with us.