Carpet Cleaning Rental Cambridge

Professional dry cleaning is carried out using special equipment and individually selected detergents. It cleans not only the upper layer visible to the human eye, but also the “deep” layers that carpet cleaning at home cannot give.

Dry cleaning at home

They will come to you and remove everything. Professional carpet cleaning at home from the concept of "luxury" has moved into the category of conventional, widespread services. What does specialized cleaning of carpets and upholstered furniture mean? In what cases is it really needed?

  • If you need to clean the carpet, which is fixed under the baseboard, or the carpet on which there is heavy furniture.
  • If heavy furniture (sofas, armchairs, fabric headboards, kitchen corners, etc.) is subject to cleaning, the removal of which is very difficult. And the upholstery is not removed.

Dry cleaning of carpets at home can be of three types: dry, extractor, intensive.

Dry cleaning.

The gentle method which is applied at insignificant or moderate pollution. Includes: vacuum cleaning with a vacuum, applying an active detergent solution or stain remover, using dry steam or freezing. At the final stage, the carpet or furniture is vacuumed.

Extraction cleaning.

Designed to remove medium pollution with a washing vacuum cleaner, rinse the contaminated surface with water and dry. Such wet cleaning of carpets is very effective, allows you to remove the deepest dirt and stains, but is not recommended for delicate materials.

Intensive cleaning.

How to clean carpets with persistent and unusual dirt? You can use the method of deep intensive vacuum cleaning using professional chemical stain removers. This option provides for a complete surface treatment, not partial.

Steam cleaning.

A popular service due to its mobility (mobile steam generators are convenient to transport from place to place) and the lack of chemicals during processing. Advantages in environmental friendliness and speed, cons - in low efficiency with heavy pollution.

Dry cleaning with a call

Gave dirty - got clean. This convenient service includes the procedure when they pick up the necessary item and bring it at a convenient time for you (including evening and night, as well as weekends and holidays). In this case, an initial examination is carried out on the complexity of the pollution and the cleaning time, a receipt is issued. Payment for the service is made only after you receive a clean piece of furniture or carpet. Actually, the question “how to clean the carpets” is removed in this case: the technologists themselves will select the necessary process, you will not have to bother with the names of the processes and understand the difference between them.

Issue price

The cost of dry cleaning of carpets depends on the area of ​​the treated surface, on the type of carpet (wool, silk, handmade). Cleaning of upholstered furniture is calculated according to the seats of sofas, the number of items (chairs, armchairs), the complexity of their design, upholstery material, and the degree of pollution. Additionally paid for the departure of specialists at home, removal and delivery.