Carpet Cleaning Rental Brampton

Currently, the choice of carpets for any type of room is quite large. Carpets make more comfortable not only apartments, but also offices, so you should pay special attention to how to care for them. Many large companies spend millions of dollars creating a corporate image. But an incorrectly selected carpet cleaning program in offices can significantly spoil the image of the company.

Carpet cleaning without knowledge of cleaning methods is not effective enough: carpet coverings quickly wear out, darken - in a word, lose their appearance. But over the past 30 years, their cleaning technologies have improved significantly. In this case, first of all, a professional cleaner pays attention to the structure of the carpet.

In most of Canada, woolen and semi-woolen carpets are widely used. It is believed that traditional wool has advantages over synthetic: it does not accumulate static electricity and provides comfort with its softness. Its only drawback is a loose fit to the floor.

Synthetic carpets are popular in Brampton, Ontario. Their structure has undergone changes many times. Constantly improving, synthetic carpet is becoming more attractive and more anti-static.

The higher the content of natural fibers in the carpet, the more difficult it is to clean. Carpet made from natural fibers more actively traps dirt than synthetic.

Foam or polypropylene-based carpets do not “sit” even if they are excessively saturated with water, unlike jute-based carpets. However, the latter are more resistant to chemical treatment and machine cleaning.

The woven base of the carpet is a specific pattern by which the fibers are woven. So, the fibers of the carpet can form part of its foundation - such carpets are expensive and heavy. In another model, the fibers do not stretch through each thread of the base of the carpet, but in the form of loops are fixed on the base and then trimmed. Due to this, the carpets have a different color. Foam or shredded carpets are less expensive, which, however, does not affect the process of cleaning them, but affects the service life. Good quality carpets last longer and withstand deep cleaning.

Pile and coloring

The density of the pile significantly affects the cleaning methods and the appearance of the carpet. The denser the pile, the more particles of dirt remain on its surface. A carpet of good quality can hold up to one kilogram of dirt per square meter, and its pollution will be invisible. Typically, the main accumulator of dirt is the top of the pile, about 30 percent of its length.

Most carpets are acid resistant. Rinsing with acidic means of medium concentration improves the color of the carpet, softens it and prolongs its life. Many carpet cleaners have an alkaline base. Their constant use affects the brightness of paints and can lead to partial loss of color. You should be especially careful when working with multi-color carpets, since it is possible to stain one part of the carpet with another at the color borders.

To preserve the color of the carpet, after wet cleaning, rinse its surface with acid. An employee who is professionally involved in carpet cleaning will check the carpet for ink stability before wet cleaning.

Carpet installation

The strength of the carpet base affects its longevity. If it is of poor quality or even absent, then the life of the carpet is significantly shortened. When people move along the carpet, its surface shifts relative to its base. Therefore, it is necessary to periodically check the reliability of its attachment to the floor. In large areas, carpets should be fixed to the floor in certain places, stretched and well fixed. However, you should not make very rigid fastening to the floor in places of its greatest use, it can give the opposite effect.

To fix the carpets on a foam basis, double-sided adhesive tape or special clips are used: the carpet is rolled out and tightly fixed by them on the floor.

Surface cleaning Before starting any cleaning operation, make sure that the carpet is firmly fixed, then gum should be removed from the surface of the carpet.

Vacuuming remains the most common. It helps to get rid of 20-30 percent of the dirt. Professional vacuum cleaners, which have high power and at the same time have a low noise level, are indispensable for daily cleaning of carpets in rooms with high traffic.

Surface cleaning does not affect the depth of the pile - this is a "cosmetic" method of care, but when the work is performed by trained personnel, the result is high.

Shampoo cleaning

When cleaning with shampoo, a single-disc machine is used, equipped with washing brushes (with soft bristles). This method of cleaning is based on the formation of a small but stable foam during operation. The machine uses a brush to rub foam into the surface of the carpet, which penetrates into the fibers, releases particles of dirt and absorbs them. Since high-quality detergent solutions of this kind crystallize upon drying, it will not be difficult to almost completely remove detergent residues and dirt after the coating has dried.

This method is also considered "cosmetic." It is suitable in restaurants, receptions, hotels and everywhere, where the time for drying the carpets is limited, as it guarantees poor carpet moisture.

Dry cleaning with powders or granules

The technology of dry cleaning with powders or granules involves the use of a floor machine or a machine equipped with a rotating cylindrical brush, as well as dry powder or granules containing cleaning agents.

The dry cleaning method uses the property of granules and microscopic particles of powder to absorb particles of dirt. They act like a regular absorbent sponge. Powder or granules are first spread on the surface of the carpet, then rubbed into the fibers with a brush. The mixture, which has absorbed dirt, is removed using a vacuum cleaner.

Dry cleaning has several advantages: it does not provide for the use of water, which eliminates the possibility of carpet shrinkage, and does not require time to dry it. You can walk on the carpet immediately after cleaning it.

Wet cleaning with shampoo

Wet cleaning is a deep cleaning method that is used to clean heavily soiled carpets. The frequency of washing is determined by the trade-off between cleanliness and durability. It is obvious to everyone that the coating should be clean. But it should serve as long as possible, and washing, of course, does not contribute to this at all. There are places in which carpets are washed almost daily (elevators, some corridors).

Non-foaming shampoos are used for washing, as foaming agents penetrate too deeply into the carpet, and sometimes into the floor, which is thereby systematically exposed to destructive effects.

The technical means used for washing carpets are specialized washing machines. Their main advantage is processing speed. Two brushes rotating in different directions and carefully combing the carpet play a key role in this case, ensuring the success of the case.

After a single use, the detergent is drained. Its repeated use is nothing other than "washing mud with mud." In general, if possible, permanent use of any chemical agents should be avoided, and often rinse the carpet with clean water.

Before wet cleaning, it is recommended that you perform a color fastness test and determine if the cleaning agent used is suitable for the carpet. The procedure will take no more than one minute, but you will know if the carpet sheds.

Before starting work, if possible, remove furniture from the room and turn off floor heating. Metal legs of furniture in contact with the coating should be wrapped with foil so that they do not form rust spots. Then the carpet is vacuum cleaned and, if necessary, treated with a stain remover. Manually cleaning the carpet in the most remote places from the entrance. In this case, excessive walking on wet surfaces can be avoided. Stripes of foam on the carpet should overlap each other by about 10 cm. When the coating dries, you need to carefully vacuum it to remove any residual dirt.

Wet cleaning with shampoo is considered the most effective and requires well-trained staff. When cleaning in this way, do not use too concentrated a solution. Proper application of the solution will not harm the pile of the carpet. If you do not rinse the carpet after cleaning, then it is likely that it will become dirty soon. The wet cleaning method removes up to 60 percent of the dirt.

Spray Removal

For "cosmetic" cleaning, a chemical composition with a reduced foam content is used, which is applied using a spray. For deep cleaning, low-foaming substances remain on the carpet for 20 minutes and only then are removed by a vacuum cleaner. For deep cleaning, a floor machine can be used. Rinse the carpet with a weak acid solution always after applying chemicals. Using this technology, 50-60 percent of the dirt is removed.

As with other cleaning methods, do not use too concentrated solutions, they can leave sticky spots and contribute to the fading of the fibers.

Dry steam cleaning

A cleaning steam machine is used for this cleaning method. During cleaning, steam penetrates into the fibers of the carpet, dissolving grease and dirt. Dirt should be removed immediately after using high temperature steam. When performing dry steam cleaning, a small amount of water is used, therefore, the carpet is not wet and shrink. Cleaning equipment for floor care is selected not only depending on the type of coating, but also on the frequency of cleaning.

Methods for caring for coatings depend on many factors: operating conditions, cleanliness quality standards, available equipment, the presence of rugs that protect against dirt when entering the building, etc.