Carpet Cleaning Rental Boise

Clean carpets are the key to comfort and coziness in the house. In addition to the aesthetic component, such products are also responsible for the safety of being indoors. Often, many microbes and bacteria start in carpets, so freshness and purity of products should be in the first place. An ideal solution would be to contact Boise, Idaho Dry Cleaning, where quality carpet cleaning services are offered.

For those who are faced with such a procedure for the first time, we suggest that you understand what carpet cleaning is, how it is carried out, what are the advantages of the procedure.

What you need to know about carpet cleaning?

Dry cleaning of carpets is a procedure that consists in thoroughly cleaning floor coverings, removing stains from the surface, various kinds of contaminants. Two cleaning options can be carried out - dry or wet, depending on the type of material, as well as the level of contamination.

Such a service can be performed both at the client’s home and in dry cleaning, when carpets are picked up by cleaning companies. In any case, customers often ask one and the same question whether it is necessary to vacuum the carpet before dry cleaning. There is no strict rule about the need to perform this procedure, but it is still recommended to tidy up the coverage. Vacuuming the product once is enough.

How is carpet cleaning

Dry cleaning of carpets may vary, depending on the type of cleaning you choose. But consider an approximate scheme of the procedure, you can:
  • Carrying out vacuum cleaning with a vacuum cleaner, which allows you to get rid of debris, dust, wool on the surface. It is also necessary to remove specific types of contaminants, for example, chewing gum.
  • Use stain removers to remove even the most persistent and corrosive stains.
  • Purification using a rotary machine, when brushes, PADs are additionally used. Extractor machines (washing vacuum cleaners) can also be used.
  • Disposal of residues of detergent compositions.
  • Conditioning coatings using special means to get rid of the static effect, refresh the shade of the carpet.
  • Combing the pile. This step is necessary to lay the pile in the direction in which it should be located. For such work, a special brush is used.
  • Drying the product.

The differences between dry and foam cleaning should also be understood. The first option is to apply detergent compositions by spraying on the carpets, and then treating the surface with steam, its detailed cleaning.

Foam cleaning involves caring for a carpet by applying aerosol foam.

Features wet and dry cleaning

If we say that it is better to dry clean or wash carpets, then here you should start from the type of pollution, as well as the material from which the product is made. A dry cleaning option will become an urgent solution, if necessary, to quickly refresh products. For example, this is the best option for offices, children's institutions. Dry cleaning is also suitable for processing antique, expensive coatings.

To remove contamination by this method is suitable for materials that contain woolen or silk threads. Their treatment with aggressive reagents is simply not allowed. The advantages of dry type cleaning:
  • used in rooms with a high level of humidity, without creating a risk of mold formation;
  • guarantees the absence of shrinkage of the product;
  • It is safe for human health;
  • guarantees excellent safety of products.

In turn, wet cleaning is carried out in stages, specialized cleaning equipment and suitable cleaning compounds are necessarily used for work. After this, the carpet is washed on both sides under specially adjusted pressure. This procedure can be carried out exclusively in the workshop.

Drying the product after such a process will be required within 2-10 hours, it depends on the thickness and parameters of the products.

The main advantage of wet dry cleaning is the ability to remove all accumulated dirt even from the backing layer. The colors on the coating become brighter, and the accumulated odors disappear.

What is carpet cleaning for?

Cleaning the carpet at home gives only a superficial result. To remove all impurities, process the deepest layers of the pile, you will need to use only professional equipment.

High-quality cleaning of coatings ensures the elimination of unpleasant odors from products, it is used if the paint on the surface grows dull and the pile becomes more compressed. Experts recommend conducting such a procedure at least once every six months - a year. Particular attention to carpets is recommended to be removed in the rooms of young children. They should not absorb dust accumulated by the product.

How much does it cost to clean a carpet in dry cleaning?

Boise, Idaho Dry Cleaning offers quality floor cleaning. The service can be carried out both dry and wet. How much it costs to dry carpet at home in Kiev depends on the size of the product, the level of pollution, the complexity of processing coatings, the chosen method of work.

To get accurate information, it is better to contact the company's specialists who will assess the level of pollution, determine the appropriate cleaning option, calculate the cost of the service.

"Boise, Idaho dry cleaning" is a guarantee of high-quality services, as well as the most affordable cost.