Carpet Cleaning Rental Baton Rouge

It is absolutely impossible to clean the cover thoroughly in the domestic environment. Even if you are using a suitable cleaning product, use a washing powder during cleaning and this may also result in a high temperature.

Detergents with such a cleaner penetrate to the most textured wool or synthetic fibers from which the carpet is made. Innovative technology allows you to ensure the eco-friendliness and the lack of allergies, to deduce any possible rests, to save a lot of heat, save a lot of heat. Such a cleaning system allows you to use the carpets even in children's and medical institutions, so long as they are unsafe for health.

Peculiar minicells and special professional stain removers help to remove the most stubborn stains, mild contamination. In the process of cleaning the coats, it is smoothed out and tidy up, so that the carpet can be kept soft, warm, such as it was when I was in the store.

Another indifferent plus of professional cleaning of the cots is a way of their sewn up, which is a result of a large tailgate and a big hood. After of the cleaning process, the cover will be carefully folded into a pipe and delivered by appointment.

Dry cleaning of carpets is one of those services that our cleaning company provides. We offer comprehensive, consistent care for different types of carpets, both in office and in residential premises, we use exclusively professional products that do not cause allergies and remove pollution as carefully as possible.

A suitable option for carpet dry cleaning is determined by the company's specialists, taking into account the structure of the carpet, its type, as well as the complexity of existing contaminants. Typically, one of the following methods is selected:

1) dry powder cleaning. A powdery type dry substance is applied to the coating, which falls between the carpet fibers. Mud is absorbed into this substance; then the powder is removed from the surface of the carpet with a vacuum cleaner. This method does not require drying, is absolutely safe and can be used to process even delicate carpets;

2) foam generator cleaning. Using a foam generator, a special dry foam is produced, which is applied to the carpet, where it reacts with existing contaminants. Then the foam along with the dirt is removed using special tools. The advantages of this option of carpet dry cleaning are the speed of service, as well as the cleaning efficiency.

3) shampooing method. This is a wet deep cleaning, which involves foaming the shampoo and applying it to the carpet using a disk machine. This allows the detergent to efficiently dissolve any impurities. Then the product is mechanically removed, and the carpet is dried. Shampooing is one of the most effective methods by which the most complex contaminants are removed;

4) cleaning with the help of bonnets - the carpet surface is subjected to preliminary cleaning, then a special washing composition is applied on it, with the help of which the dirt is dissolved; then bonnets are used in cleaning - special pads that are fixed on the disk machine. This option is actively used in cases where you need to process carpets in a public place.

5) extraction dry cleaning - this cleaning option involves several successive steps. First, the carpet is dust-free, then complex contaminants are removed, then, under pressure, a special washing solution is applied to the carpet, which is then absorbed and removed.

The cost of professional cleaning of carpets is determined by the method of pollution, the expense of funds for dry cleaning and the surface area that needs to be treated.

Carpets are an essential attribute and indisputable decoration of every home. However, their significant drawback is the almost uncanny ability to pollution.

Due to their hairiness, carpets absorb dust, change their color and lose attractiveness. In addition, contaminated carpet wool can be a source of a serious allergic reaction. It is believed that in order to maintain the carpet in perfect condition it must be cleaned at least twice a year.

Carpet cleaning Of course, you can do it yourself, but this lesson is completely ungrateful and the result of such cleaning does not correspond at all to the efforts that you have to make.

Carpet cleaning can be done both at home and in the laundry. The second option is preferable, as in professional conditionsyou can get rid of the most persistent pollution. However, many people still choose the option of cleaning at home, since in this case there is no need to transport the carpet. In addition, this service can be carried out at any time and takes only a few hours.

Carpet cleaning consists of several stages. At the first stage, the cleaning company’s specialists carefully study the carpet, determine the type of dirt and choose the best option for cleaning it, combining efficiency and safety.

The most polluted places, stains and scuffs are processed manually. For their cleaning, special stain removers are used. At the second stage, special equipment is brought to work professional purpose - rotary machine. This device is somewhat reminiscent of a vacuum cleaner, but it helps not only to remove dirt, but also to spray detergent. Initially, a high-pressure cleaning solution is applied to the surface of the carpet and penetrates deep into the fibers.

After the required amount of time has passed, the dirt is pushed to the surface, it remains only to remove it with a vacuum cleaner. To ensure that not a gram of detergent remains in the pile of the carpet, it is re-treated with clean water. It should be noted that all the products used when cleaning carpets are hypoallergenic and do not harm human health and domestic animals. In the third stage,  special equipment makes final cleaning of a carpet and drying of a carpet is made.

At the final stage of carpet cleaning, the carpet is treated with a special agent with an antistatic effect, which allows it to stay clean longer. And then delivered to your home.