Carpet Cleaning Rental Barrie

Dry cleaning is still perceived as a costly excess and a waste of money. But in reality, this method of removing contaminants often becomes the only way out of the situation. Often you have to deal with stubborn stains that cannot be dealt with using home methods. It is in such situations that they resort to the services of specialists.

General scheme of work

Dry cleaning of carpets is a whole range of operations aimed at the complete elimination of pollution. The cleaning scheme is usually quite simple:
  • Deep double-sided cleaning;
  • Wet carpet cleaning using modern equipment and high-quality household chemicals, which is guaranteed not to harm the product;
  • Drying.

The first step is a “dry” cleaning with the help of modern cleaning devices that guarantee phenomenal quality and complete dust removal. As you know, ordinary vacuum cleaners remove only the top layer of dust, leaving dried grains of dirt in the depths of the carpet. The use of powerful technology allows you to penetrate into the depth of the pile and even clean the basis of the carpet.

The next step is wet cleaning. Specialists use advanced tools and high-quality stain removers, thanks to which they can achieve truly impressive results. Using improper household chemicals can ruin your carpet, especially when it comes to handicrafts. But with the support of specialists, mistakes are eliminated - such enterprises have impressive experience and are guaranteed to cope with the task.

Dry cleaning products are absolutely safe and do not pose a threat to children and allergy sufferers. In addition to quick and high-quality stain removal, this approach allows you to completely remove unpleasant odors. Most carpets tend to absorb odors, and this can only be fixed with dry cleaning.

Service Quality Assurance and Time Saving

One of the main advantages of dry cleaning is an individual approach to each case. It doesn’t work according to the “knurled” pattern - each type of carpet is covered with the appropriate cleaning technology. The wrong approach to cleaning can only aggravate the situation, so you should not risk it and try to solve the problem yourself, especially when it comes to an expensive product.

And the last point “for” - a significant saving of time. Life is too short to cut the extra hours in a busy schedule for tedious cleaning. A team of specialists will arrive directly at the specified address and will complete the task of any degree of complexity. Just call and the problem is solved!