Carpet Cleaning Rental Abbotsford

The objective of company is to provide you with high-quality services after which your product will look as if you just brought it from the store.

Ignoring the need for cleaning is not only harmful, but even dangerous. Modern technology and cleaning products help remove all dirt from them. The view of a clean, recently cleaned carpet refreshes the room and improves the mood of the owners. Our company uses only hypoallergenic detergents and cleaners from Europe. When cleaning, powerful equipment is used that will remove even the most old pollution from it as soon as possible.

Carpets are different. They are mainly divided into smooth (hairless) and pile. In addition - there is a classification of natural (wool) and synthetic, as well as the following types:
  • Palace
  • Sumachi
  • Kilims
  • Felt
  • Tufted

The most delicate look are silk carpets. They are not machine washable, they need a special approach. But if you entrust us with dry cleaning, then it will be performed at a high level.

Cleaning carpets with export to the workshop its advantages

Your palace will be removed, thoroughly washed and returned to the owner within 5-7 days. The fence and delivery, we will have for you - free.

Advantages when the carpet is leased to the factory:
  • more powerful equipment used
  • water flow is several times stronger, which means washing is more effective
  • stronger, professional means
  • drying out by itself, it can rot. We have them dried with a powerful stream of air, which is safe for carpeting.

Carpet pollution and control

To begin with, carpet dirt is divided into two types - wet and dry. Dry consists mainly of abrasive elements - sand, dust, you bring to the house on the soles of shoes from the street and the entrance. It can also become clogged with animal hair.

Wet - coffee, tea, alcohol, oil, fat - all this is more complicated. The danger lies in the fact that penetrating deep into the fibers, it forms stubborn stains. The longer the spots remain, the more difficult it is to remove them later. This is called "stubborn" spots. To remove them, you need powerful chemistry, just used in the factory.

Carpet washing with removal in Abbotsford and how it is carried out

It is divided into 8 main stages:
  1. We pick up the carpet from the customer and take it to our factory on our own.
  2. Vacuuming to remove large debris
  3. Mechanical beater eliminates sand and fine dust
  4. Using special mechanisms, we process with a chemical agent individually selected for it. Rotating brushes wash the remaining dirt from the carpet.
  5. After that, it is rolled up and sent to a centrifuge to squeeze out excess moisture
  6. Then to the drying chamber, where it dries on a special horizontal bar. Professionals control the drying and cooling temperatures depending on the properties and composition of the carpet.
  7. Quality control: comb and roll out the pile. Check how efficient the wash went
  8. We deliver to the client his updated carpet - for free.

After the dry cleaning of the carpet there are no unpleasant odors - it will be fragrant with freshness and delight you with perfect cleanliness. Allergies to our funds will not occur. We carry out all work on time. Procrastination is possible only if repeated dry cleaning is required, but we do not charge an additional fee for this.

The cost of washing and cleaning, regardless of the length of the pile, includes: bleaching fringes if available, removing the smell of urine from children and animals, removing stains, removing chewing gum, plasticine, impregnating anti-dirt and antistatic agent, performing work on the day of order.