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Carpets require regular maintenance. If taking care of them is a real chore, wait until you discover the grandmother tips that we have found for you.

Tip # 1: vacuum
In order not to have to get into major cleaning every six months, know that the maintenance of a carpet is an everyday affair! Especially if you have pets or family members are allergic to dust and mites.

One of the easiest ideas is to vacuum twice a week in brushing mode. Warning: if your carpet is old and very fragile, avoid brush mode so as not to damage it and vacuum gently.

The ideal movement for vacuuming your carpet effectively? Vacuum the head from your feet and toward the edge of the carpet.

Tip #2: renovate your carpet with an infusion of potato peelings
If you can't afford to hire a professional to renovate your carpet , do it yourself with this effective grandmother's tip! Start by concocting a concentrated infusion of potato peelings, then rub your carpet with a sponge soaked in your preparation.

Leave to act for a few hours then rinse with clear water with a sponge. Finally, let it dry, avoiding traffic on it.

Tip 3: use a mixture of sparkling water and baking soda to revive the colors
Your carpet has lost its beautiful original color and some stains are installed here and there? Use sparkling water and baking soda ! Using a sponge, coat the carpet with sparkling water and then rub gently with a brush. Let it dry for half an hour and then sprinkle baking soda over your entire carpet. Once the bicarbonate is dry, vacuum and admire the result!

Tip 4: make a mixture of dishwashing liquid and white vinegar
White vinegar is the miracle home remedy. there are many uses to sanitize, deodorize and detach! Do not panic if your carpet is dirty or stained with grease, start by pouring white vinegar on a clean cloth and then rub the task. Leave on for 15 minutes.

Then pass a mixture of water and washing up liquid, mounted in foam with an electric mixer or with a whisk. Rub this mixture on the carpet with a brush, then rinse with clear water. Wipe the carpet with a clean cloth and allow to dry.

Tip # 5: use shaving foam to clean a stained carpet
As surprising as it may seem, shaving foam is an ally for detaching textiles. Use it as a stain remover by applying it in a thick layer on the surface of the carpet.

Leave on for at least an hour and then rub vigorously with a sponge. You can also let the foam work overnight and then vacuum the next morning. Last minute advice: always test your preparation on a corner of your carpet to be sure that it will not damage it!

Tip #6: remove stains with black soap
Black soap is one of those products that everyone should have at home, as it has many uses for cleaning and maintaining your home. If your carpet is stained, dissolve a tablespoon of black soap in 2 liters of warm water. Apply it to the stained areas using a sponge and use a stiff brush to remove the stains.

Let dry and vacuum to remove dust and lumps created by the stain-proof solution.

Tip #7: apply Sommières earth to thoroughly clean your carpet
Sommières earth is a natural clay which allows you to completely clean a carpet but also to remove fatty substances. Leave the preparation to act as a powder overnight, then rinse with clear water to remove the stains.