Carpet Cleaning Equipment Rental Near Me

Vacuum cleaner. If earlier this miracle of technology was a rarity, now they will not surprise anyone. Currently, they are made by almost every manufacturer of household appliances, which is why many models of various purposes and functional flaunt on the shelves of the store. But few people know that this is just the younger generation of more powerful and productive vacuum cleaners. And even more so, few have heard such a phrase as a carpet extractor and the fact that such a service as renting equipment for cleaning carpets is provided. But first things first.

If in ordinary shops the floor is usually covered with ceramic tiles, then serious offices, hotels and hotels can afford to lay a carpet in the corridor. Indeed, if you make the same move in the store, then this same carpet will hold its appearance for a maximum of two days, because a large number of people go there every day. And such places as hotels cannot boast such a large bandwidth, although they do not need this, which is why it is quite possible to go for such chic.

Many of them take quite expensive specimens for these purposes. But to lay a carpet is, of course, good, but the coin has a downside. In this case, it is that the carpet attracts and retains dust very well. That is why it requires careful and fairly frequent care. Carpet extractors also help in this matter.

Their appearance is very similar to household vacuum cleaners, not for nothing that at the beginning of the article their “kinship” was mentioned. However, the dimensions of the carpet extractor are much larger than the sizes of the vacuum cleaner that you can see in the apartment. Carpet extractors can be used to collect dry dust, absorb (absorb) liquids, and more. However, even if it is called a carpet extractor, this does not mean at all that it is intended only for carpet cleaning. Besides them, he can easily clean upholstered furniture from dust and dirt.

Carpet extractors are so popular in the business sector that they are used not only for cleaning rooms, but also for cars. That is why at a car wash you can see such a washing machine.

However, despite the high cost of some models, this cleaning machine can be purchased at a significantly lower price by contacting a carpet extractor rental company. They will provide you with a car for any period from 1 day to a year or more.

The rental service for carpet cleaning equipment has recently become very popular, as the population began to save, many people clean their carpets on their own.

Technique for cleaning

Company offers rental of cleaning equipment on the most favorable financial conditions. We have been working in the cleaning market and during our activities.

We have managed to accumulate vast experience in solving a wide variety of problems. You will always find a huge assortment of diverse cleaning equipment, professional advice and timely delivery of selected equipment directly to the facility.

Advantages of renting professional cleaning equipment
Overhaul of industrial, commercial and other premises is not an easy task and the use of professional equipment is necessary for its quick, effective and high-quality implementation.

The services of specialized organizations are quite expensive and having a significant number of their own employees, most business owners rarely resort to their services. An excellent solution to this issue is the rental of cleaning equipment.

This solution will help to efficiently and quickly do the work on their own. Thanks to this service, you will not need to hire employees of third-party organizations, and you will be able to ensure the prompt implementation of the full range of required work at no additional cost.

Leasing of cleaning equipment carries many competitive advantages, which are:
1. Significant savings compared with the services of cleaning companies;

2. No need to purchase the whole set of cleaning equipment at a time;
providing employment to their own employees during the cleaning period;

3. An opportunity to use high-quality, reliable equipment of foreign production;

4. The opportunity to get a complete set of cleaning equipment, accessories and additional items provided for by the rental agreement for cleaning equipment.

Profitable cooperation with company offers the widest range of cleaning equipment for rent. Here you will find professional scrubber driers, efficient steam generators and foam guns and other equipment at affordable prices. With the help of our devices, you can, with minimal effort, ensure the cleaning of huge areas in workshops, shopping centers and other premises.

Rent of cleaning equipment from the company is an excellent solution for everyone who wants to ensure cleanliness with minimal physical and financial costs.

This service has become a great way to solve work problems for organizations with a limited budget. In modern economic conditions, the purchase of new or even used equipment is not always possible, and many business owners and private users find rental equipment the only possible way to solve the problems.

The company offers to get acquainted with a wide catalog of equipment for rent at affordable prices. We provide the opportunity to use high-quality equipment manufactured, and at the same time not to overpay.

Our consultants will be able to quickly select the best equipment to solve your specific problems and deliver equipment directly to the facility in a timely manner.

The equipment and machinery rental offered by us is an excellent solution for everyone who wants to ensure efficient execution of tasks with minimal financial costs.

Karcher K5 Compact Home and Pressure Washer

The Karcher K 5 Compact washing machine is suitable for efficient cleaning of moderately soiled cars, motorcycles, bicycles and house facades.

The device is equipped with a powerful water-cooling engine, and its delivery includes an 8-meter high-pressure hose, Vario Power spray tube and mud cutter. An integrated water filter protects the engine pump from damage.

Thanks to the Quick Connect system, the high pressure hose quickly and easily connects to and disconnects from the sink, which saves time and effort.

Large wheels and an ergonomic handle mounted at the optimum height make it easy to move.

The sink is equipped with a built-in suction system for the cleaning agent, as well as a system for taking water from open sources (barrels, cans, pools).

High pressure washer HD 10/25-4 S Plus

AVD Karcher HD 10 / 25-4 S - a modern car wash of the first class - a class of professional high-pressure car washes without heating water.

The high power and impact of the jet of this AED allows it to be used wherever it is necessary to deal with very persistent contaminants, a large volume of washing operations or their high frequency.

Mobility, maneuverability and excellent cross-country ability thanks to large-diameter wheels with rubber tires make this unit suitable for cleaning at construction sites and during restoration work, as well as in agricultural work.

Safety and reliability Karcher HD 10 / 25-4 S is provided by protective electronic control systems.

Working with the HD 10 / 25-4 S is simple and convenient!

High pressure washer HDS 10/20-4 MX

HDS 8 / 18-4 MX is a mid-range high-pressure apparatus equipped with a water heating function. With its help, you can easily bring to their original appearance not only cars, but even buildings. After all, at present there are a lot of finishing materials that are available for wet cleaning. However, this car costs a lot of money. But, in spite of this, the REC company offers a wide selection of rental cleaning equipment, among which is the rental of the HDS 8 / 18-4 MX high-pressure apparatus.

This technique is simply indispensable in many works related to the removal of stubborn stubborn dirt, as well as to remove contaminants from large volumes. Here are just a few functions that this machine is ready to perform: removal of fat deposits, removal of persistent old dirt, washing of industrial equipment and vehicles.

The service of renting a high-pressure apparatus allows not only to do the necessary cleaning, but also save money.

Hire of the HDS 8 / 18-4 MX high-pressure apparatus is undoubtedly a profitable solution for single and short-term use. It is suitable not only for small businesses and private entrepreneurs, but even just ordinary people. The rental price is calculated per day, which largely makes it comfortable to use this service, while helping to save significant amounts, avoiding the unnecessary purchase of the device.

Renting an HDS 8 / 18-4 MX high-pressure apparatus at REC is the right solution in any situation. Only in this case you will receive guaranteed working equipment in a complete set, consultations of specialists who are ready to help you in any, even the most difficult situation, as well as just pleasant emotions.

High pressure washers HD 6/15 C Plus

HD 6/15 C Plus is a small pressure washer, for which it is called compact. Designed for daily use in private as well as commercial purposes. Ideal for cleaning cars of all sizes, as well as other similar equipment. Due to its maneuverability and small dimensions, the HD 6/15 C Plus is very popular in such areas as renting a pressure washer. And the company "REC" offers to use the rental services of this equipment.

The service rental high pressure washer HD 6/15 C Plus at the REC company is not only an easy way to get the right cleaning equipment, forgetting about the problem with the purchase, but also a good option to save your capital. After all, rental prices are much lower than purchase prices.

The service rental high pressure washer HD 6/15 C Plus allows you to purchase cleaning equipment for the required period, whether it is a day or a week. The rental car rental company REC provides high pressure washers HD 6/15 C Plus at a low price that you will not see in other similar services. Only "REC" provides high-quality and quick support of specialists who will help you find the right cleaning equipment.

Renting a HD 6/15 C Plus pressure washer at REC is the choice everyone should make. By taking a step towards cleanliness, you will be sure that you will get exactly what you want.

"REC" is a guarantee of quality. We work for people!

High pressure washer HD 6/15 C Plus

Standard set of karcher 6/15 and 6/16 high-pressure apparatus:

High pressure apparatus
High pressure hose 10 mt. with a gun
Garden hose 25 met.
Water filter

Hydrosandblast Karcher

Hydro sandblasting nozzle for Karcher in St. Petersburg
This is an accessory that helps to cope with various persistent dirt.

How does she work?
The nozzle is fixed to the washing gun using an adapter. Due to the different parameters of the nozzle and nozzle, rarefied air is created inside it. Through the nozzle it is fed into the pipe, suctioning sand, then the mass falls into the nozzle, where it is mixed with a water stream. Under pressure, the sand-water mixture enters the surface to be treated and, due to the feed rate and abrasive particles, effectively cleans surfaces from dirt, rust, paint.
You can adjust the power of the jet, the pressure of the water, the volume of the mixture and the distance to the treatment site.

The sandblasting nozzle for Karcher is used for:
Work in summer cottages, in country houses;
Cleaning wooden surfaces from mold and mildew, darkening;
Cleaning containers from the remnants of mortars (cement, bitumen);
The elimination of inscriptions, efflorescence from brick and stone walls;
Cleaning boat hulls and bottoms, as well as treating boats and yachts from Algal growths;
Frosting of glass surfaces, drawing patterns on wooden elements.


Motor pumps are pumps that are not driven by electric current, but by an internal combustion engine (diesel or carburetor). The power of the internal combustion engine is much higher than the power of the electric motor, due to which the motor pumps are able to quickly pump large volumes of liquids from natural stagnant reservoirs, tanks, pools, abandoned wells, flooded basements of houses. There are special motor pumps for pumping polluted, silt, sewage and fecal waters, emptying cesspools and septic tanks. Fire brigades are equipped with motor pumps, with the help of them firemasters pump water from a reservoir near the center of the fire. The decisive advantage of the motor pump is obvious - it works where there are no power lines.

Rent a motor-pump Koshin KTH-50X.
Koshin KTH-50X is a professional model in its class that allows pumping heavily contaminated water from water bodies. The main advantage of this model is that it misses even small stones that are in the water. Therefore, you can safely use it without fear for the integrity of the device. Equipped with a 5.5 horsepower gasoline engine, the Koshin KTH-50X motor pump is capable of developing a discharge height of up to 30 meters. And the Japanese assembly gives a guarantee of reliability and durability.

Due to the high price, not everyone can buy a Koshin KTH-50X motor pump, especially if it is needed for a short time. In this case, there is only one advice - renting a Koshin KTH-50X motor pump in the company of rental equipment. This is a profitable solution that will help you not to bother with the purchase and maintenance of expensive equipment. Having paid ten times less than the cost of a motor pump, you can use it for several days. Renting a Koshin KTH-50X motor pump is a real way out of a difficult situation.

Renting a Koshin KTH-50X motor pump at company of rental equipment is the right step towards success. Only here you can get free expert advice to help you decide on the choice of equipment.

Our experts are always in touch and ready to help you in choosing the necessary equipment and tools. You will be pleasantly surprised by the price of renting a Koshin KTH-50X motor pump, and you can specify the cost and availability of equipment at any time convenient for you. You can place an order by phone or on our website. Save time and money with “company rental equipment” - we are always at your service!

The equipment is in stock and ready for rent!

• All equipment in working condition
• Favorable prices for equipment rental
• Flexible conditions for regular customers
• Delivery of overall equipment in St. Petersburg

Renting a Koshin KTH-50X motor pump in the company means favorable conditions for cooperation, high-quality equipment with various technical characteristics, affordable prices and convenient service. You can rent a Koshin KTH-50X motor pump with delivery from us - our company is constantly improving the quality of service and replenishing the warehouse with equipment.


The steam generator is an excellent assistant in household affairs, allowing you to maintain cleanliness in the house or office space. The principle of operation of the device is quite simple - in a closed boiler, water is heated, after which it comes out in the form of a stream of steam through a steam tube with a tip. The steam generator allows you to cope with very persistent spots, removing them from the surface of the subject.

Why can I use a steam generator?
With the help of this device, it became possible to climb into the most hidden corners of the room, which is not the strength of an ordinary mop or brush. Wet cleaning with a rag leaves behind stains and a lot of bacteria that are dangerous to the health of children and adults. The device does its job much better and faster, eliminating not only pollution, but also pathogens.

Steam cleaner Karcher sc 2500

A steam generator is one of the most sought-after tools in creating comfort and maintaining cleanliness. The compact and high-power device easily not only smoothes, but also disinfects textiles.

Our company of rental equipment "REC" is a leader in the field of services for the provision of professional and productive equipment for various purposes. Among a wide variety of modern devices, you can also choose and rent a steam generator.

Features of use and advantages of the steam generator
As the name of this device, it generates high-temperature steam, which can process textiles of any type and purpose, from curtains and bedding to upholstery of upholstered furniture and toys.

You may ask why we recommend renting a steam generator? Everything is simple. Buying a steam generator is quite an expensive pleasure, which only specialized institutions can afford - sanatorium, resort, health, hotel and restaurant complexes, however their number is relatively small.

We offer you a steam generator rental service, which will allow you to save significantly by refusing to buy expensive and non-permanent equipment.

The key properties of a steam generator traditionally include:
Creating a powerful stream of hot steam, which effectively smoothes fabrics with any composition;
Efficiency and efficiency - it can be used as an alternative to ironing, as well as wet cleaning of a wide range of products;
The use of a steam generator during the cleaning process is effective for combating a wide range of temperature-sensitive bacteria and fungi, and also allows you to remove various types of contaminants;
Simplicity in work;
Low power consumption.

In addition to the pronounced savings, renting a steam generator in our company has the following advantages:
Possibility of choosing the optimal model taking into account the actual need and scope of work;
Excellent quality at an affordable price - all units undergo timely service and are distinguished by excellent performance;
Independence - we always have the necessary equipment and are in a state of full combat readiness;
Consultations of specialists.

Steam cleaner Karcher SV 1902 for rent

Karcher SV 1902 - a steam cleaner combining two apparatuses - a steam cleaner and a vacuum cleaner for dry cleaning. A versatile appliance with an extensive range of accessories allows you to clean the entire house without detergents.

The Karcher steam vacuum cleaner is cleaning at full steam - hot steam dissolves dirt and neutralizes unpleasant odors. The steam and the dirt it emits are immediately absorbed by the appliance.

A system of two tanks is provided for continuous operation in the steam cleaner mode.

A 4-fold filtration system that traps 99% of harmful bacteria is recommended for cleaning a nursery and people with allergies. Therefore, often this unique device is called a vacuum cleaner for allergy sufferers.

Rental of Cleaning Equipment

Everyday (maintenance), general, after-repair cleaning is a painstaking work for which you need to allocate time in your busy schedule, cleaning services allow you to forget about routine affairs and enjoy the result of the work of a team of professionals. The important components of high performance should include not only the professionalism of the cleaners, but also the entire arsenal of auxiliary tools - from cleaning equipment to special equipment. Rental of cleaning equipment provides a service such as renting Karcher cleaning equipment.

Washing equipment Kärcher: rental services
The range of cleaning equipment is diverse and wide: mini-washers, rotary machines, vacuum cleaners for dry and wet cleaning, scrubber driers, construction towers of a leading brand, whose products are highly recommended in the market.

In what cases are rental services needed? After repairs, there is often a lot of debris, dust and the remains of building mixtures. Household helpers are helpless in the matter of prompt and high-quality cleaning of large and too small garbage. Cleaning equipment rental - give ability to deal with pollution as quickly as possible thanks to the high power and productivity of professional vacuum cleaners.