An Excellent Guide to Clean Your Rugs and Carpets

It all starts with preventing dirt from being carried in from outside.

Almost every home is occasionally doomed to have coffee spills and shoe stains. This cannot be prevented. But the main issue is how to deal with the situation after the stain has formed. Here's our expert-approved method tells you how to deal with dried spots that can happen to anyone, oil, mud, pet “surprises” and more.

Get two empty spray bottles and fill one with cold water. In the other, mix 1/4 tablespoon of dish soap and 1 cup of hot water.

2-Spray the detergent solution on an absorbent fabric (do not wring it on the carpet - we do not want it to get too wet), and put it on (do not rub!). Once the stain begins to dissolve, remove the stain with the clean part of the fabric. Continue touching with the fabric in this order until the stain disappears.

3-Squeeze cold water into another fabric and use the detergent residues to remove it from the carpet, then touch a dry fabric on the carpet again.

4-Put several layers of paper towels in the spot where there is stain and place a heavy pot on it. “When you wait for one night, the paper towel will absorb any stains that may have remained at the bottom of the carpet. When it is morning, separate the threads with your fingers and let them air dry, ”says Forte.

5-If the stain still has not been removed, you may need to use something more specific than the situation that caused the stain. You can find many different instructions for the most stubborn spots on our site.

How To Keep Your Carpet Clean

Renew high traffic areas

Did you find a gray stain that goes from your kitchen to the chair? Among the heavy cleaning (without a rented machine or a professional aid), you can remove these stains using a foamy carpet cleaner. You should also use these cleaners according to the instructions on the package.

Keep dirt out

Try to apply the rule of not wearing shoes at home. You can have extra slippers on the side of your door so you can encourage residents to use slippers instead of shoes when they enter. You can keep a broom in a closet near the entrance to your home and clean the dirt and dust that comes in before you go outside.

Exterior door mats

By using exterior door mats, you can prevent dirt trying to enter your home. If there is nothing wrong with the label, you can wash and dry these mats in the washing machine. If the label says otherwise, you can use a vacuum cleaner. Turn your mop upside down on the front door and clean the back with a vacuum cleaner, you won't believe how much difference it will make. For a quicker refurbishment, you can shake the mop outdoors, you can also try to beat it with a stick.