Aluminum Composite Panel Manufacturer

There are many production processes for aluminum composite panel. According to the composite process of plastic core panels and two-sided aluminum panels, it can be divided into the cold compound method and the thermal compound method. It can also be divided into continuous compound method and intermittent compound method.

The process of producing alucobond is to clean the aluminum coil first. In the production of aluminum coils, due to the needs of the process, the surface is covered with lubricants and antioxidants, and some dirt will adhere during transport, which will affect its adhesion and must be cleaned. After cleaning and chemical treatment, the aluminum coil will have a dense chemical protective film on the surface; This chemical film can improve the oxidation resistance of the aluminum coil and extend the life of the film. The general cleaning process is as follows: aluminum coil → spray degreasing → water wash → neutralization → chemical treatment → water wash → drying → cooling → winding.

The clean aluminum coil is fed to a coater and coated with a high performance fluorocarbon resin on the outer surface of the aluminum coil. The process flow is as follows: Aluminum coil → Feed → Fluorocarbon coating coating → Hot air circulation Baking paint → Cooling → Filming → Cutting → Winding. The dibond outer sheet panels are coated with two coats of paint and primer. The top layer of the facade is a highly weather resistant fluorocarbon resin coating, namely polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF). Its excellent resistance to UV rays and environmental pollution keep the surface of the aluminum coil protected beautiful. The surface of the composite aluminum panel can have not only the color of the metal, but also the beautiful design and color of marble. Fluorocarbon coatings are generally applied to aluminum coils by roll coating and then baked at elevated temperatures to dry. The equipment is produced continuously, it is printed first, then a final coat is applied, and finally coated with a surface varnish. The total thickness of the three-layer paint is 30 μm. Each coat of paint should be baked at 200 ° C for about 60 to dry. After leaving the oven, quickly cool it through the air cooler. The interior wall paint can be made of epoxy resin, polyester resin, and acrylic resin. After coating the primer, the finish coat and surface varnish, immediately apply a PE protective film on the surface of the coating to avoid scratching the surface coating during subsequent processing, transportation and installation. The protective film is self-adhesive and can be removed after installation.

Fluorocarbon resin coated aluminum coil can enter the composition process with plastic core material. The plastic core material is also essentially three-layer, with PE plastic in the center and adhesive on both sides. PE sheets and adhesives can be produced separately or by three-layer co-extrusion. First, the three-layer coextruded sheet with the adhesive / PE / adhesive structure is produced, and then combined with the top and bottom aluminum sheets. The aluminum composite material has 0.15mm thick aluminum plate on both sides, and the center layer is 3 ~ 5mm, the total thickness of the aluminum composite panel is 4 ~ 6mm. Finally cut to 1220mm × 2440mm or other specifications.

Advantages of Using Aluminum Composite Panel

  • It provides a stylish appearance thanks to its aesthetic and smooth structure.
  • It is easy to use. Depending on the preference, it is possible to give the plate the desired shape and bring the plate to the desired dimensions.
  • It is available in various colors and sizes.
  • Durable. It is a strong, light, rigid material.
  • Protector is. It protects the area it occupies thanks to its weather resistance.
  • Heat and sound transmission coefficient is low.
  • It is economical. It provides full protection at an affordable price.
  • It is environmentally friendly. It is a 100% recyclable, ecologically harmless product.
  • Thanks to its ease of processing, different color alternatives and strength, it allows you to use your creativity as you wish.
  • It gives the best result in practice.

Although Aluminum Composite Panel is a product used especially in the building industry, it is a special product, which is preferred in many areas such as decoration and advertisement, and has both ergonomic and numerous advantages together with its easy application feature, economic prices, modern appearance and light structure.

High thermal insulation strength, high resistance against fire, modern designs, obtained by placing polyurethane filling between two aluminum sheets.

Thanks to its cheap workmanship, Aluminum Composite Sheets used extensively in facade cladding, with its light structure, without putting any extra load on the carrier system and columns.

These products, which produce more modern, durable and low-cost projects by replacing heavy and financial burdensome materials such as stone, brick, yutong for exterior surfaces of buildings, increase the standard and value by using them for purposes such as renovation of old buildings, thermal insulation and facade cladding. It has features that can be preferred for any purpose and project with its dimensions and thicknesses. When it comes to Aluminum Composite Prices, the panels, which have an extremely economical cost and attractive conditions according to the advantages it provides, are also a priority for choice with their rich color options.

Aluminum Composite Processing

It is used for many purposes in the construction industry, however, it is one of the most preferred options in industrial areas with its advertising, promotion and promotional purposes.

While aluminum composite sheets add brightness and aesthetics to every area where it is used with its bright appearance, it is also durable with its durable structure, long life, and non-deformable feature.

Despite its high strength, it is a product that is easily processed using special machines, and it can be cut in different sizes and sizes, as well as aluminum composite types, advertisement board, promotion and painting. Direction plate is also a very convenient material as a promotional tool. Thanks to modern technology supported by computer software, which carries the model you can choose from the program with hundreds of shapes, texts and patterns, flawless materials that you can not imagine are emerging. This, of course, increases customer satisfaction and reveals unrivaled product options for use in many service sectors.