Aluminum Composite Panel Fabricators

As one of the most widely used building materials in daily architectural decoration, aluminum composite panels have been used more and more in recent years. So do you know why more and more building exteriors are using aluminum composite exterior panels?

As an international professional manufacturer of aluminum composite boards, aluminum exterior composite board is a new type of decorative material. Compared to the general decorative building materials on the market, its superiority is traditional building materials. It is not a comparable product. It is a high-tech product. It uses a large amount of advanced technology in its production process, which perfectly guarantees the full performance of its material properties. At the same time, the aluminum exterior composite board remains a composite. The material, after composition, can obtain many new properties not found in the original component materials, such as:

Colors are colorful and highly decorative. The cladding of the aluminum exterior composite board can be made in various colors, and the glass curtain wall is not inferior to the elegant stone curtain wall, and under the sunlight, the aluminum and plastic panel layer is beautiful and worthy , and Very good to avoid light pollution, it can be considered an environmentally friendly building material.

Since the exterior wall aluminum composite panel is made of aluminum and a less dense plastic core material, its quality is smaller than that of glass with the same stiffness or thickness, compared to stone.

In addition to the above advantages, the aluminum composite exterior wall board has the advantages of rich color, more convenient cleaning, low construction loss, moderate cost, simple construction method and convenient maintenance. Therefore, in the international building materials market, aluminum composite panels have always held an unbreakable position in the industry and have been recognized and affirmed by the people.

Aluminum Composite Panels are flexible, formable, compact and stable, allowing them to be used in various applications, but mainly used in architecture and design. They are used in external and internal architectural cladding or partitions, false ceilings, signage, machine covers, container constructions, etc. This is because the aluminum composite material is weather resistant as well as being lightweight and durable.

Aluminum composite panels are widely used in the construction of exterior walls and curtain wall panels, in the modification and renovation of the facades of old buildings, balconies, equipment units, interior compartments., Panel, logo plates, support display, interior wall panels, ceilings, wooden advertising signs, car refrigeration, air conditioning, TV and other home appliances.