7 Places We Forgot to Clean

When you enter a room, you probably immediately notice the places that need to be cleaned. There may be a pile of laundry waiting to be washed in the corner, or there may be dishes, pots and pans that need to be cleaned in the sink.

But what about the rest of the room after everything has been cleared? Here are seven different places we forgot to clean.

1-The Bottom of Furniture

When you look under a bed or seat, you can often see the accumulated dust fly around, it can be cleaned with the help of a vacuum cleaner or vileda. What about the bottom of the furniture? When you see dirt and dirt accumulated under the bed or under the chair, you may be shocked.

To get rid of the spider webs and eggs, dust and dirt that have formed here, you should clean these parts with a vacuum cleaner at least twice a year.

2-Walls and Baseboards

Dusts and dirt can accumulate in vertical areas as well as horizontal areas. When you turn on your curtains and lights, you can be surprised to see how dirty your walls look. Especially if you are using wallpaper, these spots will attract your attention more.

To remove dust and dirt, you can start from the top of the wall and clean down. By clearing the oil or dirt accumulated in the light switches or door handles, you complete the next step.

You can finish cleaning your wall by reviewing your skirting boards. It will surprise you how much dust these small parts can accumulate. You may also need to use a damp cloth to remove dust that sticks from moisture in parts that are a little more humid, such as the kitchen or bathroom.

3-Top of Doors, Cabinets and Frames

You should also check the tops while cleaning. You can find much more dirt than you want. Usually we tend to ignore parts that are not in front of our eyes. Regular cleaning of door frames, kitchen and wardrobes, frames and ceiling edges is a job we should not overlook.

You can also control the top of your lighting or the top of your ceiling fan while you're ready to go up. You can also remove spider webs and dust from here with the help of a dustbin. You can also easily clean these areas using a microfiber cloth.

4-Air Filters and Ventilators

If you have central ventilation in your home, this system is usually connected to the open parts of your home. The treated air passes here in hot or cold ways and returns.

If this system does not have a filter to hold dust and pollen particles, these will easily return to your living area. There are many different variations of this type of filter, either too expensive or too cheap networks. Whichever type you use, you need to clean and replace the filter to work effectively. You can also clean these air vents when replacing the ready filter. You start to breathe more easily and there is less dust in your home.

Do not forget to clean your single glasses or small ventilators in the same way.

5-Cabinet Floors

It is not difficult to realize when to clean your cabinet. It is time to clean if all the clothes are intertwined, the shelves start to rise up, or if something is piling up when you open the cover.

So when did you last clean your entire cabinet, including the floor? Cabinet floors - especially if you have a non-wooden floor - can be easily dusted and can also hold soil and dirt from your shoes. This area can easily become moldy or infested, causing your favorite clothes to be ruined.

At least at the beginning of every season, you should take off all your clothes and do a thorough cleaning here. Meanwhile, it is a great time to donate the clothes you do not use to a suitable place and to place the rest properly.

6-Vacuum Cleaners and Cleaning Materials

If your cleaning materials are dirty, it means that you spread this dirt home every time you clean. When was the last time you checked your vacuum cleaner, villa or cleaning brushes?

Of course, you may replace the filter of your vacuum cleaner and throw it away and replace it with a new one. However, you should clean the part that holds this filter once a month or once every two months. Most of these filters are suitable for washing in hot and soapy water and drying normally. Presumably these may also contain filters that need to be washed and replaced. The less dust, the better results you can get.

Heads, sponges, cleaning brushes, all of your viladas are materials that need to be cleaned after each use with hot water and a disinfectant cleaner. Kitchen sponges can cause accumulation of bacteria and can spread bacteria if not changed regularly.

7-Indoor Plants

Whether your plants are alive or artificial, they can accumulate an incredible amount of dust on them. Most living plants can be cleaned with a gentle wash under the shower head. But if your plants are too big to carry, you may need to wipe each leaf separately using a microfiber cloth.

Artificial plants can also be washed under the shower, and can be cleaned outside with a hair dryer to get rid of dust. If you want your artificial plants to look brighter and more vivid, you can apply with a little salt and baking soda. When you get rid of the dust here, you will notice that your house is much more lively.