7 Ideas to Brighten Dark Rooms

If you have a dark room in your home, don't panic. There are many easy ways to make this room brighter, more spacious and more spacious. The size of your room, the direction it receives light, the presence and number of windows, its shape, location and many features will play an important role at this stage. Let's start with the simplest steps for ideas to brighten dark rooms.

1. Provide more light

Insufficient light, the biggest problem of a dark room, is the first item we need to focus on for the solution. If there are no windows in the room, or if it is not enough, can a window be added or expanded with the help of a small refurbishment. If the attic is in a position, the skylight can also be considered.

2. Use the light well

Evaluate daylight from windows in the most efficient way possible. Do not use thick and heavy curtains. If the location of the room is available, you can also choose not to use curtains at all. If you are going to necessarily use something, make use of the blind technology that transmits light and still provides privacy. Don't forget to keep your windows clean all the time.

3. Light and wall color

Light colors reflect light, and dark colors absorb light. With this simple rule in mind, you should be guessing that light tones on your walls will make the interior of the room brighter. For this reason, do not take any risks and use the lightest tones of paint that can be found on the entire wall of the room.

4. New dimensions with mirror

It will definitely help you to use bright colors and plain forms in furniture choices. Use a large mirror to add dimension to the room and move the light more inside. Maybe cover one or two walls with a mirror. In this way, you will have made a three-dimensional addition to the room.

5. Emit artificial light

For those times without daylight, make use of different types of lighting together. Distribute the light in the room with different sources such as spotlights that are turned in different directions on the ceiling, a floor lamp, a lampshade on a coffee table.

6. Use reflective surfaces

Glass or mirror coffee table, glass objects, silver and dore accessories will help you with light and size by creating reflections inside.

7. Do not fill the walls

Do not fill the walls with artwork, photos, shelves and bookshelves. Leave it as empty as possible, so that it does not both look and block light.