6 Ways to Clean Your Home Stairs: Practical Ideas and Advice Can Help You Live!

Stairs are one of the components of houses that must be treated with care, whether they are internal or external. Proper maintenance makes them look like new and therefore you have to treat them with the right products in order not to damage them. Here are some practical ideas and tips on how to clean stairs .

What do you need to clean the stairs

To clean the stairs you don't need to use large equipment, but buckets and microfibre cloths are enough, and obviously products for cleaning quality stairs , preferably professional ones to adequately treat the surfaces. How to clean stairs well ? First of all, you must sweep the ladder carefully and remove all the dust that has accumulated in the steps. Then use water, neutral detergent and a mop to clean step by step, proceeding from top to bottom. For effective cleaning, microfibre cloths are also suitable, generally suitable for all surfaces.

How to quickly clean stairs

It is possible to quickly wash the stairs, you just need a bucket and a mop and professional detergents to have a bright staircase in no time. After performing the sweeping operation, or having removed the residues with a portable vacuum cleaner, you can immediately proceed to washing with the mop. Dilute the detergent in the bucket and squeeze the mop well each time. For effective cleaning, take care to choose a high-quality, professional mop that absorbs dirt and that once wrung out, dry the steps quickly.

How to clean marble stairs

Generally the stairs are made of marble or granite, materials widely used especially for interiors and sometimes also for the exterior, even if stoneware or terracotta or natural stone are still in fashion. How to clean travertine stairs or how to clean granite stairs ? The easiest way to clean marble stairs and therefore also to clean granite stairs is to purchase suitable professional products, such as detergents with a specific formulation for the type of staircase to be treated. So, choose the right product and get microfibre cloths to wash and dry the marble, perfect for making it shine.

How to clean sandstone stairs

Since it is a very absorbent material, the pietra serena must be treated with not too aggressive detergents, which do not contain acids or alkaline substances of any kind. The sandstone stands out for its gray-blue color and for its texture that has shiny dots due to a mineral known as mica. To make it shine you have to treat it gently. Precisely for this reason it is necessary to clean the stairs in pietra serena with mild detergent products, with a neutral PH, which preserve it from stains and degradation and enhance its shine.

How to clean wooden stairs

The wooden staircase is one of the most appreciated because it enhances the rooms and enhances them. How to clean wooden staircase ? How to treat this delicate material so as not to spoil it and make it last long? To clean the wooden staircase, the ideal solution is to rely on specific products, specifically designed to enhance the beauty of this material.

The best products are those made with natural ingredients, which are delicate and non-aggressive as they do not contain chemical additives and treat the surface with extreme delicacy. For a perfect cleaning of the wooden staircase, the parquet cleaners are excellent, ideal for regenerating the wood and also available in a spray version. A single spray is enough to revive this noble material and there is no need to rinse.

Perfect are also the natural waxes to mix with water, also useful to bring out the tone of the wood and reinforce it. To wash the ladder quickly, electrostatic microfibre cloths that make the wood shine with a single pass.

How to clean terracotta stairs

Cleaning the terracotta staircase is extremely simple, especially if it is an internal staircase. To begin with, remove the dust from the terracotta staircase, then sweep the staircase and remove any residue. Then here's how to proceed to wash it and make it shiny:
  • Dilute a professional degreaser in warm water
  • Wash the ladder with the mop
  • Dry it with a microfibre cloth as quickly as possible to prevent the tiles from absorbing the detergent

Instead, to clean the external terracotta stairs you must first of all sweep carefully and use clean water, then add the professional detergent. Also in this case, a professional degreaser must be chosen to eliminate germs and bacteria, but to facilitate the operation, it is possible to use a soft fiber brush, ideal for rubbing in places where the steps are particularly dirty. If it is a question of several flights of stairs, it is advisable to proceed one ramp at a time and then wash and dry the treated staircase before moving on to the next. In this way the water is not left on the terracotta for a long time and stains are not formed.