5 Great Ways to Unblock the Sink

Slow flows are a common problem for many homes. The most common expense with this problem is the bathroom expense, and many different factors contribute to this slowdown problem. First of all, many hair and dirt can be easily accumulated daily in the expenses. Also soap and other products can cause buildup in the drain pipes. All these accumulations narrow the path of the drain over time and the drain of the drain decreases gradually. This problem with expenses is constantly repeated, and there is usually no way to prevent this. The only solution here is to regularly clean the expenses and facilitate the flow of water.

There are several ways to solve this problem, and we have listed these ways below:

1- Clean Up Accumulating Basin With Wire

The first way to make the drain flow more easily is to remove accumulated dirt and hair from there. A very easy way for this is to use a sink opening wire. This product is both cheap and can perform miracles in minutes. The sink wire keeps the hair and dirt accumulated in the pipes and allows you to pull them off. Also, since the end of this wire is very thin, you can easily enter the drain and make it easy to clean.

2- Remove Expense Cover

The drain caps are one of the reasons that can cause hair and dirt to accumulate. If you do not have a sink opening wire or if the sink opening wire did not allow you to clean all the dirt, another option is to remove the drain cap and remove any accumulated. Many drain caps are also designed to be attached from the bottom of the sink. To remove this drain cover, you need to find and pull that part of the sink from the bottom of the sink where the pipe is. When you pull this part, you can easily remove the cover of the drain and put it back after the cleaning is finished.

3- Clean the Upper Expense Part

The reason for the expenses in the upper parts of the sinks to be put there is to ensure that the water level in the sink is easily discharged if it is too high. But another important reason is to provide air flow to the drain when the sink is filled with water. The air descending from the upper drain to the pipes allows the water to flow much faster. Again in this upper drain, hair or other dirt may accumulate over time. If your sink is running slowly and clearing the drain did not solve this problem, it would be a wise step to clean the upper drain as well.

Use Homemade Expense Cleaner

Another step that will be taken after the majority of the accumulated dirt is removed will be to use a simple home-made drain cleaner. A solution that you can combine cheaply and easily in your home to remove dirt that accumulates in your pipes can help you solve this problem. Thanks to the reaction of these two materials, your pipes are cleaned and your water can flow freely again. You can both avoid heavy chemicals and keep your money in your pocket by using a homemade waste cleaner.

Use Sink Pump

Sink pumps can also be used in slow-flowing expenses. To use these pumps, the flow of water in the drain does not have to be stopped completely. Using the sink pump, you can pull off some of the hair and dirt that has accumulated in the pipes. For the sink pump to be more effective, you can cover the upper drain with a material. Covering the upper drain will serve as a seal, which opens the pipes.