12 Ways to Make Dark Rooms Bright

You can show your dark rooms bright with small tricks.
Natural light is very important for a home in terms of both health and decoration. If you have a room without light in your home, do not worry. It's easy to show brightness with small tricks. The way to provide brightness to your home is to take advantage of optical illusions. Here are all the details of adding brightness to your home ...

Check your lighting

Instead of trying to illuminate your home by adding plenty of lighting, you can achieve this with a few easy adjustments to the lighting you have. Operating the bulbs with the highest recommended wattage and keeping your lamps clean can make a big difference. Converting recessed lights into LEDs will reduce your electricity bill and greatly illuminate your space.

Use the right white paint

Okay, maybe white paint may be a little cliché for your rooms. Check out the favorite white paint colors chosen by the designers to make sure the correct shade of white.

Avoid dark and bulky furniture

If you have coffee or tea cups left on the coffee table, you probably didn't realize how much weight you added to your space. In fact, try replacing the legs of the coffee table with a lighter tone so you can see the floor. It will instantly brighten the room. We love this trick as you will cut the look of the white marble table.

Choose open shelves

Open shelves add depth to a small room and make you feel lighter than closed cabinets. If you intend to use these open shelves, do not forget to arrange glassware and decorative accessories. Baskets are a great way to use them as storage space, as it will add a different air to the room.


Mirrors visually expand a room. It can also reflect light to make any area feel bigger and brighter.

Choose reflective white tiles

Although these white tiles look a little classic, adding light will provide a clean and bright look in your kitchens and bathrooms. If you live in a rented house, you can try sticky tile tiles instead!

Embrace minimalism

The mess intensifies the cave-like effect in a dark room. Is it our suggestion? If you prefer decoration products in different styles, it will eliminate the dark feeling in the rooms.

Highlight with acrylic furniture

Acrylic furniture is a bright option for small or dark areas. Because it does not feel much visual weight.

Decorate with Metallic

Small shimmer can go a long way. Using metallic coatings on everything from mirrors to furniture highlights will only help illuminate your room by reflecting light.

Be careful with your table choices.

You may really love art. But you should like vitamin D more. Your large and dark paintings that absorb even the smallest part of sunlight are not suitable for your non-light rooms. So keep them in other rooms.

Stay away from curtains that trap sunlight.

Curtains in dark color prevent sunlight from entering the room. Therefore, use light curtains in the rooms where you want to show brightness.

Choose furniture with glossy finish.

In rooms that do not receive much light, you can make your location brighter by using bright or glass surface furniture and metallic colored items.