12 Ways to Brighten a Dark Room - Decoration Tips & Trends, DIY Ideas

Doesn't your house get enough light? Maybe the situation is not as bad as you think. By listening to these tactics, you can make the rooms of your house look much brighter.

1. Choose a colorful and vibrant carpet

A colorful carpet that you will spread over a large size area will make your home brighter. Not only that, it will also provide an energetic and aesthetic appearance to your home.

2. Duplicate the mirrors

If you want to double the daylight, you should hang mirrors on your wall to meet the direction of light. You can also organize small decorative mirrors nicely, if you wish, for a nice look.

3. Get rid of heavy curtains

Generally, curtains are preferred from thick, daylight-proof type to protect personal security and privacy. However, you should definitely keep your heavy and dark curtains of this style away from non-bright rooms. Instead, you should use lighter, light-colored curtains.

4. Add metallic hues

To lighten dark rooms, you should use silver and gold-tone objects. The simplest way is a mirror with a gold or silver frame, a piece of art or decorative objects in these shades both provide a brighter environment and remind you of luxury.

5. Pay attention to pruning trees

If a room of your house has an angle that does not receive light, you should avoid planting tall plants and trees in front of the window of the room, you should plant these plants at a different angle. On the other hand, if you already have a tree, you can prevent it from making an unnecessary shade by taking care to prune it at the right time.

6. Choose matt floors instead of glossy

Contrary to what is supposed, glossy floors do not reflect the light evenly. Therefore, if you prefer light-tone matte floors, you can get a brighter room.

7. Always keep your windows clean

Yes, we know that it looks very simple. But this basic cleaning rule is the most valuable thing for the illumination of your home and room. A dust-free and clean glass will always make your room get more and more uniform light.

8. Correct lighting is important

How you position the lighting in your room is very important. Bulbs that do not emit much light, near-ground lighting, or dark lampshades can make the room dark.

9. Table selection is important

Love the art, but the paintings you choose for your dark room do not prevent you from getting vitamin D. Bring your wide and dark toned paintings to your bright rooms. Covering a wall with a large painting or poster causes it to absorb sunlight.

10. Book shelves should not be parallel to the glass

It is not right to place your bookshelves right across the glass. If you make such a choice, you will prevent the light from scattering. It is important to be careful when positioning your belongings.

11. Notice the color you choose whitewash time

Of course, you can be tempted by the color catalogs and choose a different color for your room. But how suitable will the color you choose fit into your room? There is a simple rule to remember from science lessons for your dark room, light colors reflect light! For this reason, it is important that you prefer light, natural colored tones on the walls.

12. How about furniture with glossy finish?

If your room receives a limited amount of sunlight, the upper surfaces of your furniture, such as the coffee table, zigon, with bright surfaces, glass or mirror, can create a brighter room as it will dissipate the light in the room.