The Ultimate Guide to Know About Blind Cleaning

If the cleaning of crystals is not easy due to the usual appearance of imperfections in the task, the cleaning of blinds is also complicated mainly in height, and given the complexity of its shapes and composition with discontinuous surfaces.

Professional cleaning company can help you with some tricks that you can use when you have to dedicate yourself to this task, within the step-by-step window cleaning.

That is why we are going to see how blinds can be cleaned depending on what type they are and also where they are located, because the systems and products that we explain will serve the same if you are lucky enough to be able to clean from the outside at ground level.

How to clean roller blinds without rail

In this case we talk about the type of simpler blinds composed of thin strips of wood or plastic that work with pulley and rope systems, hooked on top of the windows.

To do the cleaning of blinds for a lifetime, and since the installation system is very easy, it is best to remove them from their location, to be able to spread them on the floor and thus work more comfortably.

If the blinds are located in height, you must avoid opening all the leaves of the casement windows, to have a security support, since, after climbing a ladder, you will have to peek out to remove them.

Perform this operation in the company of someone to help you download them and spend what you need.

Then you only have to use the vacuum cleaner, making passes in the direction of the strips, to remove the dust, first on one side and then on the other.

To complete the cleaning of blinds of this type, use a bucket with warm soapy water, and help yourself with a sponge to scrub down sections always following the direction of the slats.

Fill a bucket with water alone to do the same operation, but now removing soap and dirt.

Use an absorbent cloth to dry and hang your brand new blinds back in place.

How to clean blinds with drum

When doing the cleaning of blinds of this type you will encounter the problem that its installation and disassembly is much more complicated, since normally the tape or rope usually has a box embedded in the wall, and also the blind is collected in a drawer in which you also have to know how to remove the lid.

This more complex system makes many people when it comes to performing this task when it comes to cleaning window blinds, only clean the inside without disassembling, since the outside is very impractical.

But if you dare to disassemble the cover of the box as the video explains, the task will be simplified quite a lot.

So let's how you can do the blind cleaning in this case:

To begin, lower the piece completely to clean the inner face helping you with the vacuum cleaner, with which you will collect more amount of dust, or failing that with a microfiber cloth.

If you want to do a blind cleaning more complete, mix in a bucket water and scented ammonia, and with the help of a sponge make horizontal passes by sections following the direction of the slats.

Then repeat the process in this case only with water to finish collecting the dirt.

Finally, use an absorbent cloth to dry.

Now touch the outside, so you have to lift the blind completely, and open the lid of the drawer in which it is housed, repeating the process in which you will first remove the dust, and then you will scrub the surface to end up drying, but in this In case you will have to work the three steps in each unrolled section.

That is to say: clean dust, scrub, and dry, unrolling approximately 20 cm at a time, to repeat again until finished.

How to clean Majorcan blinds

This is the model that facilitates the cleaning of blinds, since they are usually deployed in two folding parts for each window or door leaf.

To do the interior cleaning is better to close the two sheets so that they do not move while you work eliminating the dust with the vacuum cleaner or a cloth, as we have commented in the previous sections.

To clean the outside you will have to keep the sheet on which you are going to work closed, while the other is folded to be able to exit through the free space, and remove the dust by vacuuming or dragging dry.

Once this step is finished, you can use a sponge soaked in soapy water or ammonia water scented, to scrub the slats as we described above, not forgetting to rinse and dry afterwards, well, although the materials with which the lamas are treated they protect them from moisture, with drying they have just reviewed any residual dirt that has gone unnoticed.

When this type of Mallorcan is on the ground, in single-family homes and other similar places, the cleaning of blinds can be greatly simplified using the vacuum cleaner first, and then a pressure cleaning machine.

General tips when cleaning blinds

Always clean the blinds starting at the highest part, so that the remains of dust do not fall back on the already clean area, if you start upside down.

Protect the wall area where you are going to work with water, to avoid accidental splashes with dirt.

If you perform periodic maintenance cleaning, simply by removing dust, you can in many cases prevent the process from lengthening a lot when you get down to work.

And remember that your safety is above anything else, so if to do the blind cleaning, you have to expose yourself risking an accident, it is better that you request two or three budgets from professional cleaning companies and leave it in her hands.