Reasons Choice to Professional Pressure Washers Is Going to Be Big!

What is the best professional pressure washer in the market? If you are looking for a professional pressurized water cleaner to make your cleaning activities easier then you are in the best place to know which is the best hydrolypiated machine on the market.

Powerful pressure washers offer the best technology, are built with the best material for durability , have accessories to make work more efficient in less time, for all this and more this comparative pressure washers is for you .

We suggest that you think carefully about choosing your professional  pressure washer so that you do not waste your money choosing wrongly and so that you have a better performance, that's why it is comparative on professional pressure  washers.

Tips for choosing a good professional water cleaner

To know which professional pressure water machine you must buy you must take into account some recommendations, such as the different models and characteristics of each one:

Engine: They have two types of engines: electric, which do not make noise but do not allow the ease of movement because they are depending on electricity and gasoline, which are a bit noisy but are autonomous and reduce fuel consumption.

Flow rate: It is the amount of water that can be distributed, which effectively helps in cleaning, because the higher the flow rate, the faster you can clean, so the flow rate in this case means the speed with which the water flows to the pressure set. Ifperform complicated jobs need a cauda l high.

Temperature: Depending on what you want to clean you will need some that allows cold water, for not so difficult soils, while those of hot water, have an internal heating that raises the temperature of the water and is ideal for dirt difficult to remove.

Pressure: This depends a lot on the activity you are going to do and on the material you want to clean, because a higher pressure used in bad place can damage it, while if you use a low pressure in rigorous work you will not get the effect you want to achieve cleaning. It is important to take adequate pressure .

: Depending on the activity to be performed, we will choose the power to be needed The power is provided by the engine and will be measured in HP (horsepower). For hard work in domestic units, one of 2 HP is required, while for industrial works more than 5 HP.

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How much money should I spend on my hydrolyzed machine for professionals?

The price is a very important point when choosing any product and it is that we will always look for the best professional pressure quality water pressure cleaner so that we have more durability.

Cheaper professional pressure washer - They are usually those of less frequent use but rather moderate, so that the quality of their materials is medium - low and with little resistance, they are also the ones with less power.

Best quality professional pressure washer - You can use them however you want and they are durable, resistant but especially intensive to cover large spaces that must be constantly cleaned, in addition to offering more accessories.

What professional water pressure machine to buy?

Karcher K7

It has an incredible manageability through the control in the available gun, which allows the immediate regulation of the pressure and the detergent, which saves you time and gives you remarkable effectiveness in the work done.

In addition to having a 3-in-1 spray lance that allows you to quickly change the nozzle, cleaning, flat and rotating jet by simply turning the lance, providing you with more comfort.

What do other buyers think?
It is one of the best in this range, it offers an adjustable pressure suitable for many activities, cleaning has ceased to be a nightmare. It is also good for rigorous tasks where it does not fail. I highly recommend it.


It offers full utilities for housework, it has a high-performance pump that transforms the water in the supply network into an incredible pressure that cleans your spaces to the fullest.

It is also one of the easiest to transport, where uneven terrain and stairs are not an inconvenience. The maximum pressure used can be adjusted according to how you need it.

What do other buyers think?
I bought it on offer and the truth that has not failed me is comfortable and does not limit its use, I have been able to use it in different industrial tasks and has given the size, for large spaces.

Karcher K5

Ideal for everyday use and cleaning in homes, with incredible performance that considerably reduces working time. Including the surface cleaning kit. It allows you to always have the pressure you need.

Being the adjustable pressure on the shuttle and is controlled with the LED indicator that gives you optimization. With a tank for detergents with easy access, cleaning and easy to check the level of filling with the naked eye.

What do other buyers think?
It works on any surface and provides the greatest efficiency. I bought it by replacing a different model and the truth is that it is better by far, easily cleans the facade.

Bosch Fontus

It works primarily for outdoor areas next to the autonomy offered by the battery, which t and provides freedom to use and loaded enough to use for a few consecutive hours.

It also has adjustable pressure controls for you to use as you need, thus adjusting the pressure to moderate the use system, so you can also choose between 4 sprayers to facilitate the use of this machine.

What do other buyers think?
Focused on everything we ask for, it is more than what we ask, it exceeds any expectation allows cleaning even the most difficult to remove, just worth it.

Bosh Universal Aquatak 135

This pressure washer gives great flexibility and power, against any task that arises, eliminating all the dirt no matter how embedded it is, thanks to its high pressure and foam system. Another great detail is its function of self suction which allows you to save water, just by sucking the water inside a container.

In addition to that it has a 3-in-1 nozzle, with its flat, rotating and straight jet options, which gives you greater versatility and comfort of use, where you just have to turn it and you will get the way you need.

What do other buyers think?
Hello, I recommend this machine, since I have a business of washing pools and it has given me a new way of working: faster, simple, efficient and easy, as well as less dirt problems. Try it for your needs.

The best portable professional pressure cleaner: Bosch EasyAquatak 120

This tool will allow you to efficiently and effortlessly clean floors, wall, carpets, cars, air conditioners, tiles and much more. Its 1500W motor can produce a pressure of 120 bars with a flow of 350 liters per hour so that you have enough power for any type of surface and dirt.

Has a waste line 5 meters and power cable length also 5 meters so you can enjoy a wide range of over 10 meters. It is compact and light 4,5kg. Includes: Vario jet fan nozzle, rotating nozzle, detergent nozzle (450 ml) and opaque water filter.

The best professional high pressure cleaner: Bosch Professional GHP 5-75X

Bosch presents this professional high-pressure cleaner with a power of 2600W and a pressure between 140 and 185 bars to adapt its powerful jet for different surfaces and types of dirt. It is ideal for floors, walls, terraces, walkways, cars, etc.

Its design with wheels and cable management system so you can take it wherever you want. It has a 10 meter roller hose and an easy-to-use 3-in-1 nozzle. It can be fitted with an external water inlet filter and has a self-suction system so you can feed it with water from tanks or tanks.

The best Karcher professional pressure cleaner: Karcher HD 5/15 C Plus

Powerful and efficient pressure washer with a power of 2800W and a flow rate of up to 500 liters per hour. It can reach up to 200 bars of pressure so you can clean in a jiffy all kinds of dirt on the outside, cars, air conditioning equipment, etc.

It has a car design so you can comfortably transport it everywhere and an ergonomic handle to carry it like a briefcase. It comes with mouthpiece triple, rotating nozzle and has a practical compartments integrated furling their hoses 15m to ensure a wide range of action. It includes fine water filter.

How to use a professional pressure washer?

We need to know how to use a pressurized water machine to know which is the best pressure washer in the market, because depending on the level of complexity it offers you can use it.

Preparation - For its operation it needs to be prepared with the necessary amount of oil, it depends on the choice you must fill with the gasoline you require or connect it to the current.

Square - You must prepare the pressure washer by placing it in a safe place and connecting it to the water supply, in addition to connecting the hose and gun.

Verification - Before commissioning we must verify that all of the above is being fulfilled as it should to avoid malfunctions. Also check if any part is loose.

Start-up - Before starting, load the water system, without turning on the pressure washer and press the trigger to let water out at low pressure.

Turn on - Turn on the pressure washer on the ON button, point the gun towards the place where you will be cleaning, taking special care not to point it at yourself or another because it can cause damage. Press the trigger.

Turn off - At the end of the cleaning task press the OFF button, close the water flow of the network that feeds the pressure washer. Then discharge the pressurized water gun.

Top brands of professional pressure water machines

If you are looking for information on the best brands, look no further, here are the best ones by far:

Honda - With an extensive range of products and an excellent network of distributors, they have become leaders in products for gardening and industries, with their professional pressure cleaners offering maximum safety and performance.

Karcher - It is a brand specialized in products of this type that were the pioneers in this area. Its pressure washers are of quality and variety for all types of tasks, in addition to being one of the best durability.

Ducati - This brand is distinguished by the quality of pressure washers they offer, from a wide variety and uses to make your cleaning performance much easier from self-aspiration.

Comet - Dedicated to products from the area of agriculture, industry and cleaning that seek to meet the needs of customers, with a range of products dedicated to both professional and domestic use.

Genergy - Concentrated on quality as the main point, they offer differentiation through new solutions to the needs of users, always looking to innovate and offer a unique image.

Hyundai - Focused on autonomy and safety, they offer their high-quality pressure washers, innovative design and technologies, as well as efficient solutions.

Nilfisk - They are one of the best in terms of quality and comfort, being identified by the durability of the materials for what they are made, in addition to the accessories they bring to improve cleaning performance and ease of use.

Greencut - With 20 years of experience, it provides the best quality at the best price, to meet all the expectations of users and ensure they provide the best pressure washers in the market through a thorough quality check process.

Garland - They stand out for wanting to provide the best cleaning tools so their pressure washers are high power, with manageable and practical designs to give you the widest possible reach.

Advantages of using a powerful pressure washer What are your strengths?

We love to show the benefits of a product and this is the real reason we bought it, so we leave you the main advantages of having a pressure washer.

What are the advantages of using a professional pressure washer machine? Its advantages are:

One of the most favorable points is saving water in a great way, because it allows you to transform normal pressure into a more powerful one that translates into less water and more effective cleaning.

With the amount of accessories available they help you customize your cleaning, using some for specific tasks.

It allows the disposal of detergents at the same time that it puts pressure on the water, helping you to cause a deeper cleaning.

They have an ergonomic design that allows you to clean any object or surface with minimal effort.