How to Clean Wooden Doors? An Easy Step-by-Step Guide

One of the parts of the house or office that have more contact with the public are the doors. Because of this, they can accumulate dirt, which leads us to ask how to clean the wooden doors?

The doors are the first to welcome your guests and the last to fire them. It can be said that they are the face of your home or office, which will leave an impression on the person who crosses it.

This is one of the reasons why it is very important to keep them clean, in addition to the hygiene and protection of the wood.

These tips are the best tool for you to start the task of cleaning the wooden doors leaving them as new. People will be happy to enter any of the spaces you invite them to.

How to clean wood doors?

Before you start, look carefully at the wooden door you are going to clean.

Is it very damaged?

Do you have any type of lacquer on top?

Is the paint worn?

This information is very important so that you can make the decision about the products and elements to use when cleaning these surfaces.

If you already have an idea of the state in which your wooden door is located, we will tell you all the keys you need so that you know how to clean the wooden doors of the house or the office according to their needs.

If they are several doors you can hire the services of expert personnel in the field so that they are perfect and remain so for a long time.

Let us begin!

The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning Interior and Exterior Wooden Doors

These are the keys that will help you to know how to clean varnished wooden doors that are outside, and also how to clean wooden doors indoors:

Best way to clean wooden doors: Surface dirt
What dirties the doors most is dust and contact. In some spaces you can find cobwebs and even a thin layer of dust that make your wooden door look permanently dirty. Therefore, it is important to remove all the dirt that is on the surface of your wooden door.

You can use a duster, a cloth to remove dust or even a vacuum cleaner, which helps you quickly remove all the dirt that the surface may have.

How to clean wood doors: Stains and prints
With a little neutral soap and warm water you can remove the stains that are on your wooden door. Most doors have washable paints that facilitate this task.

Remember not to use an abrasive sponge so that you do not leave scratches or remove the varnish or paint when cleaning the door.

It is important that you remove the soap from the door well after completing this procedure. If a soap stain remains, you will surely notice it as the days go by.

How to clean wood doors: Edges and fences
With hot water and soap you can clean the edges of your door well. Remember to use a ladder and clean the upper edge carefully. Likewise, you can pass a cloth through the lower edge area. In these areas you can find a lot of dirt, so you may have to use more than one cloth.

How to clean wood doors: Accumulated dirt
If you want to know how to clean wooden doors that have a lot of dirt accumulated over time, it is important to pass the cloth with soap several times, carefully removing the product, to avoid new stains. After passing the cloth several times you will notice that the wooden door recovers its original color.

Kitchen and bathroom doors can accumulate grease. If you want to know how to clean wooden doors with grease, we recommend mixing a little degreaser in the water, which will help you eliminate this type of problem. Remove the product well before letting the door dry.

How to clean wood doors: Protection and shine
When the doors have some type of varnish, after performing the procedure of how to clean chocolate-colored wooden doors, for example, you can place some liquid to polish furniture of the same color. If you already know how to clean doors of oak or other wood, consider the color of it before applying the protector.

If you are using this process to solve how to clean agglomerate doors, which in most cases only have a few layers of paint, in this case you can use some homemade tricks that will give you shine and nutrition.

How to clean wood doors: Tricks
Remember to let the door dry well, you can use a fan or facilitate air circulation with open windows and doors. You can use almond oil when it is very dry, especially if it lacks varnish. It is a trick that will help you keep the doors in better condition.

How to clean white wooden doors?
Regardless of the color, the procedure we have described can be useful for cleaning the wooden door. However, if you want to know how to clean white lacquered doors, when it is very dry, you can use a wax or product to tint white furniture, which will make them look bright as the first day.

If you want to know how to clean unvarnished wooden doors, white or any other color, perform the same procedure and then use the oil trick, which will nourish it and leave it in perfect condition. If the paint is not in its best condition, the following advice is for you.

How to clean varnish or old paint from a wooden door?
When the doors are in poor condition, with paint or varnish damaged, you can use sandpaper to remove the product. Then you can paint the color you want or use a wood varnish and let it dry.

If you still have doubts about how to clean a wooden door, do not forget to contact team of experts will help you and advise you to have the best results.

The Beginner's Guide to Clean Wooden Kitchen Cabinets

How to clean wooden kitchen cabinets? Kitchen cabinets suffer a lot of wear. Grease, meals debris and dirt can collect and be tough to remove, so it is a great concept to clean your cabinets often and occasionally do an intensive cleaning. Read on to know the best methods to clean wooden cabinets.

Everything you need to know about cleaning kitchen cabinets
Your kitchen is a place where you go frequently, and therefore, one of the most important rooms in the house. Therefore, it is important to keep it clean and tidy. Here are some tricks so that your closets are always impeccable.

Make a homemade solution
To perform a daily cleaning, mix a cup of white vinegar, the best ally to clean at home , with a cup of water. This gentle cleaning solution is perfect for daily use in wooden cabinets. It will not deform the wood or remove the finish. If you don't like cleaning with vinegar, you can use a soap solution. Mix a teaspoon of dish soap with a cup of water. You can also use a commercial home degreaser solution, if you have one. Do not use multipurpose cleaners in your cabinets, they can cause discoloration and deformation.

When you want to perform a deep cleansing, use baking soda. Which simplifies cleaning many times, will prevent the varnish from peeling off. Finish the cleaning with the perfecting your wooden cabinets to make them seem like new.

Clean the outward of the cabinets after cooking
Grease and meals debris can accumulate on closet surfaces on every occasion you cook. Cleaning them will help keep them taken care of. Dip a clean cloth or cleaning cloth in the vinegar solution and rub it over the doors and under the cabinets. Do not let them soak, because moisture can deform the wood. Squeeze the cloth so that it is wet, but does not drip. The smell of vinegar will disappear when the cabinets dry. If the vinegar solution does not work, you may need to buy a degreasing solution for the home.

Dry the cabinets with a cloth to remove all traces of cleaning solution, since the moisture found in the cabinets can cause the wood to deform.

Regularly clean the inside of the cabinets
It is likely that the spices and other foods you store in your cabinets will spill from time to time, so you should clean them every few weeks deeply. Take out everything and clean your cabinets with a mild solution of vinegar or soap. Dry them with a clean towel, then put the whole lot back at the cabinets.

If there is a large amount of spilled food in your cabinets, you may need to invest in good storage containers. The use of glass or metal jars to save spices and dry products protects food from insects and keeps spills to a minimum.

Dust regularly
It is particularly important to remove dust from the outside of  kitchen cabinets regularly, since grease and steam produced during cooking soak the dust on the surfaces, which makes it more difficult to clean the cabinets if done with little frequency.

Use wax to polish the cabinets
A polished cupboard will give your kitchen a warm and bright appearance by highlighting the true character of the wood. The polishes can leave a high or low brightness, so choose the one that suits your preferences and the look of your kitchen.

Remember that to keep your kitchen in perfect condition, in addition to performing daily cleaning, you must give it a deep cleaning at least once a year, not only to make it look good, but to eliminate all potentially dangerous germs and bacteria for your Health and that of your family.

Clean Wood Doors Without Complications

There is no doubt in a house what is most used are the doors, that's why they get so dirty.

Sometimes when we clean we ignore them, so in this post we will tell you how to clean wooden doors.

Keeping these tips in mind you will not forget to clean them when appropriate.

It is a task that must be done regularly to avoid having a bad appearance at home.

If you do so, you will also contribute to extend the life of your doors.

If you have never done so, take advantage of this work on how to clean wood doors.

How to clean wooden doors at home
We are used to going through them every day without paying too much attention.

That is why the doors are usually the big forgotten ones of the general cleaning of our home.

However, if you look closely, we will verify that, over time, they tend to accumulate dust and even embedded dirt.

Follow these cleaning tips so that the doors of your house remain new for longer:

Before starting: in order not to work in vain, it is advisable to follow the same order of cleaning of rooms when cleaning the doors.

There are those who prefer to clean all the doors first, but they are probably faced with the problem that when they go back through each room with the vacuum cleaner or removing the dust, the shift door must be reviewed because it has been stained again in the process.

The first thing we will have to do is remove the dust accumulated on the doors before applying any cleaning product.

Use a lightly moistened microfiber cloth to trap the dust and not spread it, which is what you will get, for example, if you use a duster.

Do not forget the edge of the door as well as the top and bottom.

If lint builds up under the door, use the vacuum cleaner.

If your doors are made of wood, use a specific cleaner to keep them in good condition.

Dilute it in water and dip a microfiber cloth.

Drain it completely and rub the door in the direction of the wood grain.

Dry it with a cloth to brighten the surface.

You can also use an equal mixture of vinegar and olive oil , well removed and pampered on the wood, drawing small circles.

Let all the doors dry for half an hour and shine with a soft dry cloth. The wood will be like new.

For lacquered doors, it is sufficient to use a non-abrasive multipurpose or neutral soap diluted in water with the help of a cotton cloth, and then dry with a clean cloth.

The most important thing with these doors is not to degrade its peculiar surface with products that can erode it.

If you want to remove stains or scratches of paint or dirt that normal soap cannot, try a little alcohol diluted in water and a soft cloth.

If the door in question has glass , apply a specific cleaner, a multipurpose or even ammonia, with a dry cellulose cloth, for a bright result.

Remember to remove the dust previously also from the crystals, with a kitchen paper or a cellulose cloth.

When to clean Except for specific stains, the ideal is to review the doors at least once or twice a month (every fifteen days), within the general cleaning.

How to clean windows and wooden doors

How to clean wooden doors and windows? In this post we will show you how to clean, disinfect and give a new look to windows and wooden doors, using products that we all have in our home.

Do not forget to clean the dust and dirt with a soft cloth that does not scratch the wood before using home remedies.

With ammonia and water
Ammonia is a fundamental product in household cleaning because it is very effective in removing dirt, removing stains and killing bacteria.

However, ammonia can cause the appearance of redness, irritation and burns when in contact with the skin. Hence the importance of lowering it with water before using it and using gloves that protect the hands.

With olive oil and white vinegar
Olive oil is an ingredient that comes from nature and is used to make a multitude of homemade tricks. For home care due, among other things, to its power to hydrate the wood, enhance its shine and improve its appearance.

White vinegar, meanwhile, is an excellent cleanser that will give you the opportunity to remove stains, dirt, germs and bacteria, as it is also rich in antimicrobial properties.

How to clean the wooden doors with homemade products?

A very effective remedy to remove both stains and cracks in the wood is to use petroleum jelly. Its oily compounds allow us to clean while giving shine.

Wood is a product as beautiful as it is delicate.

Therefore, in many occasions home cleaners become the best option , much more than opting for chemicals that will provide the same or worse result and that can damage the wood itself.

With these homemade wood cleaners it won't happen to you, take note of them.

Of course, you should keep in mind that the first thing will be to see what type of furniture is the one that you want to improve and what your want to do with it.

Based on this there are several homemade cleaning formulas that will allow you to see the different results.

1. Nuts to clean the wood
As you hear it, nuts can be a perfect product for cleaning wood.

Thanks to the aqueous liquid they give off, and which is similar to oil, you will be able to give a new look to your furniture and any wooden object.

2. Wine vinegar and olive oil
With two ingredients as simple as wine vinegar and olive oil you can make your wooden furniture look flawless.

This trick is very effective, because the oil is a product that hydrates the wood and the vinegar will help remove the accumulated dirt.

3. Mayonnaise
If what you want is to remove possible stains that have the furniture by the spill of some liquid , it will be enough to spread a little mayonnaise on these.

Wait until the mayonnaise is completely dry, and rub with a cloth until you see it disappear.

4. Cork
In the event that what you want is to eliminate possible marks of glasses you will have to rub on the stain with cork and then clean the area well .

5. Petroleum Jelly
If you see that your wooden furniture is scratched then petroleum jelly may be all you need.

It is recommended both for the annoying stripes and for the cracks that the wood sometimes presents.

You will see how it diminishes almost by magic.

6. Warm water
If what is sought is to remove traces of paint that may have fallen on the wood, then warm water will suffice.

To do this you will have to mix your usual cleaning product with warm water and spread it with a towel.

7. Ammonia
To treat outdoor wooden furniture and try to combat agents such as mold , you will have to mix a little ammonia with half a liter of warm water.

As you have seen in this article, it is not necessary to always use chemical cleaners to clean and care for wooden furniture. Sometimes we have ingredients on hand with which we can do it in a much simpler way, so don't wait any longer to try these tricks.

How to clean wooden doors with home remedies

Would you like to know how to clean the wooden doors using homemade remedies that can be made with products that you keep in your own home?

Then the tricks that we have collected through this post can be of great help, since they are made with vinegar, olive oil or ammonia, ingredients that are usually present in any home because of its multiple uses.

So, if you wonder how to clean the wooden doors with home remedies, continue reading and discover what are the steps you should follow.

How to clean wooden doors with home remedies
Do not forget that, whatever the wooden doors of your house are, it will be essential that, before putting into practice any type of home remedy, remove the accumulated dust using a soft cloth that does not scratch the wood.

Clean wooden doors with ammonia and water
Ammonia is a product widely used in household cleaning because it is fantastic for removing dirt, removing stains and killing bacteria.

However, ammonia can cause the appearance of redness, irritation and burns when in contact with the skin. Hence the importance of lowering it with water before using it and using gloves that protect the hands.

Also, from Home-made tricks we also recommend that you keep the windows of your house open when you go to use ammonia, since this cleaning product gives off a quite strong and intense aroma.

Clean wooden doors with olive oil and white vinegar
Olive oil is an ingredient that comes from nature and is used to make a multitude of homemade tricks for home care due, among other things, to its power to hydrate the wood, enhance its shine and improve its appearance .

The white vinegar , meanwhile, is an excellent cleaner that will give you the opportunity to remove stains , dirt, germs and bacteria, since it is also rich in anti - microbial properties.

How to Clean the Wooden Doors of Your House

We do not realize but the doors are our letter of introduction, our first impression when we invite someone to our home and of course they are the great ones forgotten in the general cleaning of the day to day.

With the passage of time, dirt and dust tend to be embedded in them in a rather disguised way, however, by following these tips you will learn to take care of the doors of your home in an easy and simple way so that they stay clean longer.

How to clean varnished wooden doors
The first thing to do is to remove the dust by passing a microfiber cloth moistened with water. Always rub in the same direction as the streaks.

You can help yourself with the vacuum cleaner to remove the remains of dust from the door shafts and the ends.

Dry the surface with a dry cloth to shine.

You can prepare another mixture of white vinegar with olive oil in equal parts and apply it on the door exercising circular movements.

When the door has dried, use a dry cloth to shine the surface.

Another trick to highlight is the use of ammonia. This product can also be of great help when we refer to door cleaning. Prepare a mixture in a bowl of water with a little ammonia and spread it with a soft cloth.

You can also try oil-based soap , this type of soap is characterized because it is special for the care of wood and helps maintain it.

How to clean lacquered wooden doors
The best way to clean lacquered wooden doors is to use a mild or neutral soap that is not very abrasive and dilute it in water.

If the problem is that the door has scratches or embedded dirt and the neutral soap is not able to remove the dirt, you can try a little alcohol diluted in water and apply it with a soft cloth making circular movements.

Clean the grease of the wooden doors
The kitchen is the place where more fat and dirt accumulates since it is in continuous contact with food, drinks, and ultimately, in contact with fat.

To remove this type of stains it is advisable to maintain a cleaning routine so that when disinfecting the kitchen does not become so heavy. To remove fat, it is best to prepare a mixture of water with ammonia and mild soap.

Bacteria are usually almost always in door handles, especially in the kitchen and bathrooms. Try to perform this type of cleaning on a regular basis, every fifteen days is the most advisable, to disinfect any germs that are in the door handles.

When grease stains are difficult to eradicate, it is best to spread a little talcum powder on the area to be treated and let them act for a while.

It is also convenient to highlight the existence of vegetable solvents that act better when we mix them with chalk . This paste-shaped mixture should only be applied to the spots we find with a soft cloth. This technique usually obtains very satisfactory results.

How to clean unvarnished wooden doors
The first thing we should do is remove the accumulated dust We clean the surface with a cloth dampened with water and dry it with another dry cloth.
To treat wood, it is best to prepare a mixture of water, oil and white vinegar.

Dampen a cloth in the prepared mixture and apply it in the direction of the wood grain.

Let dry for about half an hour.

As a final finish, use a dry cloth to rub and review the entire door.

Remember that the best way to effectively clean the doors of your home is to clean from room to room to prevent soil dust from getting impregnated on the doors while cleaning the floor or furniture.

There are also special products for wood, which we already talked about in the post on How to clean wooden furniture, which you can find on large surfaces without much difficulty. You may also be interested in our post on how to clean blinds in a practical and simple way.