Six Reasons You Can to Clean Carpets and Keep Them Like New

A nice carpet provides a cozy and homely atmosphere. Don't be afraid to clean it when you do the general spring cleaning. Cleaning carpets on your own is quick and easy, in addition, you will save the costs of professional cleaning. In a few steps your carpets will shine again under your feet!

6 steps on how to clean carpets

... to be able to clean a carpet by yourself, you first have to start pragmatically, that is, by vacuuming the carpet.

… If you don't have a professional carpet cleaning machine, you can clean it perfectly with a normal vacuum cleaner. Modern vacuum cleaners have several suction options that allow you to remove even the finest dust.

In third place…
... small dirt on a carpet of long or short hair can be removed perfectly with a normal shampoo. Simply fill a bowl with water and a little shampoo and cover the stain with the mixture.

In fourth place…
… Leave the carpet to soak and remove dirt with water and a soft cloth.

In fifth place…
… Rinse until there is no more foam on the carpet.

By last…
… If the carpet is particularly dirty and you still want to clean it at home, you can also rent a carpet cleaning machine. It is important to have good ventilation to dry the carpets well. Cleaning a carpet can be very easy!

Frequently asked questions about carpet cleaning

We have compiled the most frequently asked questions about carpet cleaning! Keep reading and discover our answers and advice.

How often should I clean my carpet?
Clean wool carpets that are frequently stepped on with a vacuum cleaner at least once a week. Otherwise, dust and dirt will enter the fibers and it will be difficult to remove dirt.

How to remove red wine stains?
The stains of red wine are, unfortunately, quite common and especially on the carpet. To clean or at least reduce those stains, we recommend using salt. To clean the carpet simply put salt on the stain, moisten the area (if the stain is already dry) and rub it from the outside in, this is very important, not the other way around! When everything is dry, repeat the process if it is not completely clean.

How to clean a carpet of long hair?
If the carpet is a long-haired model, we recommend brushing it before vacuuming so you can discover any knot in advance. Repeat these procedures several times a year, so that your long-haired carpet stays fresh for a long time.

The best tips and tricks to clean carpets of different materials

In addition to wool, silk and cotton, natural fibers also include sisal and jute. To protect your carpet from moisture and dirt, it is recommended to use an impregnating spray or a waterproofing spray. However, we advise against this. The spray prevents the natural fiber carpet from retaining moisture and breathing.

If the carpet is made of animal fibers such as wool, do not use soap water! This can cause your carpet to lose its firmness and elasticity. If you have a silk carpet, in this case we recommend you to opt for a professional cleaning.

Tip: the water with vinegar helps the color of the wool carpets shine again, which can refresh the faded colors. To do this, mix vinegar or lemon essence with water in a ratio of 1: 3 and brush a small amount lightly against the carpet. After drying, brush again carefully.

If you have a synthetic fiber carpet , never wash it in the washing machine. The latex layer could dissolve and the carpet could suffer long-term damage.

In addition, it is not advisable to dry the synthetic fiber carpet with electric aids after cleaning it with water. Because these carpets contain chemical fibers, they can melt and lose their shape due to excess heat.

The tricks to clean carpets:

No matter how well you have cleaned the carpet, some stains are simply more complicated. Certain stains on the carpet can be cleaned by yourself. The only important thing is that you check exactly what type of stain it is and look for the best remedy. The good thing is that for carpet cleaning, it is easy to find home remedies.

As sweet as the taste of chocolate is , so bitter are its spots. However, there are some simple remedies that you can use to clean the carpet yourself. Use ice! If you put it on the stain (preferably in a plastic bag), the chocolate will freeze and be easier to remove.

And how to remedy coffee stains? The pleasant afternoon coffee can turn into a nightmare if you drop it on the living room carpet, but quiet, it has a solution. Our secret trick is to use mineral water mixed with yeast: just put the mixture on the stain, moisten and wait. When dry, vacuum everything and the stain will go away with little effort.

If nothing helps: a simple glass cleaner (due to the glycerin it contains) or the familiar traditional bile soap can also help remove many stains. With these simple home remedies you can remove other stains from the carpet in the blink of an eye.

Other important tips
Although there are ready-made carpet cleaners on the market, using salt is often the best and the simplest way to clean the carpet yourself. The salt, slightly moistened, can easily spread on the carpet and thus absorb any type of dirt.

Just wait a few hours or better all night and then vacuum the salt. Ready! You can also do it with carpet cleaning powder.

The most important thing is that you always try these tricks in a corner of the carpet to make sure that the material reacts correctly and thus make sure that you can use that cleaning technique.