How To Buy The Best Pressure Washer? The Ultimate Buying Guide and Analysis of Pressure Washer

Among the cleaning machines that have been incorporated into the home recently, we find the pressure washers that, due to their structure, must have dimensions that do not hinder their storage too much, with a good power motor to be able to have a good water boost, with accessories that allow focusing the flow of liquid to remove dirt more easily and quickly, and with a simple operation by incorporating wheels for movement.

As a result of our inquiry and analysis of offers, the modelIt is possibly the best candidate, because it has a power, an action range, and accessories included that will allow you to effectively remove dirt.

Buying guide - What is the best pressure washer in the market?

To wash your car, your terrace, your garden furniture or any other, a pressure washer is a fundamental tool because it allows you to save time and money.

And so that you save even more money and take better advantage of your purchase, we present our guide to buy the best pressure washer according to your needs with which you will be able to know what you should look for before paying.

The power

Since a pressure washer works precisely with pressurized water, engine power is a key element. And it is key because, depending on the power of the engine, the pressure washer will work with a higher or lower water pressure level and with a more or less abundant flow. These two elements, pressure and flow, are what establish what type of work you will be able to perform with the machine, so that a pressure washer that you only need to clean the car is not the same as another one that you are going to use to clean walls or terraces, which needs more power.

That is why it is important that you are clear about the use that you are going to give to your machine before buying it and that you check the different pressures and flows within that comparative of pressure washers that you will make before opting for a specific model.

The autonomy

It is important that, regardless of size and weight, the machine is easy to move and move. At this point, it is true that petrol pressure washers offer complete mobility and autonomy, as they do not depend on a cable, but it is also true that we have the disadvantages of odors and fuel handling.

For this reason and because an electric pressure washer is generally cheaper, the possibility of plugging it in is usually the consumer's preferred option. In any case, it is necessary that you choose a model whose cable and hose extension allows you to move comfortably when using the pressure washer and that does not cut you when you move.

This also helps the design of the machine, which must have wheels to move it, in larger models, or of a tight size with easy-to-carry handle for smaller models.


When cleaning it is necessary to use different accessories and parts depending on what you need. It is not the same to clean the dirt of the car than the pool and that is why we need different accessories that, if they are already included with your pressure washer, will make the purchase cheaper and make the most of the price of it. Among these accessories is the telescopic lance, which helps you to clean at a long distance and access to complex corners or the concentrated outlet, which further increases the pressure and allows you to remove the most embedded dirt in a simple way.

Other accessories that are also very practical are the different brushes that we can use for different types of existing dirt. The lighter, stronger and easier to assemble, these accessories are always much better.

The Best Pressure Washers - Reviews

If you have had to clean the pool, remove the moss from walls or floors of the garden or wash the driveway of the garage, surely you have already thought about acquiring a high-pressure machine to facilitate these tasks. Check the advantages of these models and choose the most appropriate to your needs and pocket.

Cecotec HidroBoost 1600 Car and Bike Compact pressure washer

Main Advantage:
Among the pressure washers on the market, this model stands out for the power of its engine, capable of offering 1600 watts to remove dirt, even that which is embedded. In addition, it is complemented by a HardPump aluminum pump, brush and soap bottle.

Main Disadvantage:
The manual could explain in more detail some aspects, which may cause some users to have to find more information regarding the model on the official website and online tutorials.

Verdict: 9.9 / 10
By offering a good value for money, this model is a good option to get a device to facilitate cleaning of various areas without wasting water.


Engine and efficiency
Among the companies that have expanded their catalog of appliances, we can count on CECOTEC, an aspect in which it has worked in order to meet the needs of users who increasingly need more specific products to efficiently carry out their household chores. On this occasion he presents his HidroBoost 1600 Car & Bike pressure washer model, with which he seeks to help you leave different types of surfaces free of dirt, such as rugs, floors and, of course, your car and your bicycle.

To get rid of the remains of dust, grease and others, the device has been designed with an engine that can generate a flow of up to 426 l / h, which is achieved thanks to its power of 1600 watts, so that your work Cleaning will not take too long. In addition, you will not have to get too close, since its range of action is 14 meters, so you have the ease of moving without losing the objective of cleaning.

Complements and functions
Each surface to clean involves different levels of complexity, so it is convenient to have on hand the accessories to rub or apply cleaning products that will help remove dirt. This is properly covered in the set of this pressure washer, since the purchase includes a turbo nozzle that will allow you to work on difficult surfaces, a brush, specially designed so that the tires of your car are clean without damaging them and a bottle to apply soap .

Another important point in the use of pressure washers is to keep the system free of impurities, as they can obstruct the passage of water through the pipes and damage the engine by forcing it to work. To avoid these inconveniences, a filter is also included to place in the water inlet.

On the other hand, you should know that you can use this pressure washer even with hot water at 50 ° C, to further enhance its effectiveness and release dirt that resists washing with cold water.

Design and ergonomics
Because the cleaning work with a pressure washer means that you can easily move from one place to another and hold the lances to direct the flow to the place you need, it is convenient to review the characteristics of the model and evaluate whether it will be simple or not.

In the case of the Cecotec pressure washer, this is not a problem, since thanks to its handle, you can move the device to where you need it, on the other hand, it includes wheels that make this work easier, because you will not necessarily have to load the appliance In addition, its 8 m hose can provide you with the comfort to move with great freedom to where you need it.

On the other hand, it should be added that the spear has an easy-to-activate trigger handle and a length that will make it easy to hold with both hands to direct the flow precisely where you need it without getting too tired.

Silverline 101389 Pressure washer 1400 W

Main Advantage:
The power produces enough pressure and water flow to perform, comfortably and effectively, all household cleaning tasks.

Main Disadvantage:
According to the appreciation of some users, the weight of 18 Kg can be inconvenient, although it has large wheels for easy movement.

Verdict: 9.5 / 10
The Silverline 101389 is an excellent choice between the good and cheap models of the market, since it has enough power and accessories to perform the cleaning tasks at home.

Main Features Explained

Power is a key element in pressure washers , which is directly related to the performance of these practical cleaning devices, since it defines the pressure and force of the flow generated. Knowing these parameters gives you an idea of the work you can do, what kind of surfaces you can clean and the time it will take you to do it.

In this sense, the Silverline 101389 has a power of 1400 W, which allows it to develop a pressure between 90 and 135 bar with an operating flow between 5.8 and 7.2 liters per minute, and needs a supply pressure between 0.1 and maximum 4 bar, to work properly.

You will be able to carry out most of the household cleaning work, such as car, motorcycle or bicycle washing; cleaning of furniture or garden tools; washing of terraces, walls and facades, to name only the most common applications.

Easy to use
A pressure washer takes water and drives it, through a pump, directly to a hose, and a gun or nozzle opens and closes the passage of water, turning the pressure into speed. In this way, clean, effective and fast, great variety of surfaces, achieving a great saving of water and time during its use.

To use the 101389 model of the renowned Silverline brand you just have to connect it to the water supply and press the power switch. For maximum control and efficient cleaning, hold the lance at a 45º angle to the surface you want to clean.

Using the nozzle and spray setting you can also adjust the water jet, from a fine jet to an amplitude of 60 °, to achieve the most convenient pattern, and also block the outlet when necessary.

The Silverline 101389 can enhance its use through different accessories, for which it includes a lance and a 5 m hose, which allow you to move around the worked surface and reach the entire area comfortably; an adjustable nozzle to achieve different spray patterns and be able to adjust it to different applications, and a detergent dispenser, very easy to fill, in which you can place different cleaning products, as you go to clean wood, plastic or metal, to remove more easily dirt from each surface, although not always necessary.

For use anywhere, it includes a Schuko type connector and a BS plug adapter. For your peace of mind, and protection of the equipment, it has a thermal device against overheating, which stops the pump if necessary, to restart it once it has cooled down.

Kärcher 1,673-159.0 K2 Basic High pressure washer

Another of the world leaders as manufacturers of cleaning equipment is the German brand Kärcher and the K 2 Basic model is another example of the best cheap pressure washers we have selected for you today.

This high-pressure cleaner is characterized by its flexibility and easy handling and has been designed for eventual work of deep cleaning in slabs or garden furniture, exterior cleaning of the car or bicycles, or washing of garbage deposits.

It is equipped with a 3 m long high pressure hose and a high pressure gun with turbo nozzle that provides a powerful rotating jet with a flow of 360 l / h under a pressure of 110 bar.

It has a connection adapter for 3/4 ″ irrigation hoses, an integrated water filter that protects the pump against dirt particles and a mechanism for the use of detergents.

If your search is geared towards cheaper high pressure cleaners, this insurance option will interest you. This is the Kärcher K 2 BASIC, and then we show you its pros and cons.

Main Advantage:
The main advantage that we can find associated with the Kärcher K 2 BASIC pressure washer model is the enormous power contained in this compact model with which you can perform daily actions such as washing the car and removing inlays from floors and walls with great ease.

Main Disadvantage:
There really aren't too many disadvantages associated with the  Kärcher K 2 BASIC; although we do find that some users isolated on the web commenting that certain models present problems since water leaks through the rubber gaskets.

Verdict: 9/10
From we recommend the purchase of the Kärcher K 2 BASIC model for being a product endorsed by one of the best brands of vacuum cleaners and pressure washers in the market. It is difficult for you to find another item at a similar price and with the same level of quality.

Main Features Explained

The first characteristic that we want to analyze in the Kärcher K 2 BASIC pressure washer model are those aspects linked to the product design properties.

We have a pressure washer model with the characteristic colors of the Kärcher brand, so yellow and black are always predominant in combination. The general dimensions of this equipment correspond to the measurements of a compact design with 16.6 cm in width, 28 cm in depth and 44.3 cm in height, we have a pressure washer model that is characterized by its flexibility and mobility. The weight of the product only helps to strengthen these characteristics since it does not exceed 4 kg of total weight.

Regardless of how important it is for us as consumers to look for attractive and functional designs, the truth is that, when looking for the best pressure washer in the market, it is very important to look at those aspects linked to the power of the product. It is no use taking an attractive and completely useless item home

All our faithful readers will be glad to know that this article meets the characteristics of the Kärcher brand and much more; In the first use you will notice that its compact design is not an excuse because when it comes to cleaning effectively it meets the same as the big ones.

It is a small high pressure cleaner whose performance is approximately 20 m² / hour and whose water flow is 360 l / hour.

Another aspect that consumers look at permanently when looking for a good pressure washer are the accessories or complements that the developers of each particular model have bothered to add. Many times it is these accessories that make the difference between the product we take home and the product that stays in the store.

With the Kärcher K 2 BASIC model you will have in your hands a product that contains a variety of accessories designed to make both the use of this article and cleaning in general much simpler. For example, we include a high pressure gun, a long-length hose with up to 3 m in total, we also have a rotating nozzle especially useful for removing stubborn or old dirt.

Bosch High Pressure Washer AQT 45-14 X

Main Advantage:
The main advantage of this model, reviewed by most users through the web, is its extraordinary power, considering its compact size. It has a capacity of 140 bars of pressure, and a power of 2100 watts, which guarantees a powerful and powerful water flow, which will allow you to descale and remove dirt and dust quickly and with the least effort, without need to scrub or use hazardous chemicals, and on a wide variety of surfaces in your home, workshop or business.

Main Disadvantage:
The only criticism made by some users towards this model is that it is a bit heavier than the previous models of brand pressure washers. However, when making a comparison, this aspect does not represent a major problem since it has practical wheels to mobilize it. Therefore, as long as it does not require to be used at heights or up stairs, the weight is a secondary aspect.

Verdict: 9.7 / 10
Because of its size-to-power ratio, it is a product not only practical, but also efficient, with many points in favor if we compare it with other similar models.

Main Features Explained

Pressure washing machines or pressure washers are very useful equipment in the home, which allow a more efficient, powerful and practical washing of cars, terraces, furniture, garages, among many other uses. As we can see, among the main features of these devices is power.

The excellent power of this model makes it stand out from other pressure washers in its class. It has a maximum pressure capacity of 140 bars, in addition to a total engine power of 2100 watts, which gives it great cleaning power, even to clean moss and mold embedded in floors and tiles, in addition to providing a water flow powerful and wide-ranging, which gives it versatility and allows you to clean hard-to-reach areas such as roofs, roofs, walls. It is definitely a team that offers excellent performance and great efficiency in its performance.

Another aspect that makes this model stand out in any comparator of pressure washers is its great versatility, since it allows you to clean almost any surface of your home, from floors and tiles, through walls and even ceilings, terraces and roofs. Thanks to its hose of 8 meters length you can even use it in ample spaces such as farms and workshops, or for greater comfort in car washing, whatever its size.

It also includes a metal gun that can be rotated to change the angle of the water jet, and an additional lance for cleaning yards, with a 550 ml detergent tank.

It is a very compact model, with dimensions of 37x33x75 cm, which allows you to store it more easily in your closet or garage. In addition, all accessories, including the lance, hose and gun are conveniently stored inside compartments in the machine, so it does not represent an additional use of space. It also includes a pair of wheels so you can easily move it while you do your work with it, with the additional help of its telescopic handle.

Skil F0150760AA Pressure washer 0760AA

Among the best pressure washers, we find this compact and lightweight pressure washer that has great mobility thanks to 5 meters of cable and 5 m of hose and a long lance (1 m) with two position spray adjustment.

It works with a power of 1400 W and a maximum pressure of 100 bar to provide a maximum flow of 300 l / h with a maximum water inlet temperature of 40 ° C, offering good power and pressure in deep household cleaning applications.

The pump is completely made of resistant aluminum to ensure a long service life. It has an ergonomic design for easy storage thanks to its Easy Storage system, rail with 2 fastening tapes, which can be extended to become an advantageous storage system, suitable for hooking up other garden maintenance products.

Main Advantage:
This equipment presents a great ease of mobility in wide spaces, since it is equipped with a long hose that reaches 5 meters in length and a lance of 1 meter, thus providing maximum comfort.

Main Disadvantage:
Taking into account the experience of some users, the maximum pressure of 100 bars that this tool has is a bit deficient, this in the performance of some tasks.

Verdict: 9/10
It is a team of robust and ergonomic design that has 1400W of electrical power, the length of its wiring and even the lance are designed to have no problem with mobility, also includes a trigger gun and tank for the Detergent.

Main Features Explained

One of the aspects to consider in the choice of a model of the range of pressure washers is the mobility that it can have, coming into play factors such as weight, equipment dimensions and even wiring, thus limiting the industriousness of the users. In the case of this device it has an operating range of 11 meters, which is distributed by means of a 1 meter lance, cable and hose of 5 meters respectively, offering those who use it in total comfort at the time of cleaning. In addition to this, it incorporates a pump made of aluminum, being then a team of just 4.5 kilograms, whose extensions range in 49.6 x 27.2 x 21 centimeters, which position it as a light, compact and highly durable machine.

When it comes to pressure washers, it is important to know that the power added to the output flow they provide will determine the usefulness that we can give the equipment, based on the fact that it will never be the same, for example, cleaning a car , that of a rustic floor with cracks and sand, since obviously in the second case a much greater force of exit will be needed to successfully complete the task. Speaking then of this equipment, its 1400W power should be highlighted together with a maximum flow of 300 l / h, the same provided thanks to its 100 bar of pressure, all this together with a water inlet whose temperature reaches 40 ° C , components that make it a suitable equipment to use both in depth and in domestic space.

The importance of accessories in pressure washersis that through them you can achieve better performance of the equipment in terms of versatility of use to clean. When reviewing the components that this model incorporates, we find elements such as the trigger gun, which allows focusing the pressure output at short or long distances to a specific point, thus achieving access to complicated corners. It also includes a garden hose connection, which adequately regulates the flow of water, practical storage fastening tapes and an adaptable container for detergent storage. They are easy to assemble, lightweight and made of a totally resistant material, guaranteeing the best range of dirt at the same time as a long service life of the equipment and its accessories.

Bosch High Pressure Washer AQT 35-12

Another option as the best Bosch pressure washer is this AQT 35-12 model that works with 1500 W of electrical power and a pressure of 120 bar to generate a water flow of 350 l / h at a maximum temperature of 40 ° C.

It has a nozzle 3 in 1, for high pressure, rotary and low pressure for the option of lathering, which guarantees you an appropriate performance in every application. It includes a high pressure gun with an easy-grip Easy Fold grip for comfortable handling, turning your tedious cleaning job into a pleasant and exhausting job.

It has a practical integrated space to properly store accessories, solid wheels and folding handle to facilitate mobility and be able to store it in smaller spaces.

It has an automatic stop system Autostopp, which allows you to provide power only when necessary to help reduce energy consumption.

In case you prefer to choose according to the price, know this alternative, which is recommended as the best pressure washer.

How to use a pressure washer

A pressure washer is a machine created with a new system that uses high pressure water jets to clean different surfaces and places. These devices have recently arrived on the market to revolutionize it, because they are not only experts in terms of cleaning, but because they include ingenious functions for garden lovers and almost anywhere in your home.

In the first instance you will find the electric models that are easy to handle; you just have to connect them to the nearest outlet and start using them. On the other hand, there are those that run on gasoline that must be handled by more professional personnel, because they require greater care and maintenance. The latter are usually more difficult to handle and generate more noise.

Before you start using your pressure washer, make sure you have the right clothes and shoes for it. It is recommended to have safety glasses and rubber boots for better protection of your feet. If you don't have boots, you can wear any footwear with a rubber sole to avoid slipping or falling on wet surfaces. As for clothing, you should wear long pants and long-sleeved shirts to protect yourself from debris and flying dirt.

You must bear in mind that the pressure washers work with a pressurized water system. Therefore, be very clear about the use that you are going to give it and take into account elements such as the engine, the pressure and the flow of your equipment, since they will depend a lot if you can adjust these characteristics to clean your car and / or motorcycle or if you can clean surfaces and walls that require greater power.

Regardless of the dimensions and weight that your equipment may have, the ideal is that it is easy to move and handle for you. Related to this, those that work with gasoline are easy to mobilize, because they do not have extensive cables, but you must live with the handling of the fuel and the odors they generate. On the contrary, there are users who feel more comfortable with the plug system offered by those that work electrically.

Previous preparation
Remember to protect or ward off objects and plants that may be within reach of the water jet of your pressure washer; You will not want to damage them or break them by not taking this precaution. If your equipment runs on gasoline you must have the fuel supply near you; in the case of the electric ones you must have a close and adequate outlet. Before using any detergent, it would be ideal to read the recommendations in the manufacturer's manual.

You must position the spray tip at a distance of approximately 0.6 cm from the surface you wish to clean and you can gradually approach its tip. It is advisable to place the nozzle at an angle of 45 degrees with respect to the surface to remove the dirt that is emerging. Remember to move the sprayer gradually to the sides. Also, do not spray the same place for a long time to avoid damaging the surface you are cleaning.

The most popular brands

When it comes to pressure washers, the choice can become a bit complicated, because they are equipment that not all people use, that is why we made the collection of the 3 best brands internationally, according to what the buyers point out, to A better selection process.

1. The Karcher Group is based in Winnenden, Germany and was founded in 1935 and is now the world market leader in cleaning technology and currently employs more than 10,000 people worldwide. This brand is one of the leading manufacturers in commercial, industrial and consumer cleaning equipment in North America.

The brand is one of the largest companies in the Karcher Group with more than 1,150 employees in eight locations including four manufacturing facilities. In North America, Karcher is producing and distributing products and services such as hot and cold water pressure washers, in its extensive line of the Karcher line it includes more than 100 different industrial and commercial pressure washers.

It should be noted that the brand demonstrates commercial and industrial quality in floor cleaning equipment and offers innovative features for cleaning solutions. Karcher's dry ice wash and clean water treatment systems offer unique cleaning alternatives in a wide variety of applications.

2. In 1886, the Bosch brand was founded by Robert Bosch who created a precision mechanics and electrical engineering workshop in Stuttgart. This was the beginning of the company Robert Bosch GmbH. The global Bosch brand is synonymous with economical, safe, precise and efficient drive and control technology. Likewise, the brand enjoys a robust manufacturing system where new elements are frequently added for the optimization of each procedure.

The sharing of experience and the development of machinery engineering and factory automation processes has led customers to have the comfort to choose different types of products made of solid materials that give the articles a long period of useful life.

Similarly, the brand offers high quality solutions for cooling, heating and ventilation systems, which covers the commercial sector from private homes. So, if you expect to find a professional pressure washer, you just have to check some of the models that this brand has in its catalog and decide if it fits your needs.

3. The Lavorwash Group has been a world leader in the production of cleaning machines since 1975 and offers a wide and diversified range of products for home and professional use. Lavorwash is headquartered in Italy, in the province of Mantua, in addition to branches in various countries of the world such as France, United Kingdom, Spain, Poland, Brazil and China and several manufacturing plants in Italy and abroad, in particular, in Italy, in Pegognaga for the production of pressure washers for domestic and household appliances and industrial and professional cleaning systems, in Milan, for the production of domestic vacuum cleaners, in Brazil, for the production of pressure washers and vacuum cleaners for the market from South America, and in China, for the production of hobby high pressure washers.

The great determination and dedication to the company as part of the property, led to the creation of a varied range of products that covers all areas of cleaning of the hobby industry with pressure washers and vacuum cleaners of professional range with other equipment such as sweepers, scrubbers, steam generators and single disc machines. Best of all, these devices are made with the toughest materials that are of quality, and that allow you to give the product an elegant appearance.

Pressure washer for terrace cleaning

The terrace is the favorite place of many during the hot seasons and since it is a place exposed to the weather, it is difficult to keep it always impeccable. The soil present in most terraces usually offers rustic materials and highly resistant to weather events; These materials can be cooked clay, cement, stone, bricks, tiles, among others. Therefore, removing dirt from these floors is not an easy task.

We all know the power limits of a conventional garden hose, especially when it comes to shedding moss strongly attached to the floor and to the terrace walls, as well as dust or mud. While with the different pressure levels and the powerful outlet of the water jet offered by the pressure washers, the cleaning is deeper, much easier and faster. Some models do not even need the use of chemical substances; others on the other hand, complement the cleaning with some good quality detergent.

Pressure washer for cleaning trucks

The pressure washer is a machine that has become very popular in places where they wash vehicles professionally; It is also preferred in many mechanical workshops, as it facilitates the ability to remove the grease present in some parts before proceeding to repair. With this powerful tool you can easily clean any type of car, from an SUV, to motor homes and trucks; ensuring optimal results and in a short time.

Thanks to the water pressure offered by this machine, the cleaning task is greatly facilitated. In addition, today's modern models give you different accessories, especially designed to leave any truck, regardless of the level of dirt, in perfect condition.

With the high pressure jet, thick dirt is removed and the different nozzles are recommended for complete cleaning. They also offer different brushes for better results, which are powered by water force. They are used with some good detergent and are suitable for washing buses, trailers and trucks.

Window washer

Pressure washers are ideal for keeping windows clean. In these places large amounts of dust are usually deposited, which over time adheres to the frames and crystals, making cleaning a strenuous task. Likewise, the grease attached to the windows is very difficult to remove, especially if you don't have a good detergent.

With a glass washer, window cleaning is a simple and quick task. These machines have wheels that facilitate the movement of the device in a comfortable way, so you can move the tool from one place to another, without any problem; You only need a power outlet nearby (depending on the length of the cable). Some models also have a detergent tank, which together with the powerful water jet, ensures clean windows and windows in a short time.

Unblocking pressure washer

This versatile tool also offers efficient models that allow it to be used to efficiently unblock clogged pipes. For this, the market has specially equipped products with a special accessory in the form of a large hose, which offers several meters in length and a nozzle.

It is convenient that you carefully introduce the hose into the pipe, usually it is marked with some signaling that indicates the progress inside the pipe. Once near the obstacle you must turn on the machine and with the high pressure jet facing the jam, you will see that in a short time the pipe is released from the obstruction.

Tips for maintaining the pressure washer

To prolong the life of your pressure washer, it is advisable to take into account some recommendations for maintenance. First, always check that the water supply that supplies the machine has sufficient flow so that it does not take air and causes a lack of pressure and a malfunction. Similarly, there should be no excess pressure, as it could cause problems. It is also necessary that you have a stopcock, to open when the appliance is on and to close when you turn off the engine.

When storing, it is important that the outlet hose is completely discharged and without pressure. In the case that it is winter season, it is convenient that you protect the tool in a dry and safe place, to avoid freezing and possible breaks in its pipes and hoses. Similarly, you should check the water filter and avoid calcifications by cleaning it periodically; You should also change the pump oil as established in the user manual.