How Can I Keep My Office Clean?

Although it may seem obvious to those who are accustomed to performing household chores, maintaining work spaces in adequate order and hygiene conditions, or a clean office, is a job that requires proper planning using professional actions.

We will provide you with a list of good tips that can help you when supervising the cleaning of facilities if you are in charge of this task, and you really want to take advantage of the investment disbursed in the maintenance of this service to the Time to have your office clean.

Keys to keep the office clean

Assignment organization.
The systematization procedures and the choice of personnel are fundamental aspects in any area of activity, and also in cleaning companies, because with this, we achieve an orderly and systematic execution of the work that results in continuous maintenance and good maintenance. Quality of service provided.

Surface cleaning by nature
The first action to achieve a clean office is to perform a complete inventory of many objects and surfaces to be maintained, so that nothing escapes within the cleaning calendar, and you can determine how to execute each job with machinery, products and suitable employees, also establishing the periodicity of each service.

Before starting the cleaning tasks, it is also very important to check the initial state of each type of surface to avoid major deterioration and correct damages in your case.

Set schedules
To give the highest quality of service and start with the most impeccable aspect of a clean office every day, the tasks should be carried out preferably after the activity day, or with enough prior to its start, so that everything is collected and perfect at opening time.

The cleaning services in facilities where other types of business or production activities are developed can not interfere with these, for functional reasons because we have to give priority to the development of the tasks of each company without impeding or interfering with employees, managers or customers.

So when planning services to get a clean office, take into account the times in which there will be no transit, to avoid the possibility that offices or rooms are left without cleaning because they are busy, or the cleaners waste their time waiting for Be able to do your job.

Planning of necessary tools, machinery, products and operators
The study of surfaces serves precisely to plan everything that will needed to keep each office clean, depending on the spatial dimensions, and types of floor materials, screens, furniture, and other equipment.

Among the materials and machinery of conventional used to keep a clean office are:

Mops and spare parts

Mochas and mop sticks

Microfiber wipes

Cleaning trolleys

Dusters, cloths, sponges, scourers and brushes

Telescopic handles and stairs

Refillable sprayers for cleaning solutions

Glass cleaner kit with glass racket, erased lips and scrapers

Barrens and buckets


Industrial vacuum cleaners

Floor polishers

Injection and extraction machinery for carpet and upholstery cleaning

Waxes and cleaning and disinfection products

Spare parts of hygienic consumables such as paper, soap, air fresheners and garbage bags

As for the number of operators, working times and periodicity to maintain a clean office , it will depend on the dimensions of the facilities, although the minimum may be one person to perform daily maintenance, and a glass maker who comes once a week for window cleaning.

Periodicity by type of tasks
To maintain a clean office, it is necessary to perform a series of daily tasks such as:

Emptying bins

Cleaning of dust , fingerprints and stains on work tables, horizontal surfaces, seats, frames, and other elements.

Daily sweeping and scrubbing of ceramic, porcelain, sintasol and other synthetic compositions.

Daily vacuuming of carpeted floors.

Disinfection and cleaning of toilets.

Timely review of maintenance of other surfaces that need it, avoiding the formation of lint and cobwebs, crank tracks or mirrors and glass.

Other types of tasks are performed with a higher frequency such as the cleaning of glass that can be done completely once a week, or the cleaning of tiled toilets, or review of doors.

With a lower frequency it is necessary to carry out a general cleaning , including walls, ceilings, and washing of carpets, which is usually made to coincide with rest dates in the activity on a semi-annual or annual basis.

For some types of floors to recover their initial appearance, it may also be advisable to polish and wax or polish, or sanding and varnishing from time to time.

Who is responsible for cleaning an office
The image of your business is essential, but it is also very important to take into account the confidentiality of your activities, and avoid all kinds of problems arising from a bad choice of office cleaning services.

In this sense it is advisable to always choose to clean companies with experience in the sector because with them you will guarantee:

A service that really takes care of all the surfaces and equipment of the offices, keeping the office clean in the most efficient way .

A guaranteed discretion, and an entity that assumes responsibility for possible but unlikely bad practices or abuses of its employees.

An uninterrupted service for absences and casualties of the cleaners, with immediate replacements if necessary to ensure a clean office on an ongoing basis.

A perfectly trained staff that will work legally, and that you will not have to worry about at work level .

An office cleaning protocol that will save you dedication, so you can focus exclusively on your activities.

Really entrusting office cleaning services to specialized companies like ours, in addition to saving time and headaches, balances the cost thanks to the savings in products and machinery that you will not have to pay.