80 Reasons Dry Carpet and Carpet Cleaning Will Change the Way You Think About Everything

For carpet cleaning, we use a fast and efficient method without water or foam suitable for all kinds of fabrics.

Therefore we do not use the usual injection-extraction systems or with dry foam that wet the hair of carpets and carpets and retain moisture, sometimes causing mold and unpleasant humidity in the environment.

In addition, when the carpet is not cleaned dry, it is necessary to wait 24 to 48 hours for its complete drying, with the inconvenience and economic losses that this entails.

The method we use dry cleaning is done with the best machine cleaning  professional  carpet  and  rugs that exists today.

The equipment has exclusive brushes that rotate in opposite directions to lift the hair from the carpet and remove the dirt and a powerful vacuum system that easily removes the products used in the cleaning process that drag dirt.

Why is it better to clean carpets and dry carpets?

A clean and well-maintained carpet or carpet gives a very favorable image of the entire installation. But sometimes, cleaning them is postponed to prevent the area from being out of service for an important period of time.

The advantage of dry carpet cleaning is that this type of task can be done at any time. In this way, the aspiration, the lifting of the hair, the removal of stains, the cleaning of areas of passage and the cleaning in general, can be done any day of the year at any time.

Therefore, as the system uses minimal amounts of moisture, drying is immediate and allows you to step on immediately after cleaning, contributing to significant economic savings since it is not necessary to close the facilities for its realization.

The dry cleaner contains a balanced combination of water, detergents and wetting agents.

As the cleaner brushes, the absorbent particles deeply clean the carpet by dissolving, trapping and removing stains, spills and all kinds of dirt.

After vacuuming the carpet is clean, dry and ready for immediate use.

Our system is ideal for cleaning carpets in offices, hotel carpets, cinemas and theaters and in general any place that does not want to close its facilities for cleaning.

We only do the carpet cleaning in Madrid, we do not move outside the community.

Advantages of carpet and dry carpet cleaning

The cleaning of your carpet, does not require the closing of the installation or the temporary blocking of the same

It is completely dry, without detergent or foam, so it can be stepped on immediately after finishing.

It does not wet the hair or the base of the carpet which rules out the appearance of fungi.

It does not generate humidity in the environment or bad odors.

It is not toxic, does not produce allergies or irritation on contact.

There is no deterioration of the carpet base by moisture.

It does not cause carpet deterioration or shrinkage.

It leaves no detergent residue as in the injection injection systems.

Catch and dissolve dirt and stains, leaving the carpet clean as the first day.

It can be used on any type of carpet or carpet.

It is also perfect for cleaning carpets and vinyl carpets.