Everything You Need to Know About the Conservation and Cleaning of Green Areas

The maintenance of conservation and  cleaning of green areas  is usually a task that must be outsourced both at the public level, as in gardens and parks of urbanizations, outdoor spaces of business environments, hospitals or schools, entrusting the care to expert and professional companies.

The  cleaning of green areas requires not only a workforce with sufficient training and experience, but also adequate resources that favor efficiency in the conservation of these spaces in a sustainable manner over time, and safely.

In  this article we work by implementing conservation and  cleaning programs of green areas, tailored to the needs that exist in each place, to enhance the beauty of each type of space, and achieve its longest maintenance.

Bet on a  cleaning company with a long history in the sector , in which the satisfaction of our large client portfolio is our best guarantee, when trusting your interior maintenance services and natural outdoor spaces.

What types of environments are included in the conservation and cleaning of green areas?

The  cleaning companies specializing in maintenance and cleaning of green areas cover the care of a large number of facilities such as:

The  cleaning and maintenance of gardens in public institutions such as hospitals, schools, and institutional centers.

The  cleaning and conservation of parks and gardens in common areas of urbanizations, neighborhood communities, villas, private villas and hotel and commercial complexes.

The removal and  management of solid waste and organic waste .
The care and  cleaning of parks, green areas located on public roads and gardens.

The maintenance and  cleaning of green areas in sports facilities such as grass courts, soccer fields, swimming pool environments, golf courses, and equestrian clubs, among others.

What activities and work are usually included in the conservation and  cleaning of green areas?

As we have commented previously, the maintenance and  cleaning of green areas must be carried out by a competent team that has the specific training for each task of cleaning, gardening and special services.

Cleaning of leaves and waste in parks and gardens with grass, land and paved areas

Among the most basic maintenance tasks in any space of this type, is the  cleaning of leaves, papers, cigarette butts or any other soil of soil, grass areas, and paved or paved roads.

In spaces of small dimensions on grass, and earth is cleaned with manual tooling, while in larger spaces, blowers of different powers are usually used, using manual elements also for sweeping pavements in small spaces.

After the removal of remains, in paved areas, the cleaning of dust with water drag, with hydro cleaners or hoses, is complemented, while manned  scrubber sweepers are used in larger vials .

Gardening works for the maintenance of green areas

In addition to the periodic  cleaning of green areas , to achieve a sustained maintenance over time, it is necessary to perform the appropriate gardening work at each seasonal moment, and type of vegetation.

Among the most basic and usual  care of green areas are:

The weeding necessary to improve the quality of the land, together with the corresponding fertilizer before and during the flowering season, is an essential part in the  care of gardens and green areas.

Irrigation management, and the revision, conservation and reprogramming of automatic installations.

Lawn mowing and waste collection.

Phytosanitary treatment and pest control management.

The replacement of grass, and shrubs or floral species, when necessary
Pruning and collection of remains.

The creation of composting from plant waste.

The  cleaning and maintenance of waste bins and containers.

The  cleaning  of ornamental elements such as fountains, street lamps and outdoor furniture.

Principles and objectives to achieve in the conservation and cleaning of  parks and green areas

We are absolutely committed to the environment and in constant search and development of procedures that allow us to carry out more and more our activities with the lowest cost for nature.

Therefore, among our principles is to achieve the highest efficiency in each of our  cleaning and maintenance services, using the most appropriate means to avoid environmental deterioration and pollution.

In this way, we carry out projects based on the dimensions of the spaces in which we are going to work, identifying which irrigation elements are more appropriate, which cleaning procedures are healthier for the environment, and what type of ecological fertilizer to apply, because we know and we respect the environmental regulations.

Our team is in continuous training to apply the most appropriate and advanced procedures in the care and  cleaning of green areas.

This means that a knowledge of the regulations on environmental care and  protection, together with the application of the corresponding occupational risk prevention measures in their daily work, with adequate equipment for their personal protection and informative signage provided by our company.

In addition, we have professionals from different trades trained in the maintenance of outdoor and urban furniture, and ornamental elements such as ponds or fountains.