What is the function of a gasoline filter? The fuel filter of a car, what is it and what is its function?

The function of the fuel filter in engines that run on gasoline is different from those that do with diesel . However, in either case it acts as a barrier for impurities to reach the injection circuit, the pressure pump, the injectors or the power circuit.

What is the fuel filter and how does it work?

To understand what a car's fuel filter is and what its functions are, we will focus on the fact that this element prevents fuel impurities from reaching the engine in the case of gasoline vehicles, while if it is a diesel vehicle, its main The function will be to eliminate moisture and prevent corrosion of the metal elements of the motor. In both cases we can define a clear objective: to ensure the proper functioning of the engine .

Thus, we will say that the fuel filter is an element of vital importance since it will also help us to extend the life of our engine while it is in good condition, so it will be essential to check from time to time that it is not clogged , If so, serious failures could occur in the injectors, in the high pressure pump or in any of the elements of the injection system.

In the old vehicles the fuel filter was presented as a rigid part located inside a metal cavity whose entry and exit was made by means of pipes. This type of fuel filter is still maintained on certain gasoline-powered models.

At present, the fuel filter is usually located in a sealed container or cavity which contains an opening that houses the filter element inside , which is easily accessible, thus making it easier to replace.