Water extractor pump: how to choose the ideal?

When we need to empty a volume of water, shrink contained water or carry out some type of transfer, it is very practical to have a water pump . Of course, we must choose the ideal pump for the type of task to be performed. Do you know how to choose the ideal water pump ? Here are some keys to guide you in your decision.

Water pump

The water pump is a pumping tool that is used to move different types of fluid such as water, dirty water, wine ... The classification we can make of this machinery is based on the force or energy that drives it. Remember that, as we mentioned in this section of the blog about manual water pumps , its use can be domestic or industrial, which is what will interest us here.

Types of extractor pumps

  • The water pump must be chosen according to:
  • The type of water you are going to work with: clean water or dirty or wastewater.
  • The flow that has to be managed. That is, you will need more power at a higher flow rate.
  • The place where it has to be located. You have to ask yourself if you need an immersion or lifting pump. An immersion pump is immersed in the liquid to be moved, instead a lifting pump will raise the water that is housed in a well to the surface, for example.

Types of pumps: electric water pump

Centrifugal pump

For high flow water movement needs in the minimum time. They shuffle a capacity of up to 150 liters per minute. They are also able to raise water that is about 25-30 meters from the surface. We find in the market different powers that you can adapt to your specific need.

Peripheral pump

You can choose this pump if the activity you need to do is raise the water. We found pumps that will raise water up to about 50 meters. This type of pump has less flow power, approximately they are capable of moving half that of a centrifugal type water pump.

Submersible pump

They also have enough power and are capable of moving large flow of water per minute. It is the one you will choose if you have to place it under the liquid, up to five meters of immersion, and you need to move the water located several meters deep. Those of varied capacities that can submerge to 65 meters and raise the water located to 20m. It is very important to manipulate them not to use the power cord of the power supply but a rope that will help you lift it once you have finished using it.

Uses of a water pump

Among the different jobs that we are going to use as a machinery of this type are:
  • Swimming pools. Those related to them: emptying, transfer, filling.
  • Ponds. As for water body, the same cases apply as with swimming pools.
  • Irrigation or driving water to an area where there is no access.

The utilities and characteristics of a water pump are varied. Your choice should be based on your use and your needs for more or less power.