Relief valve hydraulic

Relief valve hydraulic
The relief valve hydraulic is an important exponent in hydraulic systems. Its use is synonymous with a number of benefits, such as better pressure distribution in hydraulic systems. The hydraulic relief valve is used mainly in industry, in which it provides performance gains of the entire hydraulic system.

The hydraulic relief valve is manufactured in two different models, which are differentiated according to their performance. Electric hydraulic relief valve models use the solenoid actuation method and manual valve models have their performance associated with handles. The indication of each model follows the specifications of each case, in order to be able to perform its function more efficiently in order to increase the profitability of the industrial process.

To be state-of-the-art in valve manufacturing technology, the Hydraulic Relief Valve is generally designed by multinational companies that include state-of-the-art plants to provide maximum durability and reliability. working efficiency for valves. It is vitally important to have distribution companies in Brazil that have such high quality equipment in their catalogs.

With constant use of the Hydraulic Relief Valve, scheduled maintenance is required at regular intervals. Even among the different models of hydraulic relief valve, it is essential that maintenance is carried out by trained professionals, ensuring that the processes are carried out without error, thus enabling the use of the valve throughout its life without decreasing. of performance.

Relief valves are the most important valves of the control valves. They act as safety valves in the hydraulic system. When the pressure in the system rises too high, the relief valve opens and allows the flow to return to the tank and thus prevents damage to the internal parts of the hydraulic components in the system.