How to choose my electric hammer? 5 tips for choosing

How to choose my electric hammer? 5 tips for choosing
There are many people who come to our store with the need to buy an electric hammer but with doubts about which to buy, since the goal is to meet the needs of the buyer to the fullest.

In this post we will expose all possible types of electric hammers and their functions, in order to try to help anyone who is in this field of doubts. We take this opportunity to recommend our post on maintenance of electric hammers  so that you know everything related to the care of this tool.

Choose the electric hammer according to my need

The main point to keep in mind to buy an electric hammer  is to be clear about the needs it must meet.

One of the main characteristics to take into account is the balance between the weight of the hammer and its power . These two variables are totally related, since in a hammer usually the greater the weight, the greater the power, but the greater the weight, the less maneuverability.

That is why we have to be very clear about our needs, and know if we are going to work mostly in height or wall , which need a great maneuverability of the hammer because we will have to have it raised, or on the contrary, we will work mostly in ground demolitions , in which a high-powered hammer is preferable that will make our work much easier.

This balance will mark the weight and size of the hammer.

1. Choose the electric hammer according to its weight

We recommend hammers less than 10 kg for wall work, preferably hammers between 3 and 7 kg, depending on the hardness of the most common materials to chop and the position in which we will work.

We can also find smaller hammers (2kg) , but these depending on the work will suffer too much. However, they can be viable for small household chopping and drilling tasks.

2. Different hammers according to their power

The power of the hammers is measured in working capacity (Joules) . The greater the number of Joules, the greater the capacity for work, and the greater the capacity for work, the greater the power of the hammer dive and therefore the greater the power of demolition.

Hammers with high working capacities are recommended for demolition work on very hard materials, since otherwise the hammer will not suffer much.

On the other hand, for work in softer materials it is not necessary so much work capacity and we can give more importance to the maneuverability of the hammer.

The absorbed power (W) is not very important in this type of hammers, since it will normally be in line with the type of hammer and its function.

3. Drilling function in drilling hammers

Another very important variable to consider is the drilling function . If we have the need to make holes with a drill we will have to opt for rotary hammers or combined hammers.

The rotary hammers and drills  serve only to make holes, therefore only recommended for this type of jobs.

In the case of the combined hammers , these have the two functions, the one of chopped and the one of drilling. They are valid for both types of work, both for demolition and for drilling with a drill. The only problem is that this type of combined hammers loses a sting in relation to expressly chopper hammers.

These are recommended for both drilling and demolition work, not being the ideal hammer for the latter.

4. The importance of the vibration of our electric hammer

Another feature to consider is vibration. Electric hammers tend to generate a lot of vibration. Because of this it is important that the hammer has some vibration reduction system to reduce the wear of the body when working.

There are several ways of reduction either by vibration dampers based on cutouts, pads, handles, etc. Each brand has its anti-vibration systems.

5. Choose the right brand

A lot of importance should also be given to the hammer brand and its technical and after-sales service. We have encountered many cases of people who, in order to save money, buy hammers from unknown brands, and subsequently have a problem and nobody gives them any answers, or there are no spare parts, etc. And they come to us and we can't help them.

We especially recommend brands recognized at the market level such as Bosch , Hilti, Hitachi hammers or the classic hammers . These assure us of an after-sales service that must be taken into account.

Especially, we can ensure the technical service of the Bosch and other brands, of which we are distributors and we can guarantee that we have never had any problems.

Other details

Special importance should also be given to the insertion of pointers or chisels. We recommend buying hammers with standard inserts such as SDS-PLUS, SDS-MAX, Hexagonal, etc.

This guarantees us that we will always have the possibility of accessing the purchase of infinity of pointers and chisels.

Finally there are other small details to take into account such as the position of the switches on and off, the design of the engine, etc., which are very particular and at the discretion of each user.