Diesel injection pump: what it is and how the system works

How does the injection pump work?
The diesel injection pump is a piece of extreme precision that is key in the injection system of a vehicle.

The diesel injection pump is one of the most important elements of the injection system of a car and its main functions are to raise the pressure of the fuel to adapt to the work rate of the injectors, to dose the amount of fuel that is inject the cylinders and regulate both maximum and minimum speeds in the engine.

The diesel pump is synchronized with the movement of the engine through a flexible coupling and is essentially a piston pump located in line that is responsible for feeding the injectors with a variable flow that circulates through a piston through each of the cylinders

The pistons of the cylinders are driven by the pressure of the fuel and through the camshaft, which travels with an angle of rotation exactly equal to the angle of each piston of the engine causing the injection to happen at the same time in both the pistons and In the injectors.

These types of pumps are the most commonly used and are known as linear diesel injection pumps, where each injector is connected to a cylinder.

How does an online diesel injection pump work and what elements form it?

The pumps were invented linear injection early they twentieth century,  employ a mechanical regulator revolutions distributes the injected flow and a hydraulic controller which is responsible for varying the injection timing.

As the camshaft begins to rotate, the impellers and pistons that are located in the pump cylinders begin to move while the accelerator is pressed, which drives the rack by rotating the helical and providing more fuel to the cylinders. the pump by means of the pistons, which send the fuel to the injectors through the combustion chamber of the engine.

The operation of the linear diesel injection pump is similar to the sleeve-piston assembly of a running engine since, as we have commented previously, thanks to the connection of the camshaft with the engine it is possible to synchronize the injection pump with respect to to the operation of this one.

Finally, we would like to mention the importance of the technological advances that have been incorporated to improve the scope of the work pressure, because thanks to them the current TDI , HDI Common Rail systems and the Injector-Pump system have been developed.