What is and how does a rotary hammer work?

What is and how does a rotary hammer work?
To understand well  how a rotary hammer works, it is necessary to first know what this device is so common in hardware stores.


Basically, a rotary hammer is a  construction machine  that is used to make holes in a given surface, which is why it is quite similar to a  drill . The appearance of a rotary hammer and a drill is almost the same, but the first one, in addition to having a thickness and power considerably greater than that of a drill (which makes it ideal for heavy tasks), can perform  forward  and  reverse movements  in pieces Extremely hard without any problem.


The work of a rotary hammer starts when it is connected to a  power source  capable of feeding the electric motor that it has incorporated. Once the impeller is activated, it transfers the  rotary movement  to a piece called a  connecting rod , which is responsible for transforming the rotary movement of the shaft, into a linear movement so that the main piston of the  rotary  hammer starts up immediately.

The activity of the cardinal piston collides with the firing piston and this in turn collides with the  rod , the latter is in charge of sending the blow to the  wick , in this way every time the pistons hit each other, they modify the direction of the movement until the moment the engine stops.


Depending on the nature of the work to be performed, there is the suitable rotor rotor:
  • Electronic rotary hammer : This type of rotary hammer is characterized by its easy handling, despite its 4 kilograms, it also has the ability to easily bore wood and steel.
  • Rotary hammer TE : It is perfect for home remodeling, as it perforates walls, bricks and even the floor. Its weight is 3.9 kilograms.
  • Rotary hammer of the new generation : This model has the uniqueness of having the function of screwing and unscrewing. Some manufacturers also include the option of "cooling", so that the instrument has a longer shelf life.
  • Battery Rotary hammer : Its weight of 5 kilograms makes it the heaviest presentation on the market, however, it has great advantages as a special dust removal system designed so that the user can maneuver with an unobstructed view.
  • Combined rotary hammer : It is the strongest model of all the rotomartillos mentioned above, it is generally used for chiseled and finished. It weighs about 4 kilograms.