Importance in the maintenance of control valves: What are the benefits of proper valve maintenance? What points should be considered for a valve maintenance program? See, benefits for preventive maintenance on valves

Valves are essential control elements in the industry, being widely used to interrupt, divert and regulate the flow of fluids or other products.

For optimum operation, the following should be taken into account:
  • The flow to handle
  • The required flow
  • The pressure
  • Operating temperature
  • Leakage class allowed
  • Applicable codes and / or regulations
  • Etc

After the correct selection, depending on their processes, a preventive and predictive maintenance program will be necessary to achieve an adequate control of the industrial processes, and thus extend their useful life.

There are the following points to consider in a maintenance program:
  • Visual inspection. For the verification of the state of the body in general, corrosion, leaks in racks and joints
  • Equipment Inspection Through ultrasonic processes and with thermographic cameras

Industrial Instrumentation supplier, has facilities that include the necessary equipment for proper maintenance, including:
  • Sand blast team
  • Painted booth
  • testing bench
  • Leak and tightness class verification
  • Calibrators for adjustment and calibration of the valve stroke

Each service performed is accompanied by a written report with photographs of the valve before and after repair.

Through a maintenance plan, there are different benefits such as increasing the reliability of your equipment and processes, increasing their useful life, greater security and savings in excessive expenses for emergency stoppages.

Additionally, Industrial Instrumentation supplier also offers additional services for the selection, calculation and design of control valves, sales and installation.

Its valves can operate with pneumatic and electric actuators, offering ball, globe, compound, blade, butterfly, and more.

Preventive Maintenance Service Provider for Valves

Next we present to Industrial Instrumentation Supplier, supplier of Preventive Maintenance Service for Valves:

Industrial Instrumentation Supplier,  is a company focused on promoting the efficient use of thermal energy, ranging from steam generation and distribution to condensate return. Dedicated to offer measurement and control instruments, as well as automation solutions in industrial processes.

Being able to measure and control efficiently is a decisive factor to achieve a quality product, process optimization, better safety and environmental protection. That is why its reason for existing is to offer solutions in the field of industrial instrumentation through the measurement and control of the most common variables such as: level, flow, pressure, temperature, humidity, water quality analysis.

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