How a grinder works

How a grinder works
The Grinder , (also known as Grinder ), is one of the machines that are never missing in a mechanical workshop, carpentry, in any home, or in a blacksmith shop.

It performs a variety of functions similar to each other, focusing more on roughing and sanding; sometimes also cut. Next we will see that it is a grinder, what it is for, and what types of grinders there are.

What is a grinder?

What is a grinder?
A grinder is a machine tool to which two discs are mounted on both sides of the machine. These discs are on a shaft coupled to an electric motor. When the engine starts running, the discs rotate allowing various tasks to be performed depending on the type of disc that has been mounted.

What is a grinder for?

Depending on the type of grinder and the disc used, they can perform different tasks. The grinders can perform the following tasks:
  • Polishing and polishing of metals.
  • Remove burrs from parts that were machined.
  • Roughing metal parts.
  • Sharpen cutting tools
  • Welding cleaning.

How a grinder works

The operation of a grinder is based on an electric motor, usually 1 to 3 HP. This electric motor has a shaft attached, which in turn has grinding wheels on each of its tips. These are covered with protectors for safety reasons.

When the engine starts running, the shaft starts to turn, transferring this movement to the wheels. With the wheels turning, it is enough to support the material or the tool that we want to work on.

Types of grinders

Bench grinder

They are small machines, usually their weight is around 6 or 7 kg, which is located on a workbench. This type of grinder is widely used for sharpening cutting tools (such as blades, bits, chisels, among others) and also to eliminate the burr that can be left in parts that were machined.

Pedestal Grinder

The grinders pedestal are larger machines that bench grinders. These are used to perform heavier work such as cleaning of welded parts and to eliminate burrs from large castings. The engine power of these machines ranges from 1/3 to 5 HP.

Belt grinder

They are a combination of grinder and sander. They have an emery wheel on one end, while a belt sander on the other. There are also grinders that have belt sanders on both sides.

Parts of a grinder

The parts of a grinder are summarized in 4 large groups:
  • Electric motor: Motor driven by a button that generates the energy for the movement of the molars.
  • Shaft: Transmits the movement of the engine to the grinding wheels
  • Grinding wheels: They are discs of emery material that when turning at high speeds allows finishing, sharpening, among others.
  • Protectors: They are strong parts of resistant material that prevent human contact with the molars.