How does a manual hydraulic pump works? Operation of a manual hydraulic pump

How does a manual hydraulic pump works? Operation of a manual hydraulic pump
The manual hydraulic pump is one of the most demanded mechanical devices for its many applications, but do you know how it works?

We explain it to you!

The   manual hydraulic pump is a generating machine that is capable of converting the mechanical energy   with which it is activated, into the energy of the incompressible fluid that moves. Said fluid may be liquid or a combination of solid and liquid.

By increasing the energy of the fluid, its pressure, its speed or its height are increased, all of them related according to Bernoulli's principle.

According to this principle, the energy of a fluid at any time consists of three components, the kinetic energy , which is granted by the velocity of the fluid, the potential or gravitational, the energy according to its altitude and the pressure energy that contain the fluid.

Manual hydraulic pumps are normally used to extract water from pools, few, storage tanks, supply systems, floods, boats ...

The advantage of this type of hydraulic pumps is that they reduce the risks of contamination by inserting dirty objects into the same tank or well.

Its great difference with the rest of hydraulic pumps is that, as its name implies, they are operated manually , that is, by the force of the user when turning a crank or a lever.

The hydraulic pumps are composed of a piston , which is responsible for allowing the entry of water by operating the lever at the top, as it is attached to the lever with a rod.

When the lever is raised, the piston lowers, allowing water to enter through the holes, while the flexible leather washer is raised by the pressure exerted by the water .

When we lower the lever, the washer is also lowered by cutting off the water and causing it to accumulate inside the hydraulic pump.

When the lever is lowered and raised several times, the water will gradually rise until it reaches the exit so that we get water by pumping.

On the maintenance of the manual hydraulic pump, it must be taken into account that we must lubricate the moving points weekly, check the piston, as well as monitor the joints to avoid possible leaks and change the washers when necessary.

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