Young Person Car Insurance: Tips and Recommendations

What is car insurance for new drivers?
As the owner of a motor vehicle, you are obliged to contract and maintain in force an insurance policy that guarantees the Civil Liability of the young driver for the damages caused to other persons or to the property of third parties.

However, there are other risks linked to the car that you should take into account for the insurance contract of your car. For this reason, we offer you extensive information on our website, including recommendations and practical advice.

Taking into account the statistical data of the hiring’s made, from our comparator, these are the cheapest car prices for young people.

What is the most important thing in a car insurance?
Nowadays most insurance companies offer practically the same services and coverages. But the price varies depending on the driver and the car. Not all insurance companies are interested in the same driver profiles or the same cars.

If you can find a difference between companies, whether it covers you or not roadside assistance from Km0 (from your home) or from Km25. Or in the compensation that they can give you for theft or total loss.

Finally there are some insurance companies that offer special services such as replacement car, fines, etc. ... that may be of interest to you.

Young Person Car Insurance: Tips and Recommendations

Car Insurance and youth

Finding a cheap car insurance is not easy when you are 18 years old and you just got your driving license. Young people are still seen by insurance companies as a type of client that entails more risks in driving than other insured veterans and that penalizes them when looking for a policy to be able to circulate.

The truth is that there are data that confirm that the accident rate is higher among younger drivers. The Center for Studies of Road Safety has published a report in which it analyzes the frequency of car accidents and among its conclusions highlights that drivers from 18 to 21 years have a frequency of accidents of 60, 57% higher than the average , located at 50%.

But if the age of the vehicle is added to the age, we find that this risk goes up to 142% on the average frequency when the car they drive is 12 years old. This fact is even more relevant if we take into account that many young drivers turn to the second-hand market to buy their first car.

In this way, the insurance companies reflect that perceived risk in the insurance premiums. The increase in the car policy may even be too high for new drivers to consider buying a car that, obligatorily, must have at least third party insurance to be able to circulate.

For young people it is essential to find a cheap car insurance and new communication channels such as Internet or social networks are chosen by new generations of drivers to compare offers and achieve the best prices. Internet and social networks account for 83.7% of the media used by young people to find out about insurance, compared to 52.4% of adults who use this channel.

Comparators such as are the most used by new generations to calculate car or motorcycle insurance, compared to traditional insurance offices or banks, which barely use 24.7% of those under 25 years of age.

Tips for looking for car insurance if you're young
For many young people, the price is crucial to access the car insurance needed by younger drivers, it may be convenient to remember some tips that can help reduce your insurance premium. Thinking well about what type of car insurance is convenient and comparing the different options, analyzing the coverage offered by each insurer, is the key to finding car insurance tailored to any young driver:

Analyze what coverages you really need, and hire the ones that are really essential. Consider the age of the vehicle, the kilometers you make and the use you give your car. Think if you keep it in the garage or not and if you make long journeys or just drive around town. Each case is different, but in all car insurance, as we increase the level of services and guarantees, the premium will be more expensive.

Think about what type of automobile policy suits you. In the event that your car is second hand, probably the best option is to buy a third party or extended third party car insurance. And if you just bought a car, it is advisable to take out an all-risk insurance, which although it is more expensive, protects you from any loss. Also, keep in mind that the premium can be more economical the smaller the displacement of your vehicle.

Always compare between the different car insurance proposals. In the market you can find very interesting offers that will help you save money. In they help you calculate your car insurance to find the cheapest option and with the coverages you are looking for.

What happens if no insurer assures you?
It may happen that, once you have evaluated the risks, you will not find an insurance company that assures you. In these cases, it is the Insurance Compensation Consortium that has the responsibility to insure your car, although the coverage offered by the Consortium is the basic and will only cover the mandatory civil liability required of all motor vehicles to travel. That is to say, if your windows are broken, your car is stolen or you suffer damages in an accident, your policy will not cover it.

This situation is not usual, it is normal to find a car insurance adapted to the risks involved in being a young driver. In fact, there are insurance policies designed for the newest drivers, with an offer of coverage adapted to the needs of this type of client. These insurances also tend to reward responsible driving with interesting bonuses and advantages, in order to encourage these younger insured to drive with the utmost caution.

At insurance company, they also think about young people and help them find cheap car insurance, comparing a wide range of offers from a selection of top-tier insurance companies. In addition, your team of professionals can advise you in choosing the coverage that best suits you and answer all the questions that arise during the processing of the policy.

How to calculate your car insurance
Calculate your car insurance at is very easy and fast. You only have to fill in a small form and in less than 2 minutes, you will have a price for your car insurance with the option of comparing prices and coverages offered by different companies.

What to keep in mind before hiring car insurance?
The law states that all motor vehicles must be insured even though we do not use our car and are standing in the garage.

The use we give to our car will be determinant in the type of insurance we need. There are different types of car insurance that can cover our demand.

A day insurance for your car will be a good option if you need insurance for certain days for various reasons, but not as an insurance option chosen as it may be more expensive in the long run.

In addition to the use you give to your car, before hiring an auto insurance it is important to consider whether or not you sleep in a garage, if you travel many kilometers (and therefore assess a roadside assistance from km 0), and other aspects as the venal value and new value that your company offers you, aspect that can vary from one to another.

The market value is the value of the vehicle at the time of the loss. It is the sale value of a car with the same characteristics of model, seniority and extras (if any). This value is different from the purchase value.
The value again, responds to the amount with which the company will indemnify us in case of loss. It is the value that the new vehicle has with the same characteristics and extras.

Differences between car insurance and day insurance
Car insurance and day insurance are very similar. The main difference is the duration of the insurance.

With car insurance, we insure our vehicle for a period of one year, while with insurance per day it is for a period comprised between 1 and 28 days.

An insurance for days is very useful for temporary situations, such as having borrowed a car for a few days, that you bought and need it for your transfer, a temporary solution while you hire your annual car insurance, Insurance for days, in the long run, may be more expensive than car insurance but it is a perfect solution for certain situations.

The best car insurance
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Modes of car insurance
If you are the owner of a car you are obliged to contract and maintain an insurance policy in force that guarantees the driver's Civil Liability for the damages caused to other people or to the property of third parties.

When you compare car insurance price, you can choose between the different modalities that insurance companies offer and that will adapt to your needs:

  • Third parties: It is the most basic and minimum insurance that we can hire. This modality includes the Obligatory Civil Liability as well as Voluntary Civil Liability, Automobile Legal Protection, Accident Insurance, Travel Assistance, Fines Resources and Automobile Consultancy Service
  • Third parties Extended: the most complete extended third-party modality includes robbery, fire and moons, in addition to those included in the third-party car insurance modality
  • All Risk : a full-risk car insurance, is the most complete option, in addition to having all the coverage that includes the extended third-party modality, has the coverage of own damages. This mode is recommended when our car is new or we make a great use of it.

What influences the price of car insurance?
There are several factors that will influence the price of our car insurance and it is important to take them into account before comparing. This will help us better understand the prices offered by insurance companies and find the ones that fit our needs.
  • Type of policy: The type or modality of the policy that we contract will directly influence the price. We will not pay the same for insurance to third parties that for a whole risk.
  • Type of automobile: The insured object is fundamental in the price. The brand of the car, model, engine displacement or type of fuel will influence the final price. The value of the car and its power are decisive.
  • Insurance company: the philosophy, criteria, company model, can directly influence the car insurance prices of each company.
  • Driver profile: age, age of driving license, marital status, are aspects that can condition the price of our car insurance in addition to other factors such as parking the car in the garage, the town of residence or the accidents in which we have seen involved.