Why we should hire you interview answer: "5 Good Answers," why should we hire you.

Why we should hire you interview answer: five good answers, why should we hire you.
A classic question - why should we hire you? Learn five successful answers to prove your suitability as an applicant!

Even if the question "why should we hire you?" Almost everyone already knows from interviews, she hardly loses popularity.

It is and will remain a difficult affair - that is why it is so in demand. Since it requires you only limited spontaneity, you can prepare yourself specifically.

Five Good answers to the classic question

To give a short and concise statement that you are the right person for the job, you can adapt and concretize one of the five possible answers to your context!

Because: maybe you will be asked a different form of this question - eg: Why are you the right person as a career starter? Why are you the right person for this company?

Possible aspects of why you should be hired

In preparation, consider which of the following suggestions might best suit you, the company, and the skills you need. As soon as you have taken up an aspect, you ideally underpin your unique selling point with plastic examples:

  • ✓ Your relevant industry experience
  • ✓ Evidence of your solution-oriented approach to challenges
  • ✓ Your experience as a team player and / or as a leader
  • ✓ Your great expertise and training that fits the job description
  • ✓ Your mentality that fits the corporate philosophy
  • ✓ Your soft skills.  Those who are in the job and emphasize your character
  • ✓ Achieved awards or prizes as a symbol of your strengths

In general, however, you have to consciously come out of your first-person perspective and have to put yourself in the position of the HR manager: why should we hire you?

After all, that is the question. So how do you offer benefit for the company in general and specifically for your job? Five possible answers:

✓ While researching for the interview, I have already come up with ideas on how new impulses could be set in the industry / in the company. From my experience, I can say that thus more products / sales / awareness could be achieved.

✓ I already have to know the challenges that the industry is facing in other practical work. Therefore, I have a lot of ideas and experiences on how to solve these things and, above all, how they cannot be safe.

✓ Since I have been watching your web presence for a long time and have seen many changes in the industry, I already have a sense of the company's decent corporate image. Technically, I noticed in the homepage that in terms of search engine optimization / social media marketing is still a lot of untapped potential.

✓ Of course it is hard for me, as a career starter in terms of work experience and qualifications, to differentiate myself. However, even if I cannot bring so much experience as a newcomer, I also see that in your team composition as a great advantage. A team play across all ages and educational contexts I think is very productive.

✓ I am convinced that my broad professional background, which you do not yet have as a team member, will be a good supplement to the company. While professionals already staff the core sectors of the industry, I can well act at the interface between various expertises.

Too long, extravagant answers have no place here!

To integrate information of the job advertisement into the answer? To what extent it makes sense in the perfect job interview or in the telephone interview to include the keywords of the job application in your answer, cannot be said in a blanket.

Do you know that there are many competitors with similar qualifications? Then the HR professionals are not looking for pre-defined skills, but for something, that sets them apart from everyone else.

Therefore, use the information in the job ad only discreetly and naturally in the course of the conversation. New impulses within your industry, professional practical experience or demonstrable solution-oriented thinking score in this case more than down-filled strengths, training sections or strung-up soft skills.

The stress and uncertainty of further interview questions, which often occur in job interviews, can be avoided by a good preparation.

Why should not we hire you?

This question is definitely not part of the standard questionnaire, which makes it all the more difficult. So that this question does not throw you completely off track, you should consider the preparation for your own weaknesses in the job interview.

If you have already talked about your strengths and weaknesses, in some situations it may be wise to come back to your already mentioned weakness and look at it from a different perspective or another example.

Nevertheless, what really stands behind this question is the test of your nerves. To pass the stress test under stress and self-criticism, it is necessary to practice, practice, and practice!