Why we are afraid of change: the most common causes

Why we are afraid of change: the most common causes
Throughout our lives it is usual that we find ourselves with moments in which we must make some change in our routine : leave our partner, change city, dare to a new job, and so on. In these moments, in most of us, there is a feeling of fear and fear that can make us not dare to take that step and, therefore, we stay anchored in our comfort zone .

You have to know that this feeling of fear and respect is very common and that, to a greater or lesser extent, we all end up living it but where does it come from? In this Psychology-Online article we will discover why we are afraid of change by giving you the most common reasons as well as tactics so you can learn to overcome it.

Most common causes of fear of change

When we have to make some change in our life, it is normal that we feel a kind of fear that may resemble a feeling of vertigo and discomfort. Where does this emotion come from? There are many causes that make us afraid and it is important to know them in order to face them and recover the rudder of your life .

Fear is one of the main enemies of happiness because, for fear of the unknown, not having control, in the end we end up living a life that is not bad but that does not satisfy us completely either. Overcoming that fear is essential for you to live your life in full and how you really want.

Here we will discover why we are afraid of change indicating the most common causes and reasons:

Fear not to dominate the situation

This is one of the main reasons why we are afraid of change. We currently live in a reality that we control, it is comfortable and it is easy to manage: our city, our work, our friends ... This is what is called the "comfort zone" and, as its name suggests, here we are very Comfortable and stabilized.

We control everything and we can control it. But, when something of this changes, it is when we begin to feel insecure, to feel that not everything is under our control and, therefore, this situation can cause anxiety, fear and discomfort.

Afraid to be wrong

Another of the main reasons we are afraid of change is for fear of being wrong. It is clear that, within our comfort zone, we dominate everything and, therefore, we will hardly make mistakes; However, if we leave here and explore other new areas for us, it will be easier for us to err and, therefore, to feel more vulnerable and weak.

In addition, if we make a slightly more drastic decision such as a change of partner or job, it is normal for this fear to be even greater. But, as the saying goes "Who does not risk, does not win" so it is better to risk than staying in a dominated place and without satisfying you 100%.

Fear of the unknown

And, finally, another of the most common reasons why we are afraid of change is that, in general, everything unknown often causes fear and insecurity to people. Walking through unknown terrain means going down a path that we do not control at all and that, moreover, we do not know what it can hold.

Fear of job change

One of the most common fears regarding changes is the fear of changing jobs. Why does this happen? Basically because it is in the workplace where more emotions related to self- confidence and self-esteem converge . Therefore, in the event of a possible labor change, it is common for us to have doubts about ourselves, such as, "Will I be up to the task?", "Am I ready for this change?", Et cetera.

The fear of changing jobs is a common fear but that we must overcome in order to allow us to advance and grow in the workplace. If we let ourselves be guided by this fear, in the end we can stay stuck in a profession or in a category that does not finish convincing us. We can give more of ourselves but, for this, it is important that we believe in ourselves and, above all, that we dare to take the step.

Fear of changing cities

There may also be a situation where you have been questioned about why we are afraid of change because you have been raised to change your city. It is the second most common fear that exists, together with the one of the work that we have mentioned previously; The cause of this fear appears because in our city it is where we feel completely safe: we dominate transport, neighborhoods, restaurants or places, we have our friends, work, etcetera.

A change of city can mean a total change of life , a new start from scratch and start your life anew. And this always gives vertigo. But that emotion cannot dominate us, we have to accept it and then overcome it. It is important that you understand why this situation is happening to you, but that you also take courage and make the decision you really want . Do not let fear take it for you.

Overcome the fear of change with these tips

Now that you know why we are afraid of change it is important that we know the best way to overcome it because, in this way, we will avoid being the owner of our decisions. We have to learn to be ourselves who guide our lives, fear is a natural emotion but never, never, should be our advisor.

Listen to it, analyze it, but then get over it and dare to live as you really want to. This is the first step to enjoy a full and satisfying life.

  • Think positive : to overcome the fear of change it is necessary that, instead of hearing only the negative that you can experience with this situation, turn your mind around and think about everything you will learn, the feeling of well-being and satisfaction that you will have ... It is important that you flip the coin so that you dare to take the step. The positive has to weigh more than the negative, do not forget it!
  • Cultivate your courage : it is a quality that, normally, we do not work to find ourselves in a familiar environment and that we dominate. However, in this life it is very important that we be brave, that we dare to take the step we want and that we are the ones we send in our life. Do not let yourself be eclipsed by fear and bring out your bravest side.
  • Go step by step: you don't have to force yourself. This is essential because the situation itself is already causing you stress, so the least you have to do is exert more pressure. Consider this change with a calm and calm attitude, try to see all the parts of the process and enc├íralos one by one. This is a simple way to move forward calmly and without stress.

And remember: fear is a normal emotion . Everyone is afraid of change, although many people feel it as a new opportunity, an illusion, a challenge. Try to see it as well and, in this way, you will get to live as you really want.