Why I feel that everything does not matter to me

Why I feel that everything does not matter to me
The mood shows the vital tone that a person goes through. We can live states of greater stability and joy, passing through some other whose main characteristic is apathy . This is the state of that person who feels that he doesn't really care about anything. In life, all the details are significant, however, a situation of apathy shows the boredom of those who feel that nothing is really decisive. Why do I feel that everything does not matter to me? In Transkerja.com we answer this question taking into account that this fact may be produced by different factors that should be considered to define a new path of psychic hope.

5 causes of apathy why you feel that everything doesn't matter to you

  1. A depressive state One of the possible reasons why you feel that everything doesn't matter to you may be because you suffer from depression. It is very important to ask for help in a situation of acute apathy since this discomfort can lead to a state of depression or be linked to it. In that case, professional help is essential to identify the diagnosis and establish a specific remedy.
  2. Existential void. Every human being has a philosopher inside him, that is, he asks questions about life, death, the meaning of existence or the raison d'etre of everything that exists. And the mystery associated with these questions that do not have a definitive answer, can lead to an existential tedium that makes the person feel drifting from chance. Then, apathy is born by observing death as an inevitable fact of destiny.
  3. Excess of materialism. The circumstances that can lead a person to feel this way can be very different. Apathy, especially in the early years of youth, can be linked to the excess of whims of a consumer environment. The young man has everything to be happy (apparently), however, that all fails to fill their internal deficiencies. In this way, apathy can also be the result of emotional vacuums that the person fails to fill with the abundance of comforts of the welfare society. Since, in addition, this abundance can cause that the person does not really value everything that it has.
  4. A painful and traumatic event. Sometimes, this feeling is also contextualized within the framework of a specific vital state. A condition conditioned by a painful event such as the death of a close loved one or a profound lack of love. That is to say, this feeling of apathy also reflects an episode of a state of mourning. It is advisable to observe if this feeling is latent with the passing of the weeks since, in this case, it is very important to ask for psychological help to avoid the risk of the person enclosing himself.
  5. Dysthymia A type of disorder whereby the patient feels a disinterest in everyday things . Dysthymia is a type of depression whose moderate symptoms can last a long time. A type of disorder linked to feelings of hopelessness, low productivity and tiredness.

In this other article we tell you what social apathy is so that you know this disorder that can directly affect your well-being and happiness.

What do you do when you feel that everything gives you the same?

Now that you know why you feel that everything does not matter to you, it is important that you know how you can deal with this discomfort and this situation of regret. Here are some tips that can help you to cope with this mood :
  • Talk about what happens to you . This fact is very important since very often it happens that the person affected masks their discomfort, silences the symptoms and, in this way, the nearest environment is not aware of the suffering of their loved one. While from the silence the suffering is greater, on the contrary, when communicating and expressing it, the person asks for help and begins to take more control over what happens to him.
  • Listen to your emotions, don't blame them or blame yourself for feeling this way. Let the truth of your being flow from this moment. Listen to the information of this emotional state that tells you that there is something that needs a change. Find the refuge of those people with whom you feel good, those hobbies that you like or those places where you feel at home. That is, try to identify those points of support that give you strength in this vital situation.
  • The search for meaning is a totally personal experience. Therefore, think of something that excites you a little more. Rescue old dreams of the past or look for new ones. Maybe the time has come to update them! In fact, a state of apathy can also be the result of a period of transformation in which the person no longer feels identified with many of the objectives that he has maintained up to that moment and needs to be reborn with new roots of hope.
  • Look in the mirror calmly, see the miracle of being on the other side of the image. An image that gives you the perfection of your person. To change a tedium situation, you need to reconnect with yourself. Walking through the countryside is one of the simplest experiences to feed joy as a habit.