Why I feel inferior to others

Why I feel inferior to others
One of the most obvious symptoms that we are going through a period of vulnerability in our self-esteem is that we compare ourselves relatively frequently with others. Moreover, the nuance of comparison acquires a negative prism for those who position themselves in an inferiority role. This attitude produces pain for those who feel less important than others in a job interview, in an exam or in the personal relationships of free time.

This tendency to comparison has acquired a new scenario in the current context from the constant projection of social networks. If you have ever asked yourself, “Why do I feel inside others?” In Transkerja.com, we would like to help you with these observations.

Five symptoms that indicate that you feel inferior to others

If you want to know why you feel interior to others, first it is important that we analyze if, really, this is your situation. Here we discover some of the most common signs that will indicate that, indeed, you feel inferior:
  1. Pessimism and negativity. Your initial attitude too many of the projects you undertake is pessimism and negativity based on thoughts that repeat the scheme: "I will not achieve it". That is, even before you have given yourself the opportunity to observe the evolution of the facts, you put yourself in the worst, while you trust in the good luck of the others to whom you attribute qualities of perfection. What happens in this case is that when you start with this weight of negativity, you drag this energy of distrust throughout the process towards the goal.
  2. Exaggeration of difficulties and lack of awareness of one's own personal strengths. Your attention is focused more on those possible obstacles than on your inner potential. In a habitual way you consider that, you have little luck because you grant great power to others. You measure your own value in terms of otherness and this causes you great instability because the basis of your well-being and your growth is in you.
  3. You feel in the shadow of someone. That is, wherever you are, you feel that there is someone who outshines you for some reason. Even this thought generates a great internal wear during your moments of solitude since your mental dialogue revolves around this question.
  4. Envies. This is a possible manifestation in the state of mind of those who in this tendency towards comparison perceive the achievements of others as the memory of their own personal deficiencies. The person feels sadness for that good that the other possesses and that reminds him of what he lacks. Envy transcends the material plane because, for example, a person who positions himself in an inferiority role may feel jealous of another's charisma.
  5. You worry too much to please others. That person, who feels inferior and places the other in a role of superiority, seeks his own internal affirmation through external approval.

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Five causes why you feel inferior to others

We are going to analyze already carefully, why you feel interior to others. Here we discover some of the most common causes that can make this emotion appear.


Having felt in a secondary role in an important scenario like the group of friends. For example, those people who have been part of an environment in which their voice has not been taken into account or has always been heard less than other leaders and people more protagonists, then, can reach a negative conclusion about their level of interest.

This situation can also occur in the professional field when, for example, a worker observes that no matter how hard he tries, he does not receive recognition as an external motivation, but he does observe the congratulations received by other colleagues from the leader. The environment we are part of also sends us continuous messages. However, it is important that if you find yourself in a situation like this, do not let that social conditioning affect your own state of mind.


You are under pressure from an important moment. For example, for a while now, you have devoted a lot of space to work and little room for your free time. Your level of rest is not adequate either. There is a goal in your life for which you are preparing and that date is coming generating intense pressure in you because you have placed many expectations in the results of that test.

For example, a Doctorate exam. This feeling of inferiority in this type of circumstance is usually linked to the fear that something goes wrong in the test, the accumulated fatigue that generates stress (and that affects mental hygiene), as well as perfectionism.

Memories from the past

For example, having received negative evaluations from others during the stage of the institute. This moment is especially significant in the development towards the adult stage, this is one of the reasons why the imprint of that period leaves a memory that can be translated into this idea of own worthlessness.

Academic or professional difficulties

In today's society, personal identity is confused in many cases with one's professional status. From this perspective, long-term unemployment can affect the person to the point of feeling inferior to others because the work is connected with many other ingredients. For example, social integration, lifestyle and time occupation.

A traumatic experience

Having been treated unfairly in a close and intimate relationship. For example, a couple bond marked by the comments of sarcasm and constant irony that make the affected feel ridiculed by the person who supposedly loves him. This contradiction of a love that does not manifest itself as such produces a distorted message in the mind.

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How to stop feeling inferior to others

  • Find your strength what is it that you like to do? In which activity do you stand out? It is important that you dedicate time to those challenges for which you feel prepared because, in this way, by observing these positive results, you also realize your own capacity. For example, if you love writing, establish a leisure network around your goal by attending a literary workshop or create a blog to share your writings.
  • Decide to live your present without establishing constant comparisons with the past. From this new stage of your life, you can establish new personal relationships. Try to choose those people with whom you feel good because your company is a positive influence in your life.
  • Try to be a good confidant and a good listener. Enjoy the conversation plans with others. In addition, during those conversations, try to meet the reality of the other without comparing it with yours. You will realize that beyond appearances, every human being has his fears, his insecurities, his wounds, his hopes, his strengths and his struggles. That is, it is quite possible that instead of feeling inferior to others, you begin to experience empathy by observing everything that unites you with these people.
  • Identify which relationships hurt you and make decisions about it. For example, set limits and defend your own rights. Remember, "Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent", a quote from Eleanor Roosevelt that can inspire you in those moments of psychic slump. You can repeat this idea as a mantra until you memorize a new attitude.
  • You have much to contribute to others because your being is not owned by anyone else in the entire universe. Therefore, project your freedom and enjoy that pleasure of showing yourself as you are.
You can overcome the inferiority complex by cultivating your own essence better and discovering who you really are. Taking a step towards your self-love is the first thing you have to do.