What to do when someone ignores you

What to do when someone ignores you
When someone ignores you and, in turn, you do not have any interest in that person, then there is no emotional conflict because the interests of both are fully compatible. However, when someone interests you in some way, however, you receive the response of indifference, and then the pain arises.

In a situation of this type, it is likely that the person reflects on how it does not deserve to receive this indifference, however, it is more appropriate to take the attention to the objectivity of the facts to accept and assume this situation as soon as possible.

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When someone ignores you: explanation of psychology

You cannot rule in the interests of the other person and, as unfair as it may seem, this situation is what it is. When a person ignores you not one, but many times, he has made it clear to you what his message is.

In addition, from this perspective, it is recommended that you nourish your self-esteem by taking the decision to distance yourself. The insistence, in this type of situation, will only generate the opposite effect of the one you want to achieve.

If someone ignores you and you insist on getting his or her attention, you probably do not like the idea.

What do you do when a person that interests you ignores you?

Assume it with sportsmanship, knowing that these things happen. It is impossible to fall well to everyone. Accept this situation, grieve your disappointment and continue your journey in the company of all those people who appreciate you.

What to do when a co-worker ignores you

Occasionally, this circumstance may occur in the professional environment when there is no affinity between two people on the team. In many cases, this lack of sympathy is not a matter of both parties but only one. What to do when a co-worker ignores you?

In the first place, it is convenient that you reduce the contact with that person to what is strictly necessary for work reasons. However, in this case, the best decision is not that you ignore it, simply because you are part of a team and, therefore, you are obligated to understand them.

Although it costs you to be kind to a person who acts with indifference towards you, it is advisable that you be an example of good education, and not so much for that person, but for yourself and because you want to show your professionalism.

If you are going through a situation of this kind at work, you can take the initiative to propose emotional intelligence training plans to the human resources department since these processes are very beneficial to build team.

In some cases, indifference becomes a form of punishment to deprive the other of affection. Learning to wait can be a formula to trust that the situation changes and, at that moment, keep that conversation pending.

It may also be advisable that you consult the case with a psychologist to guide you on how to act in a situation of this type taking into account the particularities of the case (the type of link, the age of the person and their circumstances).

My family ignores me after an argument: what do I do?

Sometimes, this apparent indifference is the result of an anger that has not been resolved between two people and that, in some cases, derives from the lack of contact between those who are part of the same family.

The coldness is prolonged by feeding one's indifference because neither of them takes the first step of reconciliation. Indifference translates into gestures as simple as not greeting the other person when you see him on the street or not answering his phone calls and messages.

If you are going through a situation like this, take the initiative of contact, without questioning both whom is right about what happened. Even if you are full of reasons, there is something more important: family harmony.

Moreover, in the majority of the occasions, the pardon of the reunion is the best formula in front of the indifference. In a situation like this, the punishment of indifference can hurt especially.

For this reason, it is advisable that you find the balance between dealing with this issue (in relation to those actions that depend on you) and continue with your path focusing your attention on those people who offer their reinforcement and company.