What to do when someone envies you

What to do when someone envies you
Envy is one of the emotional experiences that you can feel as a protagonist or, also, as a recipient of someone else has gaze. In the first case, the discomfort you feel is internal.

In the second situation, you can suffer the effects of the actions of those people who show their envy through their words and deeds. What do you do when someone envies you? In Transkerja.com, we guide you to act in a situation of this type from emotional intelligence.

Why do they envy me?

The truth is that the person who envies you can only offer the answer to this question. However, even in that case, it is very likely that he denies what he feels because this type of sadness for the good of others is one of the sensations that is most censured and repressed emotionally.

Without being able to specify a specific reason why that person experiences these feelings in relation to you, if envy is sadness for the good of others , then it is likely that that person is observing some quality or characteristic in you that you have and that, however, she does not have (or is not aware that she has it).

A person feels envy because when they position themselves in their relationship with you, they establish a role of comparison. Although there are different types of envy, they all have a very similar origin, based on the aforementioned comparison and the feeling of inferiority.

How to know if they envy me signs

It is not always easy to know if someone envies you, in fact, be careful not to turn envy into the general excuse when you have a conflict with someone or a personal difference and instead of analyzing the objective motive; you conclude that envy is the reason why he behaves like that with you. In addition, it is also important to specify that envy can occur in different degrees of lesser or greater intensity. How to tell if someone is envious towards you?

Do not be happy with your successes

It is likely that that person feels that your own brightness eclipses you or, simply, a triumph that you have reached reminds you of some achievement you would have wanted to conquer. As the attitude of a person who has envy is so given to the comparison, it is likely that that person shows some kind of rivalry or competitiveness. That is, instead of sharing the better of each one in this relationship, compete with you and position yourself in an inferiority role.

When you share an idea with that person, it is possible that instead of feeding it with words of reinforcement fall into the effect of criticism. Criticisms that can be done in a very subtle way even masked under the effect of a good intention. If a person envies you, not only is he not happy about some of your successes, he literally suffers within himself for what happens to him.

You notice that you envy other people

Envy is a feeling that affects the quality of life of the protagonist. However, it is likely that those who experience it recurrently do not envy only one person. In that case, in your conversations with that friend or that co-worker you can observe the tone and the type of comments he makes about the others. If on more than one occasion you have asked yourself what will he say about you when you are not in front of you because inside you feel that there is a distance that you can never save from the distrust that your words give you, maybe you are right and that person I have envy.

You feel like you want to be like you

One of the most uncomfortable feelings that can occur from envy is that which occurs when the imitation effect is more frequent and you feel uncomfortable to see how that person seems to want everything you want and does everything you want you do.

How to get away from envious people

In a situation of this type, reflect on which is the decision that best makes you feel yourself with respect to this issue. Do you want to know what to do when you are envious? One of the most effective solutions for your emotional well-being is to mark distance. This can be a good idea not only for you, but also for that person.

Become aware of the type of relationships you want to feed

Sometimes, from fear to loneliness, a person can feed bonds that do not make him feel good. For this reason, face solitude as a real possibility, and consciously decide what kind of links you want to feed in your life enhancing the value of those links that always add up.

If you have a relationship with a person that gives you energy that is more negative, sadness and concern than moments of well-being, then accept this situation and reduce the technological and face-to-face contact. In some cases, you can even value the possibility of breaking the link permanently.

You do not have to make it explicit if you do not want it. You can trust that the lack of interest shows on your part and the passage of time make this distance visible.

Do not enter your game

To know how to deal with envious people, avoid entering the game of having to justify yourself to that person for comments and evaluations that are only born of envy. When a person is in this position, it does not really matter what you say or do since the filter of envy conditions his gaze.

Envy is a human feeling. It is likely that you also felt it at some point in your life. For this reason, try to observe with humility that person who feels this feeling towards you.

It is not so much about getting away from envious people as a general idea since a human being is much more than a particular characteristic.

That is, you probably feel that, sometimes, a person shows some envy towards you, however, you also appreciate many other qualities of that someone who brings very good moments to your life.

Pain begins when the words and deeds of a person usually hurt you. In addition, despite the passing of time, the situation does not change.