What is HDD Recovery? Let's Get the Answer

What is HDD recovery?

HDD recovery is process to recover the hard drive into normal condition. Usually, this process is the last resort to restore data or any file. Besides, HDD that's accidently failure is necessary to put in normal state before you lose all data.

From this definition, recovery process is for two main purposes. Hard drive cannot work properly, and the recovery is like repairing for better normal state. In that case, the data is not deleted, unless recovering is too late, so the hard drive is in completely failed mode. Second purpose is to obtain data, but not necessary to regain HDD in normal level. As long as the data is recovered, any method is necessary to implement.

Why does HDD need to recover?

The system and physical failures are two common issues. Manufactures always check the bad sector in each component. However, the way utilize hard drive is the most common cause for failure condition. Hard drive for heavy and extreme work load will deteriorate after several times. The HDD might accidently fall and cannot connect to the system. Electrical disruption is also factor that disturbs hard drive capability. Therefore, those are the factors why HDD requires recovering before the data is vanished completely.

How to do HDD recovery?

The purposes are already explained in previous section. The recovery is to bring back hard drive and obtain data. Based on both objectives, recovery process is divided into two categories, but not in separated section. Technician or engineer will look for logical damage and physical error. The logical means trouble only appears on system. On the other side, physical error involves some crushes or failures that change the hardware in hard drive itself.

The logical damage is quite easy as long as the system is still intake. The simplest problem is recovery file from deleted system. The file is accidently deleted permanently that can be recovered again through normal access. For the solution, recovery will rely on software to retrieve part of file in hard drive. The software only works when the data is not overwritten yet with new one. If this happens, recovery process requires advanced bootable and forensic technique.

For physical error, it is the most challenge process. When hard drive is in damage completely, all data is still in system unless physically failure. The repair takes more time as same as repairing new computer. Checking failure will regain the system, but the possibility to be in normal state is low. Technician can connect to different platform when recovery process is done to ensure any data can be transferred immediately.