What is happiness? Meaning of Happiness (What it is, Concept and Definition)

What is happiness? Meaning of Happiness, Concept and Definition
In everyday life, we often hear about happiness, but do we really know its meaning? When, for example, they ask us the question: “are you happy now?" Can we really understand what we are referring to?

The happiness is a positive emotion that makes people calm and serene...

It is an indescribable feeling that you can try when you think back to important people, is that feeling that makes us shine the eyes and the heartbeat faster.

Happiness is giving a smile, being at home and feeling at peace with oneself; it means expressing one's character without pretending to please others, thus ending up losing sight of the real person we are.

Happiness is living serenely life, despite the limitations and obstacles it imposes on you; it is being available to others, it indicates that bond that brings you closer to new people who make you happy in turn.

Happiness is not wealth, it does not mean possessing money, it does not mean economic well-being, and happiness is composed of small-unexpected gestures, those that you would never have imagined.

Happiness is the achievement of a goal that highest point to which all people try to arrive...

Happiness is the perfect balance between tranquility and euphoria; it is that feeling that makes you feel light and over-thought.

Happiness also means being surrounded by people who care about you and who are always near you, even in the most difficult moments.

Happiness is carefree, it is the feeling that our parents wish us to experience for a lifetime. In short, happiness is always facing life with a smile and head held high.

What is happiness?

The happiness is the emotional state of a happy person; it is the sense of well-being and fulfillment that we experience when we reach our goals, desires and purposes; it is a lasting moment of satisfaction, where there are no pressing needs, no suffering that torments.

Happiness is a subjective and relative condition. As such, there are no objective requirements to be happy: two people do not have to be happy for the same reasons or under the same conditions and circumstances.

In theory, the feeling of self-realization and the fulfillment of our desires and aspirations are important aspects to feel happy.

However, to be happy sometimes no precondition is necessary, and thus, there are people who are always happy and who feel comfortable with life and with what was granted to them in grace, and people who, despite the fact that they have all the conditions to be well, they feel deeply unhappy.

The unhappiness, meanwhile, occurs when we face frustrations in trying to reach our goals, fulfill our desires or achieve our goals. In this sense, advisable to maintain a state of equilibrium conducive to happiness is to feed positive thoughts and avoid at all costs falling into pessimism.

Etymologically, the word happiness comes from the Latin Felicitas, felicitates, which in turn is derived from Felix, Felicia, which means 'fertile', 'fertile'.

Happiness in Psychology

For psychology, happiness is a positive emotional state that individuals achieve when they have satisfied their desires and fulfilled their goals.

Happiness, as such, is measured by the ability of each person to provide solutions to the various aspects that make up their daily lives. In this sense, people who have covered these aspects should be happier, feel self-fulfilling and full.

However, for Sigmund Freud happiness is something utopian, because he considers that, to be possible, he could not depend on the real world, where individuals are constantly exposed to unpleasant experiences, such as failure and frustration and, in this sense, He argues that the most a human being could aspire to is partial happiness.

Happiness in Philosophy

For Aristotle, happiness was related to balance and harmony, and was achieved through actions aimed at self-realization. Epicurus, on the other hand, pointed out that happiness meant the satisfaction of desires and pleasures.

The Stoics, on the other hand, considered that happiness was achieved by dominating the passions and dispensing with the comforts that prevent the acceptance of a certain existence. While for Leibniz, defender of the rationalist thesis, happiness is the adaptation of the human will to reality.

For their part, Chinese philosophers, such as Lao Tzu, pointed out that happiness could be achieved by having nature as a model. While Confucius was of the opinion that happiness was given by the harmony between people.

Happiness in religion

Theistic religions tend to agree that happiness is a state of peace that is only achieved in communion with God. The Buddhists, for their part, affirm that happiness is only achieved through the liberation of suffering and the overcoming of desire, which is accessed through mental training.

Short quotes about happiness

"Human happiness is not usually achieved with great strokes of luck, which can happen a few times, but with small things that happen every day."

The joy of life consists of always having something to do, someone to love and something to look forward to.

Happiness is not doing what you want but wanting what you do.

Someday anywhere, anywhere you will inevitably find yourself, and that, only that, may be the happiest or the most bitter of your hours.

Happiness is interior, not exterior; therefore, it does not depend on what we have, but on what we are.

The true secret of happiness is to demand a lot from yourself and very little from others.

A man can be happy with any woman as long as he does not love her.

My happiness is that I appreciate what I have and I do not want too much, what I do not have.

Happiness is the certainty of not feeling lost.

The supreme happiness of life is knowing that you are loved by yourself or, more accurately, in spite of yourself.

We seek happiness, but without knowing where, as drunks seek their home, knowing they have one.

The secret of happiness is not always do what you want but always want what you do.

Descend into the depths of yourself, and see your good soul. One only does happiness with good behavior.

The destiny of men is made of happy moments, all life has them, but not of happy times.

There are two ways to be happy in this life; one is to become the idiot and the other to be happy.

The best we can do for those who love us is to remain happy.

If you are happy, hide. You cannot be loaded with jewels in a neighborhood of beggars. You cannot walk a happiness like yours for a world of unfortunates.

Happiness is realizing that nothing is too important.

Living for others is not only a law of duty, but also a law of happiness.

What is happiness but the development of our faculties?

Happiness is a stop on the road between too much and too little.

The door of happiness opens inwards; you have to withdraw a little to open it: if one pushes it, it closes it more and more.

I committed the worst sin one can commit. I have not been happy.

No man is happy unless he thinks he is.

Men always forget that human happiness is a disposition of the mind and not a condition of circumstances.

Everything that the earth gives and everything that is called happiness is only a toy of luck; what we are, that only belongs to us.

The happiest man in the world is one who knows how to recognize the merits of others and can rejoice in the good of others as if it were their own.

Many people miss the little joys while awaiting great happiness.

Being stupid, selfish and being in good health, here are the three conditions that are required to be happy. However, if you lack the first, you are lost.

The happy man is the one who lives objectively, the one who is free in his affections and has broad interests, the one who ensures happiness through these interests and affections that, in turn, make him an object of interest and the affection of many others.

Man, in general, only knows how to recognize his happiness to the extent of the misfortune he has experienced.

It is very difficult to make happiness beautiful. A happiness that is only absence of misfortune is an ugly thing.

What does it take to be happy? A little blue sky above our heads, a warm breeze, the peace of the spirit.

Happiness is a wonderful article: the more you give, the more you have left.

Happiness for me consists in enjoying good health, in sleeping without fear and waking up without anguish.

Believe it, to make us love we should never ask who loves us: Are you happy? but always tell him: How happy I am!

Being always willing to be happy, it is inevitable to never be happy.

I have always suspected that the only thing without mystery is happiness, because it justifies itself.

Often, some seek happiness as they look for glasses when they are on the nose.

We want to be happier than others are, and that is very difficult, because we always imagine them much happier than they really are.

Happiness always travels incognito. Only after it has passed, we know it.

True happiness consists in doing well.

There is only happiness where there is virtue and serious effort, because life is not a game.

Happiness is the dream of love and sadness its awakening.

The only way to be happy is that you like to suffer.

Not riches or splendor, but tranquility and work provide happiness.

Happiness is a choice of life

We all want to be happy. From time to time, we poke our heads to measure how happy we are. We buy things that make us happy. We invest a lot of time and energy in the search for that state that seems to be quite elusive.

Do we not have the inalienable right to life, freedom and the pursuit of happiness? So, when we do not feel happy, something must go wrong in our lives or us, is not it?

Choosing to be happy is not a new idea. But if the choice depends on us, and it is our lives that are changing because we want to feel better and abandon anxiety and anger, then it is a novelty for us.

Being happy quotes

25 beautiful quotes to send a message, being happy quotes

What is better than to take life with a positive attitude and a smile? Good thoughts help to overcome problems, to tackle uncomfortable situations and to overcome difficult-to-solve conflicts. From Transkerja.com, we shared some of the most beautiful quotes about the happiness of life, and we encourage our readers to internalize them and make them their own.

"If you do not like something, change it. If you cannot change it, change your attitude”

"Think for yourself and let others enjoy that same privilege"

"It is not true that people stop pursuing dreams because they get old, but they get old because they stop pursuing their dreams"

"From the past we must remember nothing but the pleasant"

"Difficulties prepare a normal person for an extraordinary destiny"

"When a door of happiness closes, another door opens. However, we often see so much the closed door that we do not notice the one that has been opened”

"Nothing great happens to think small"

"The greater the difficulty, the greater glory there is in overcoming it"

"Always remember that you are absolutely unique ... just like everyone else"

"Luck is proportional to sweat. The more you sweat, the more luck you have”

"The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts"

"Forgiveness is a virtue of the brave"

"There is nothing in this land that is more worthy of appreciation than true friendship"

"All the battles of life serve to teach us something, even those we lose"

"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent"

"The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine"

"Think of all the beauty that is around you and be happy"

"Life does not deserve that you worry so much"

"The purpose of life is to contribute to doing things better in some way"

"Our life always expresses the result of our dominant thoughts"

"If you want a quality, act as if you already have it"

"Miracles can happen every day, every hour and every minute of your life"

"There are only two ways of living life: as if nothing were a miracle or as if everything were a miracle"

"Sometimes we feel that what we do is only a drop in the sea, but the sea would be less if it lacked a drop"

"I learned that I have to live my life considering that each day can also be the last person I love"