What are Rogue Waves and the Causes?

What are Rogue Waves?
Rogue wave is a type of wave that abruptly happens in unexpected situation. Wave has height more than normal compared to sea state. Other names for this one are freak waves, killer wave, and monster wave. In simple term, any wave that appears unusual and has capability to disrupt normal wave situation will belong to rogue wave definition.

Based on that definition, one thing to consider is the wave does not have to be extremely height. In oceanography, 12 meters are considered as extreme wave in most of seas and oceans. On the other side, certain places see the wave as regular one. Rogue condition occurs when the wave comes in high speed in extreme rate. That's what rogue waves mean.

Causes of Rogue Waves
This kind of wave has several factors that cause the wave to happen. Researchers put extensive observation in vast area and continent in order to learn where the wave comes originally. In small area, the coast shape is a factor to form the extreme waves. At beginning, the waves are small but come from different direction. One wave face each other that creates disrupt wavelength. Therefore, new wave appears with more height or faster speed. This situation induces rogue wave to hit the coast harder than normal.

Combination between wind and thermal is also the cause of this kind of wave. During harsh season, the wind generates wave more than normal. However, that’s not enough without extreme thermal condition. The difference between cold and hot temperature also affects to wave journey to coast. At first, it starts slow but the speed increases exponentially when reaching tight spot. It becomes distress when the coast shape is not favorable. The result is rogue wave that will affect several damages.

Implications and Effects of Rogue Waves
The waves have capability to deteriorate coastal area. If this happens more often, the coast or beach will lose their dry area. However, rogue waves are relatively rare and some people mistaken it with normal one. Based on scientific simulation, this wave may disrupt ship and submarine. Fast and extreme wavelength disturbs engine momentary, but without fatal damage. On the other side, submarine might not much receive impact, unless it relatively stays at the surface. Moreover, the wave is only strong at the surface, but still needs to hold side effect at underwater.

In extreme situation, the wave is capable to wipe the ships entirely. Many reports stated the rogue wave destroy ship in vast ocean. The wave reached over ship and washed away everything on the deck. This is common implication of rogue wave besides ecological aspect.