Self-realization needs: definition and examples

Self-realization is the highest of human needs, because every human being needs to feel fulfilled and progress as time passes. Regarding these human needs that have been studied so much for years, the best known of its theories is the Theory of Abraham Maslow, also known as The Pyramid of Maslow.

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Self-realization: definition

What is self-realization? Within Maslow's theory of needs , carried out by Abraham Maslow , five different human needs are identified. These needs are organized hierarchically in the form of a pyramid, which is why it is called Maslow's pyramid.. In this pyramid are the most basic needs in the base, followed by those that involve more complexity, until you reach the peak of the pyramid. Thus, human needs classified by hierarchical order are the following: basic (or physiological) needs, security and protection needs, social needs, esteem needs and self-realization needs. In spite of everything, it is necessary to emphasize that the needs of each person are hierarchized according to the importance that each of them attributes to them. In the following article you will find practical examples of each level of Maslow's pyramid . In this article of Psychology-Online we focus specifically on the needs of self-realization .

What are the needs of self-realization according to Maslow?

This concept is understood as the fact of achieving an effective achievement of the aspirations or objectives of people and that these people feel proud and satisfied of their achievement.

In other words, self-realization is a basic tendency of the human being, and occurs when people achieve the greatest possible realization of their potential. Thus, self-realization refers to the ability to direct oneself towards personal growth or towards the progression towards a final state considered ideal by the person. In this sense, a person considers himself self-realized when he achieves his aspirations to certain goals, becoming proud and satisfied with his scope.

Self-realization needs of Maslow

Abraham Maslow was one of the main followers of humanistic psychology . Within this psychological current, three different visions can be identified about the needs of self-realization: self-realization as motivation and necessity, self-realization as completeness of life and self-realization as self-actualization.

In the first place, self-realization as motivation and necessity . In this sense, the motivation is closely related to the hierarchical principle of needs. The motivation is reinforced according to the needs that are intended to be achieved. Thus, usually, people show more motivation to reach the needs of greater relevance (for example, the basic or physiological, which refer to oxygen, food, rest, sleep ...) and, contrarily, the needs of lesser relevance will remain in the background, until the previous ones have not been reached.

Second, self-realization as a completeness of life . From this vision, it is understood that self-realization is something that requires a struggle and overcoming difficulties and obstacles in order to achieve goals and objectives. In this sense, each person should try to define what constitutes their culminated and complete life, giving rise to a feeling of completeness and / or consummation.

Third and last, self-realization as self-actualization , understanding that as time passes and new experiences accumulate, the needs for self-realization can be modified and, therefore, each person must self-actualize according to their situation. Thus, it is not a fixed state of self-realization.

Self-realization needs: examples

Some examples of self-realization are the following:
  • The maximum aspiration of Laura to feel self-realized is to become the director of her company . When Laura has managed to occupy the position of director of the company, it will be when she has covered the need to feel self-fulfilling.
  • Paul's highest aspiration to feel self-realized is to start a family . When Pablo has managed to form a family, with his partner, his children and his own home, it will be when he feels self-realized.
  • The maximum aspiration of Cristina to feel self-realized is to win the soccer championship . If Cristina and her team win the soccer championship, she and perhaps some of her teammates and / or coach, have managed to cover the need for self-realization.
  • The maximum aspiration of Miguel to feel self-realized is to create his own brand of clothing . The day Miguel launches his own brand of clothing to the market, it will be the same day he feels himself self-realized.