Learn to control your emotions

Learn to control your emotions
Emotions can play tricks on us and if we do not know adequate techniques to control ourselves, they can make us fall into our own traps by having a hard time. How? Knowing that all emotions are good and all must be understood and accepted within oneself, but at the same time one must learn not to be their prey. How to get emotions do not control you?

When your body speaks

If you look at your body, you will notice that it alerts you with different signals. The heart palpitations, the flush in your skin, breathing difficulties, a whistle in the ears, dizziness ... can be signals that let you know that your emotions start to control you more than necessary.

just relax

How to get control of your emotions? Learning to relax. You must act first on yourself in order to later, act in situations or contexts that are causing you discomfort. To do this, become aware of your breathing, close your eyes and count as you inspire and slowly expire. If you are in a space where you can do it, try to relax your muscles as well.

What emotion affects you?

Learn to understand yourself and discover what is the emotion that is affecting you at that particular moment, because it is one or maybe they are a mixture. What feeling is the one that is enveloping you? Try to express it in words or write it on paper to attend you with attention and to be able to analyze yourself.


To act properly, your actions must be accompanied by a reflection that you have seen things in a more objective way. In addition, from calm and self-knowledge they will be the starting point to be able to control your emotions and learn to know yourself.

Do not fall into the trap of emotions, but accept them all because they are very necessary to live a full life, knowing you better.