Is it your first time in real estate? Quiet! we tell you everything you need to know

Is it your first time in real estate? Quiet! we tell you everything you need to know
With so many options available in the market , it is almost impossible to know which one suits us best or best suits our needs.

Fortunately we can always rely on experts to guide us during the purchase, so we present some recommendations that will be very useful in this process:

Review your finances with magnifying glass

It is important that our finances are in order before venturing to acquire a property.

This implies not having other debts that take away prominence to the payment of the mortgage.

In addition, you must have a savings fund of at least three months of your salary, in case of an emergency.

Be clear about your priorities when making a budget , because you must make some small sacrifices to be able to pay for the property.

Read the small letters carefully

This point will be of the utmost importance, because you should know how the mortgage loan you hired operates and thus avoid discomfort in the future.

Read any contract very well before signing it and don't take anything for granted.

Take into account the extra expenses

Sometimes people only consider in their budget the down payment, the monthly payments and set aside the notary expenses, taxes or some expenses that go on the march.

It is important that the budget you allocate can cover all the expenses that are presented.

Do not go for the minimum

We know that you will always want to pay the lowest price , but in real estate things don't work that way.

Many banks will benefit from the amount of interest that you will end up paying to save you some monthly pesos.

If it is in your possibilities, pay capital.

In addition, it will be beneficial for you to give a good down payment, in this way the debt will be less.

Do you have sufficient long-term income?

It hurts to recognize it, but today's world is extremely volatile.

No job is safe and there is always the possibility that the company you have worked for years decides to cut staff and you are one of those who receive their settlement.

Therefore, it will be important that you consider a second source of income so that you do not find yourself in trouble to continue paying your mortgage.

Is it the right time?

Many times, the excitement of buying a home makes us blind.

Therefore, we must ask ourselves if the decision we are making is the most convenient for the moment we are living.

Is the house I am buying the one I really need?

Whether we like a house or find it beautiful does not mean it is right for us.

There are other factors to consider when choosing a property.

From the location , the surroundings, the number of rooms, the services you have and, of course, that the price suits our budget.

That is why trusting in Real Estate Broker, will be your best option. Since we have experts who will guide you to choose the best property for your needs.